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Praise The Orc! - Chapter 171


Chapter 171 - Encirclement Battle (2)

’’Hey Rodríguez, my man-’’

’’Oh, hey Bob. Wassup, man. It's been a while. What brings you here?’’

Rodríguez welcomed Bob who came after a long time. He opened the barrier protecting the counter and came out. The two of them shook hands and bumped shoulders.

’’I need something urgently. Can you get it?’’

’’Of course. The customer is the king, Bro. Someone who is a friend and customer is an emperor, and you fit both criteria.’’



Rodríguez raised his eyebrows. While he was a famous money exchanger, the things he dealt in were a bit special. Rodríguez exchanged currency and items between Elder Lord and the real world. Users who struggled in Elder Lord could use their assets in reality and those in need of items would also come to Rodríguez.

Therefore, he was quite familiar with Elder Lord. Reynolds wasn't someone's name, but the name of a city that he had heard often as of late. It was the gateway city to the south in Elder Lord.

Rodríguez pointed to Bob and said, ’’Hey, Champ. I can guess.’’


’’Are you looking for a scroll?’’

’’Ohh, shush. Bro. How'd you know? Are you a mind reader? Psychokinesis? CIA?’’

Bob's shoulders trembled. Rodríguez chuckled and replied to Bob, ’’The correct answer is CIA.’’

’’What? Really? Shouldn't this be a secret? That you're a secret agent? Have you been tracking me?’’

’’Noob, not that CIA. I'm talking about Cash Indicates Answer. I see the truth when people spend money and I dig it out. For example, don't you think about putting on another accent?’’

’’Of course, I think that every time I go to the clubs.’’

’’The women must be thinking the opposite.’’

’’They are impressed by things like that.’’

’’Don't be fooled by the push and pull strategy, Bro.’’

Rodríguez opened his phone. He was connected with the branches in other regions, sharing quotes and transactions. He touched his phone a few times and the screen changed, displaying an item that had started to experience a recent surge in transactions.

’’Look, you're not the only one. Everybody is looking for a scroll.’’

’’ god.’’

’’Do you see the price? It is no joke. There isn't much left in the inventory. So, tell me. What's going on? Why is everybody suddenly looking for this scroll? Is it a fad like the 300 BPM these days?’’


Bob closed his eyes. Rodríguez prompted him.

’’Hey, Bro. If you let me know, I'll give you a Reynolds scroll. It will be at the lowest price. It is the same as the FA releasing Cristiano Ronaldo. He was also in his prime. Okay?’’

’’I understand. I understand.’’

Bob whispered something into Rodríguez's ears. Rodríguez stroked his chin and looked at Bob's face seriously before nodding. Then he hit Bob's back.

’’Hey, my man. Find Jackie in Reynolds Square. Let me ask you something. Are you going on your own?’’

’’I'm going with my friends.’’

’’Okay. The password is the same, so let me know if you have any problems.’’

Bob nodded. He reached out a hand after telling Rodríguez that the connection was urgent. Rodríguez grabbed his hand. The two of them exchanged a macho greeting again.

’’Thanks, Rodríguez.’’

’’This is nothing. I'll cheer you on, Bob.’’

’’I'll see you again.’’

Bob waved and left the store. Rodríguez went behind the counter again.

He made his living off Elder Lord but he didn't pay much attention to the game play. To him, Elder Lord was a business. But after seeing Bob, he suddenly wanted to play Elder Lord again. He turned on the television.

The hot topic was being talked about. The Heaven and Earth Clan was fighting one NPC. It was strange that a confrontation between an NPC and users would be a hot topic, and it was also interesting that people defended the NPC and blamed the users.

’’Coming and going...there will be no trade with the south for a while.’’

There wouldn't be a lot of people coming and going from the south due to the devastation. The orc in the hot topic resisted to the end and escaped with the help of his allies. The next battleground was going to be Katalu. AS a merchant, he calculated the impact of the conflict between the two sides and its consequences.

No matter how he thought about it, the imperial army would win. The relevant communities and industry insights all predicted the imperial army's victory. Some people were already lining up there.


He remembered Bob's face. It was rare that he had such an enthusiastic friend. In addition, Bob bought the 'Haste' scroll that hadn't been selling much lately. It wasn't just that. Something was moving.

’’Is it an adventure?’’

As Rodríguez was thinking, the television screen suddenly changed. The screen was reporting breaking news. Rodríguez's eyes widened as he saw the contents.

It was news that the NPC Crockta had appeared alone in front of the imperial army.


The Undergames chat room was in turmoil. As the broadcast resumed after the breaking news, people thought that it was just before the capture of Katalu, and the Heaven and Earth Clan would face Crockta again.

But the video shown on the screen was quite different from what they imagined. The imposing sight of the imperial army was still the same. Rommel was the commander. He was showing the dignity of a commander under the flag of the empire.

However, the opponent was different. They weren't facing an army or a group of people. There was no resistance group prepared for death.

Just one orc. The steel helmet covered his face. However, he had fearsome tattoos on his body, a steel belt resembling a demon's face and a giant greatsword.

It was clearly Crockta.

They were skeptical at first. Why the hell did he come alone? Perhaps he had come for negotiations. Or maybe Crockta came to beg for his life. In the end, even he surrendered to the overpowering might.

However, he came to fight. He recited the warriors' laws and lifted his greatsword.

The moment he said 'come' to the army.

Everyone watching the screen. They all realized. He was real. A real warrior defending his beliefs in life. He couldn't be stopped with fear or threats. He wasn't afraid of even death. He stood in front of the great army with just his greatsword. There was no clearer message than this.

Those supporting the Heaven and Earth Clan and those who suspected Crockta, they could no longer mock him. It was because of what was occurring right before their eyes.

[Dwarf Shoot: It is bul'tar from today on. Bul'tar!

Humans are the Best: He is a really crazy guy. I acknowledge that today is about bul'tar.

Sadder than Yesterday: Hyung-nim ㅜ ㅜ ㅜ Hyung-nim must win. Bul'tar!! Crockta hyung-nim, bul'tar!!

Today's Lunch: Hah... In my 30 years of life...the tears that didn't come even when I was in the I am crying...Bul'tar...

Cheongsong Mountain Lim Chang Jung: Cr,,,azy,,,guy,,,~! When I was young,,, I fought alone against 17 people,,,~! Kyah,,~! Bul'tar,,~!

Lantern: Smash the empire, Crockta! Bul'tar!

Fire Eagle: ㅜ ㅠ ㅜ Will Crockta hyung-nim die?? What are other people doing?

Hip Hop Eagle: Hah... I am very ashamed of my actions in the past... This is real swag... Swag is over, I will now say bul'tar!

Rock Star Account: ㄴ Please refrain from doing that ㅉ

Returning Orc User: My chest is hot with excitement. Orcs are too big.

Sunchang Group's Youngest: Crockta... You are not a servant... You are the master of your life...!

Yeoksam Ronaldo: I will dedicate my ceremony to Crockta hyung-nim when I kick a goal tomorrow!]

The battle began. It was hard to believe this was the power of an individual. He barged into the soldiers alone and killed them all. Fountains of blood and corpses filled the screen. He killed several people every time he moved.

This was the power of the 'Northern Conqueror.' He was like a blender grinding down the enemies. Due to his brutal actions, a mosaic flashed over parts of the screen. Rommel was upset. He always commanded battles calmly, so this was the first time seeing his surprised expression.

He raised his hands. Arrows flew. Crockta survived but the soldiers surrounding him were killed by the arrows.

Killing one's own side. Accusations started flooding in.

[Rommel Dog Scum: Killing his own allies ㅉㅉㅉ How pathetic.

Positive Affirms Positive: When did I start truly seeing this guy ㅋㅋㅋ My eyes have been broadened.

Analyst: This isn't like Rommel. He seems at a loss. He will soon regain his spirit. In the end, the difference between numbers is too big.

Mint Toothpaste: ㅋㅋㅋㅋ The poor soldiers ㅋㅋㅋCrockta is laughing.

Sound Summoner: Crockta is smart. Keep digging in.

Barbarian Yorick: That guy looks like me huhuhu.

Buddha Walker: There are still so many opponents for Crockta to overcome... Have strength, bul'tar!

Snake Face: I don't know how this battle will turn out.]

The battle continued. Rommel's mistake continued. He tried to crush Crockta with the knights' assault, but the soldiers ended up wounded or killed. Rommel's command, which didn't care for the well-being of the infantry, was in contrast with Crockta, who came to protect people.

The people cheering for Crockta grew. However, the difference in numbers they were worried about started to show. After all these attempts, Rommel separated Crockta from the soldiers and surrounded him with knights.

Knights weren't easy to slaughter like the soldiers. They were elite combatants in full armour, and many were advanced fighters. Furthermore, there was Adandator who Crockta once dueled with. At the time, Crockta had managed to win. However, it was much more difficult on a battlefield where he was surrounded.

Blades flashed inside the encirclement. Crockta killed several knights. His skills were brilliant. But in the end, his wounds gradually increased. The attacks flying from every direction ate away at Crockta's body.

Everyone thought it was over.

At this moment, something happened. A long shadow draped over them. The camera angle slowly moved. On the hill, a knight was descending with the sun behind him. Both Crockta and the knights forgot their battle and looked at him.

The chat window once again became busy as his identity was confirmed.

[Mountaineer Hunter: Why is this crazy guy here?

You are a Legend: ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ I can only laugh.

Come Spring: He really came to kill Crockta ㅋㅋ He is crazy.

Toothpaste Cap: They're currently in the middle of battle, so why did he show up here?

Post-it: Did this crazy guy come to join them?

Empire Strikes Back: This guy is crazy right? Is he siding with the imperial army?

Crockta's Fan: Ah, this guy is killing me. I will attack if he kills Crockta.

Nightfall: I'd like to go and beat him up.

Sword Mania: I want to rip his clothes.

Sage Bul'tar: Let's watch carefully... We don't know...]


’’I'm not too late.’’

His words discouraged Crockta. The man who appeared here, the one who declared that he would kill Crockta.

White Knight Andre. He rode a white horse and wore shining armor.

’’I always keep what I say. Crockta.’’ Andre pointed his sword at Crockta. ’’The stage is chaotic.’’

He smiled at Rommel.

’’Do you mind?’’

Rommel knew his identity so he gave an order to his subordinate. The Heaven and Earth Clan hurriedly wrote a message. The whisper was sent to White Knight Andre. He listened to the Heaven and Earth Clan's proposal.

The white knight nodded as he gazed into the air. Rommel and Andre's gaze met as they nodded towards each other. The unspoken agreement was finished.

’’Go, Crockta.’’

The white horse started running.


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