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Plundering The Heavens - Chapter 59


Chapter 59: A Large Umbrella

Translator: Actias-Myriea Editor:

Within a single night, Fang Xing became the topic of all discussions within the outer court.

The most enviable of these rumors had to do with the mysterious relationship between Fang Xing and Xu Linyun. To be able to have anything to do with Xu Linyun on its own was rather life-changing, and it must be reminded that the hierarchy within the sect was clear and had to be followed with strict order. The highest level was the supreme elders, followed by the sect master, the head elder, the four chief elders, the Foundation Stage Elders, and then the core disciples were just beneath these Foundation Stage Elders.

Meng Xuanzhao's uncle and all of the elders within the Spirit Stage including Elder Hong who had stopped Lin Qinxue were elders of the lowest rank. Although they were all technically ’’elders’’, per se, neither their cultivation level nor their future potential were on par with those core disciples like Xu Linyun and Xiao Jianmin. The core disciples were all gifted geniuses that had an extremely high chance of stepping into the Foundation Stage, after all, whereas these low-ranked elders had little hope remaining due to their old age.

Therefore, the protection of Xu Linyun elevated Fang Xing's status as though he was reaching the heavens with a single leap. Of course, only he himself knew that it was nothing more than an act and that he was wearing Xu Linyun like a coat of tiger skin.

The other rumor was not so favorable towards Fang Xing, however.

When Fang Xing had activated the [Nine Snakes' Sword] at the Yunyin Summit, no one had given it any second thoughts;it wasn't until the entire event had been spread across the entire outer court that someone took notice. Not only was the golden sword Fang Xing had used eerily similar to the one that was taken from the first Black Market, but Hou Qing had also mentioned that the Black Market Bandit had used the exact same weapon.

On the second day after the event at the Yunyin Summit, someone named Luo Xi[1] came to Fang Xing for a visit and after some polite exchange of greetings he asked to have a look at Fang Xing's Flying Sword. Fang Xing immediately knew that this person must have started suspecting him as the infamous bandit, and so he happily admitted that he had bought the sword from the last Black Market for the great deal of only thirty Spirit Stones.

Luo Xi saw that he was unable to get any more answers out of Fang Xing and, despite his lingering suspicions, he had no reason to question or stay any further. He was certain, however, that it was the exact sword he had lost to the Black Market Bandit, except that Fang Xing's age, voice, and size were not at all similar to the adult bandit who had taken it.

Although Luo Xi had specifically come to see the sword, he left empty-handed. He still had his suspicions, but he did not dare to annoy Fang Xing, as not only did Fang Xing have Meng Xuanzhao to serve as an umbrella of protection, there was also the rather close relationship with Shijie Xu Linyun. Luo Xi had a wealthy clan as his background, but he did not dare to upset anyone that was under the protection of Shijie Xu Linyun.

The questions from Luo Xi had left Fang Xing alarmed. He hadn't put too much thought into it when he activated the golden sword while facing Lin Qinxue, and it had caused a great deal of suspicion from the bystanders. It seemed that even though the sect was full of wealthy cash cows, it would be a big mistake to call all of them stupid. This development meant Fang Xing now had to join the inner court as soon as possible;that way, no one would dare to say or do anything about him even if they were to find out he was indeed the Black Market Bandit.

It was even more critical to improve his cultivation level as much as possible within the next six months. Lin Qinxue would be in confinement for only half a year, and who knew what the crazy woman would do in the name of revenge? There wasn't much time left for him, and before she got out, he had to join the inner court to understand exactly what went on in there and more importantly to learn different skills and spells. He had to improve his abilities in order to protect himself.

’’Hey One-Eye. What are you doing squinting one of your eyes again?’’

’’Oh, it's Shixiong Fang. Please, take my respect....’’

In the early morning, Fang Xing swaggered out of his cottage clad in a small-sized robe. Since it was still slightly too large for him, its edges had to be tied tightly with straw ropes in a rather funny display. His height was not tall, yet his little hands were folded against his back with the tip of his neat ponytail brushing up against his arms. In his mouth was a straw, giving him the appearance of a small head-bandit that greeted whomever came by, as though he was friends with everyone within the entire Yunyin Summit.

The disciple he had called One-Eye did not have only one eye, it was just that one of them was a fraction larger than the other. It wasn't very obvious, but Fang Xing had noticed for some reason and ever since then the man's new nickname had become ’’One-Eye’’. One-Eye himself didn't dare to not respond to it.

’’What are you doing looking so shifty, Tough Bull? Did you go watch women bathe again?’’

’’Heh, you mus' be kiddin' wif me again, Shixiong Fang. I've just wen' ta practice me punches....’’

’’Old Turtle, my friend, don't run. Where's the thing you promised me last time?’’

’’Shhh, don't say that, Shixiong Fang.... I've found it already, I'll send it to your room tonight....’’

As Fang Xing walked towards the entrance of the Yunyin Summit, he had cursed and scolded everyone that came into his view, yet no one appeared to dare show even a hint of annoyance;they all had smiles on their faces. The title ’’Pest of Yunyin Summit’’ had been spread from these disciples, but it went without saying that no one had enough guts to say such a thing in front of him. Whenever he was present, everyone coated their words in sugar and called him Shixiong Fang despite his much younger age.

Fang Xing didn't care about everything that was going on behind his back. As long as they acted respectful towards him on the surface, it was enough.

’’Shixiong Fang, where are you headed to so early in the morning?’’ Hei San was at the entrance of the Yunyin Summit as he smiled and greeted Fang Xing from afar.

’’Morning your mom! Don't you see how high up the sun is already? If a lazy-a** like you is up already, why would I sleep in?’’ Fang Xing cursed at Hei San as soon as he saw him. Hei San dared not to say anything, as he had already once offended this little devil of a boy.

Fang Xing would smile and mock everyone else, but when it came to Hei San, Fang Xing would curse and verbally abuse him on sight. All the while, Hei San was unable to show any signs of dissatisfaction.

In Hei San's mind, it may have been easier for him if he had died in the past few days. He had regretted deeply about having offended Fang Xing when he thought of him as nothing more than a poor wretch, and the sudden revelation of his relationship with Shijie Linyun had given Hei San a good fright. Even Meng Xuanzhao could easily deal with Hei San, to say nothing of how insignificant the latter was to Shijie Linyun.

Because of this, Hei San had decided that no matter how rude Fang Xing was towards him, he would do everything he could in order to satisfy him. As a result, all of his cultivation resources had been taken away to be given to the plump Taoist Yu, and his prestige within the Yunyin Summit had plummeted a thousand miles until he was nothing more than a laughingstock. It was fortunate that his position within the Yunyin Summit still remained.

’’Heh, I only wanted to ask when you will be back. I've gotten my hands on some good wine recently and thought I'd send it over to your place later today?’’

’’Drink your mom! How old are you now? Is drinking all you know? If only you had put all of that effort into cultivation....’’ Fang Xing continued to throw him looks of disdain before continuing, ’’I'm leaving for Shijie Linyun right now. She said she would help me by answering some questions I had about cultivation and has some spirit pellets for me. I don't know when I'll be back, but bring the wine over when you see the light in my cottage is on.’’

’’I see, I see. Please have a good day....’’ Hei San politely waved his goodbye.

Fang Xing cursed a couple more times just because he could before he walked away from the Yunyin Summit and onto the paved paths. He was indeed headed for Linyun Valley, but he had just been boasting when he said Shijie Linyun would be answering his various questions and helping him with his cultivation. Within three days, Fang Xing had prepared all of the ingredients and materials required for the Poji Pellet, and now he was on his way to see Xu Linyun so she could honor her promise.

All of Qing-Yun Sect's core disciples had their own valley for cultivation. Although Xu Linyun was also one of the disciples of the Danxia Valley, she also had an entire valley of her own which she had named after herself. She would normally only come to Danxia Valley during large events, or when her dear shifu was holding talks at the valley;at all other times, she would be at the Linyun Valley. She was given the same treatment as a sect elder.

Linyun Valley was located in a secluded area on the outer edge of the Qing-Yun Sect, and it was surrounded by a small stream that rushed across the mystical flowers and grassland with a gentle yet sweet fragrance. Even rarer, whenever the day reached its peak temperature, while everywhere else was covered in steam and the harshness of the sun, mysterious clouds containing Qi would form into a cool fog that blanketed the entire valley. It was indeed a perfect place for cultivators.

After Fang Xing arrived at the Danxia Valley, he didn't know where to go next;he knew that Linyun Valley was close, but he was not exactly sure how to get there. As he was about to look for someone to ask for directions, he heard the cry of a crane and a gust of wind blew against him, caused by Xu Linyun's white crane as it descended towards him. Something looked odd within the crane's gaze as it flew towards Fang Xing before it leaned slightly to the left, signaling that Fang Xing should hop onto its back.

’’You're here to pick me up? Man, riding this is much more impressive than a Dragon Horse!’’ Fang Xing sighed to himself before trying to get atop the crane. Suddenly as if he had just remembered something Fang Xing tilted his head towards the crane's tail.

Impatient, the white crane let out another loud cry to hurry Fang Xing up, as it did not know what he was doing.

’’Are you a male or a female?’’ Fang Xing muttered to himself before he jumped onto the crane's back. Fang Xing had remembered that since white cranes were spirit beasts, they would eventually turn into a human form once their cultivation level reached a certain point. Now, if the crane was female, it wouldn't be much of a problem, but what if it was male? Xu Linyun couldn't be riding him all day long, could she?

As Fang Xing thought this to himself, he couldn't help but to burst out in laughter.

The white crane heard the deviant laughter from Fang Xing, but it merely gave him a stare, as it had no idea what had just gone through the boy's head.


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