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Praise The Orc! - Chapter 174


Chapter 174 - Encirclement Battle (5)

Their appearance became clear.

Fierce eyes. Burly shoulders. Enormous pressure coming from them. A crazy speed.

’’What is that?’’


The eyes of the former Thawing Balhae members shook as they remembered Chesswood. They saw lunatics called Iron and the F4 there, but they weren't the most fearful ones. The cult of Elder Lord, the ones who were proud of walking on a path no one else took. Those who weren't human, who enjoyed suffering and adversity!

’’The Orc Users Brotherhood.’’



The Orc Users Brotherhood made a wedge formation and rushed towards the imperial forces. There were the Rehabilitation Brothers, He's an Orc, yet still Praiseworthy and Mountain of Sabres, Forest of Swords but they gradually established their own formations.

However, the Orc Users Brotherhood was different. They plunged into the imperial army without hesitation, with their speed doubled by haste magic.

They roared, ’’Kuwaaaaaah! Bul'tarrrr!’’


’’We are the orc users!’’

’’Orc users──────!’’

The first collision.

Kwa kwa kwa kwang!

As the leading orcs and imperial troops hit each other, soldiers flew back from the collision. It was due to the fearsome power of the orcs' assault. They broke the outskirts of the imperial army and poured forward like a wave.

The entire imperial army was pushed back.

The orc in the lead shook his staff.

’’We are!’’




Breathing as one! They stampeded into the imperial troops. The outer layer was hard while the inner layer was soft, so once they broke down the outer perimeter, they could knock down the insides.


Some of the orcs in the lead were so talented that they even overwhelmed the knights. A new wave started to emerge on the stagnant battlefield.

Maguchwi furiously wielded his frost staff. A knight attacked but his sword was thrown back. Maguchwi didn't miss this gap, kicking the knight's abdomen before waving his staff. Lightning emerged from the staff and struck the knight's body, turning it into black ash.

A fearsome magician who was just as reliable as a warrior.





The two orcs he called approached him. There were only three of them, but their shoulders were so wide it was like several adult men were placed side by side.



They once again assaulted the enemy. The orc warriors who lined up with him trampled over the empire like a bulldozer. Along the way, they picked up more orcs.

’’Die humans!’’


Careless knights were destroyed by lightning strikes. One person was observing the battlefield. He had been determined to die;however, he wasn't the only one. Unexpected allies had arrived. Crockta was thrilled to see the Orc Users Brotherhood. He was hyped up.

Maguchwi raised his staff.


The orc users simultaneously lifted their weapons.


The orc users roared simultaneously. Blood burst from the imperial troops in close proximity to them. Once the orc users joined, the whole atmosphere of the battlefield reversed. The imperial army shrank back from their excited fighting and their morale fell.

The orc users cried out along with Maguchwi, ’’Come along! Go to the end!’’

’’Ma Brother! You're going too deep!’’ (Short form for Maguchwi)

’’It doesn't matter! We have to go there!’’

Maguchwi pointed to the center of the battlefield. The orc user who warned him of the danger nodded and said, ’’Then we have to go.’’

’’Ma Brother's words are true, so it can't be helped.’’

’’Let's give it a try.’’

’’Kuhahahaha! Let's go!’’

Maguchwi was pointing towards where Crockta was surrounded by knights. Every time Crockta's greatsword flashed, the knights would fall. The appearance of a true orc warrior..

’’Let's fight shoulder to shoulder with Crock Brother!’’

The symbol of the orcs who mass-produced many orc users, the hero Crockta! They were given a chance to fight with him.

Maguchwi lifted his staff again.


The orc users responded at once.


’’Are you ready to die──────!’’


’’Ready to kill──────!’’


’’Let's go! Bul'tarrrrrrrrrr──────!’’


The orcs ran at the enemies again. They got caught up in the imperial army. The brute force orc users pushed at the imperial army with their momentum. It was the moment when the unique tastes of the orc users were known all over the world.


Every time 'bul'tar' was called out, a soldier would die. Lightning flashed from Maguchwi's staff. Now the situation was reversed.

The imperial army became weak.


Crockta grinned. At first, he confronted the army alone. But not anymore. Crockta, Andre, Iron, F4, Rehabilitation Brothers, Mountain of Sabres, Forest of Swords, He's an Orc, yet still Praiseworthy and the Orc Users Brotherhood.

Everyone showed up.

It was the moment he was rewarded for the path he walked. All of those affected directly or indirectly had gathered to fight against the imperial army. They were all users who sincerely enjoyed Elder Lord.

The imperial army still had the advantage in numbers, but they gradually lose their morale and were pushed back. It was the anti-empire army that was dominating.

’’Huk, huk.’’

Crockta breathed out wearily. As the fighting continued, the two sides became tangled together in an uncontrollable melee. Crockta slashed at the enemies without any rest. Once reinforcements arrived, the attention of the enemies was dispersed, creating a chance for Crockta.

The number of people he killed today had already gone over three digits. He cut and stabbed, decreasing the number of enemies every time. The knights and soldiers couldn't survive under his blade.


He shouted again and wielded Ogre Slayer. The enemies fell down.


And beyond that...

There were friends instead of enemies. The Orc Users Brotherhood and Maguchwi. They rushed through the enemies and met each other. It was the first time meeting since Chesswood, but they felt familiar to each other, like well-known friends.

There was no need to say thank you or ask for anything in return.



They exchanged glances and their fists met. It was enough. This was the middle of the battlefield and there were still a lot of people to kill.

Crockta turned his eyes towards Rommel. His goal was three people. Rommel, Keynes and the 'traitor' Grom, no Luin. They were together. They were devastated by how the fight had gone beyond predictions and lost their concentration in battle.


Crockta said to Maguchwi. He grinned and nodded.

Crockta and Maguchwi. The strongest warrior and shaman among the orc users. They headed for the Heaven and Earth Clan together. An aura emerged from Maguchwi's staff and their appearances became blurred. They approached the boundary around Rommel carefully.

Now it was time to end this unfortunate relationship. A sufficient distance was secured. The Heaven and Earth members were escorting Rommel and Keynes, but they were just like sheep in Crockta's eyes.

’’I'm going.’’

’’Be careful.’’

Maguchwi's magic flowed towards Crockta. It was the first time in ages that he felt the magic of an orc shaman. His whole body was filled with vitality as energy boiled up. It felt like he could kill anyone in front of him. His tattoos burned as Crockta pushed towards the enemy.

Lenox's revenge.

This fighting spirit was carried on in Ogre Slayer. He plunged towards them and yelled.


They were shocked at Crockta's sudden appearance. However, his sword was faster than them. Crockta's greatsword tore at them. White particles scattered like snow.


Lightning rippled on Ogre Slayer's blade. It was Maguchwi's magic. The enemy resisted, but those who blocked his sword were shocked by lightning and weren't able to last long. They turned into white particles.

Rommel and Keynes turned to try and flee. Crockta didn't miss them.

’’Where are you going?’’ He ran like crazy and reached out his hand. He managed to grab a horse.


His shoulders felt like they would pop from the force of the horse running. But he used all his strength and pulled the horse to a stop. The horse jumped because it was terrified of Crockta.


Crockta shouted and stabbed his sword into the horse's side.


The horse fell down. Rommel, who was riding the horse, rolled around on the ground. Crockta crossed the horse and approached Rommel.


’’Protect Rommel!’’

The Heaven and Earth members rushed towards Crockta. Crockta grabbed Rommel's neck while wielded his greatsword at the same time. The clan members were blown away in a burst of blood. The rest of them didn't dare attack.

’’I finally caught you.’’

'War Maestro' Rommel was in his hands. Rommel was looking at him with calm eyes, despite being caught.

’’How do you feel?’’

Rommel chuckled slightly, ’’You're ugly.’’

’’This bastard.’’

Crockta laughed. Then he punched Rommel's face. Rommel's face was destroyed. His teeth fell out and his nose was broken. He fell forward and couldn't breathe properly.

Then Crockta threw him towards Maguchwi. Maguchwi wielded his staff. Magic power emerged and began to capture Rommel's body.


It was a temporary Concrete method using magic. Crockta nodded and started to chase Keynes and Luin. They abandoned Rommel and were leaving the battlefield with the Heaven and Earth members.

Crockta ran like crazy. His thighs swelled as he accelerated.

Kwa kwa kwa kwa kwa kwa!

The ground shook and dust rose up as he ran.


Crockta's mad rush caused the terrified horses to run faster.

’’Don't forget the orcs──────!’’

Crockta kicked off the ground and jumped forward. He entered the Pinnacle and accelerated his body to the extreme. He could see the shocked Keynes looking at him. He gradually grew closer. Crockta stretched out and grabbed his body.


Crockta fell from the sky and captured Keynes. Crockta tilted his body and they tangled together. Then they rolled across the ground. The horse's hooves trampled on both of them.


Keynes coughed up blood. His body wasn't in a normal state due to being trampled on by the horse.


The moment he opened his eyes, he saw the grim face of an orc staring at him. His whole body was bloody but he was watching Keynes with burning eyes.

He smiled, ’’Do you remember Lenox?’’

Crockta grabbed Keynes' neck and lifted him. As soon as Keynes was caught, the Heaven and Earth Clan stopped from confusion. Both of their leaders had been captured.

’’You guys...oof!’’

Keynes tried to speak but Crockta blocked his mouth. Then he hit Keynes' stomach with his fist. Keynes was stunned and became silent.

Now it was Luin's turn. Luin was shaking among the Heaven and Earth members. The appearance of Grom was superimposed over him. He tried to become a warrior under Lenox and the orc warriors. He was terrified and timid, but believed he could become a great warrior. But he betrayed them. The great warriors died.

He had to pay the price. Luin knew it the moment Crockta called out his name.

At that moment.


A huge impact hit Crockta's body.

The sky and the ground were reversed. Crockta tried to calculate the situation but his head was in shock as he struck the ground. The earth and sky rotated a few times. His body rolled across the ground.


He tried to get up but his body wouldn't move. Maguchwi was running. Crockta raised his eyes. Through his blurred vision, he could see the Heaven and Earth members carrying Keynes away.

’’Those bastards...’’

’’Relax, Brother. It is dangerous!’’

Maguchwi used healing magic. But it wasn't enough to recover from the shock. It was a huge shock. Crockta gritted his teeth. However, he couldn't move his body. It felt like his whole body was broken.

’’Reinforcements came. There seems to be a great magician.’’

As Maguchwi said, the flag of the imperial army was visible on the horizon. They had already rescued Keynes' group, and turned away like they had no intention of intervening in the remaining battle.

The empire's reinforcements went away.


Crockta barely managed to raise his body. The battle was their victory. The imperial troops surrendered their weapons. His allies were giving victory cheers.

Crockta was happy but he wasn't satisfied.


He formed fists. He couldn't miss them. He had barely caught them. But the magic shock was still shooting through his body. It made fighting any further difficult.



Rommel was looking at him silently while still bound by Maguchwi's magic. His handsome face was a mess. He pointed his fingers towards his mouth. It was a sign to release the magic around his mouth.

Maguchwi looked at Crockta. He shrugged.

’’He can escape if he bites his tongue. Do you still want to listen?’’ Maguchwi asked.


Anyway, those guys had escaped. Rommel wasn't his true enemy. Crockta looked at Rommel. His treatment would vary depending on his words. No, Crockta would ensure that Rommel never returned to Elder Lord forever.

But Rommel's first words were unexpected, ’’I'll help you with your revenge.’’


’’I will help you end those people.’’

He immediately made a tempting offer to Crockta. Truly a smart guy.

Crockta asked again, ’’How?’’

Rommel gave a slightly different answer to what Crockta expected.



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