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Plundering The Heavens - Chapter 57


Chapter 57: The Odds of Your Survival

Translator: Actias-Myriea Editor:

Xu Linyun was stumped for words;she had never imagined that anyone would call her a ’’stupid bi*ch’’. However, it didn't take long before she became infuriated, and an aura of her murderous intentions grew around her. ’’Do you really think I don't dare to kill you?’’

Even Elder Hong who was already about to depart into the air was surprised by this sight.

Fang Xing's gaze dropped and he replied without fear, ’’Who do you think you are? A god that controls the lives of people? My life and Xiao Mahn's are intertwined even if you take her away from me. You should have kept your promise and let me inside the Qing-Yun Sect as a real disciple, yet what did you do? You threw me in some trash of an herb field as hard labor!’’

As Fang Xing continued, his anger rose with even greater ferocity. ’’You were the first one to break a promise, so why are you pretending to be righteous and everything? Just because I'm politely referring to you as Shijie Linyun doesn't mean I'm actually afraid of you. To tell the truth, I your grandfather have never been afraid of anyone! No matter how high your cultivation level might be, if you've angered me enough, I'll still make sure to give you a good stabbing....’’

Xu Linyun creased her brows as she listened on. She had originally not placed any importance on Fang Xing, but now that he mentioned it, she was indeed the one that had not kept their word. Even inside her mind, a daotong indeed did not really count as a sect disciple;in fact, to speak strictly, even an outer court disciple was not a real disciple of Qing-Yun. It was called the outer court for a reason, after all.

She had not thought of this and Fang Xing as big matters at the time. Who would have thought that this boy would manage to enter the outer court by himself and would now stand in front of her to scold her faults instead? Nevertheless, Xu Linyun had no intention of giving in, as her pride would not allow it. She only restrained her murderous intentions by a slight degree. ’’You do know that for me to kill you would be as easy as killing an ant....’’

Fang Xing bit his lips and let out a cold laugh. ’’Of course I know. I may be an insignificant ant in your eyes. I'm not stupid. But I'm also sure that Xiao Mahn is not an ant;she has the blood element of wood and a rare genius for cultivation, and there would only be a handful of these people in all of Chufung. I'm sure her future achievements will be much, much, much greater than what you will ever achieve.’’

As Fang Xing spoke, he paid attention to Xu Linyun's changing emotions and knew that he was right.

’’Of course it's easy for you to kill me, but do you have the ability to keep out all information? I can assure you that one day after Xiao Mahn has become powerful and finds out about my murder, you will become her enemy and she will avenge my death.’’ Fang Xing's face darkened as he hinted at a threat.

Upon this mention, the color of Xu Linyun's face was as though it had drained instantly while she tried to control her temper. ’’Nonsense! Ever since Xiao Mahn entered the sect, I was the one who taught her the foundations of cultivation on behalf of dear Shifu. Although she is my shimei by name, she is closer to a beloved pupil of mine, and in the entire Danxia Valley, our relationship is also the strongest. How are you so sure that someone like you who only met her and became her master by chance would cause her to become my enemy?’’

As she spoke, Fang Xing held a face of derision, until Xu Linyun slowly lost her confidence and stopped her words.

’’You're funny!’’ Fang Xing laughed and pointed directly at her nose.

’’What did you say?’’ Such a thing had triggered the anger inside Xu Linyun.

’’I'm only saying the truth.’’ Fang Xing gave a cold laugh. ’’You don't even know what has happened between me and Xiao Mahn. How would you know what our relationship is like?’’

Xu Linyun could be seen moving her lips, yet no words came out. In fact, during the year Xiao Mahn entered the sect, Xu Linyun came to know more than anyone else how important this beggar-like ’’master’’ of Xiao Mahn was to the girl: he was almost as important to Xiao Mahn as her very own life. He bore far greater importance to her than Xu Linyun did.

After a short moment of pause, Xu Linyun finally spoke, ’’Do not get close to Xiao Mahn. She has a long road to walk, and you will only be a burden that slows her down on the path of cultivation!’’

Fang Xing paused slightly as well before letting out another cold sneer. ’’What can you offer me?’’

Xu Linyun gave a sharp look towards Fang Xing. ’’Are you blackmailing me?’’

Fang Xing purposefully picked his nose before flicking his finger to the side. Xu Linyun unconsciously moved aside with disgust, the fear of having something get on her causing her to appear somewhat awkward. Satisfied, Fang Xing then gave his slow reply, ’’How is that blackmailing? It is what you owe me, from back when we were at the Recruitment Ceremony ’’

’’What do you want?’’ Xu Linyun calmly cut in.

After a quick moment of thought, Fang Xing made up his mind and spoke with a smile, ’’I need a little help from you.’’

’’A little help?’’ Xu Linyun thought that Fang Xing would demand something of far greater value, such as cultivation resources. ’’What sort of help?’’

Fang Xing lowered his voice as he revealed what he was after, ’’Help me craft a cauldron of the Poji Pellet.’’

’’Alchemy? You want me to make pellets?’’ Xu Linyun was surprised by such a request.

’’That's right. I won't have you working for free, either. For one cauldron... how does a hundred Stones sound?’’ Fang Xing continued to pick his nose as he looked at her somewhat guiltily;he knew very well that this woman charged thirty mid-grade Spirit Stones for each cauldron she crafted.

Indeed, Xu Linyun laughed. ’’Even if the sect master were to ask me to craft a cauldron of pellets, it would be no less than thirty mid-grade Spirit Stones!’’

Xu Linyun was proud. She was the highest-ranked alchemist within the entire sect and just behind her dear shifu. She could even be considered as being someone only half a step away from becoming a Red-Furnace Expert, and to have her craft any pellets would not come without a steep price. That she would do so for a mere hundred low-grade Spirit Stones was like a joke.

Fang Xing saw the growing disdain in her expressions and rolled his eyes. ’’So what? It's just three thousand low-grade Spirit Stones. I don't have that much anyway, but you tell me if you will craft it for me or not.’’

Xu Linyun's reply was frigid, ’’Is that the price of having you stay away from Xiao Mahn?’’

Fang Xing thought for a few seconds. ’’That's the repayment for breaking your promise!’’

Xu Linyun glared even more coldly towards Fang Xing. He knew that she was getting angry again and he shook his head without any other choice. ’’Whatever. A real man doesn't fight with a woman. If you craft my cauldron of pellets, I will not actively go to find Xiao Mahn. Is that better? But if we were to meet in the inner court, and Xiao Mahn comes to greet me, that doesn't count....’’

Before agreeing, Xu Linyun considered for a moment. ’’Let's make a bet.’’

Fang Xing's eyes lit up as he folded his sleeves. ’’Oh yes! I'm good at gambling. Let's play Mahjong or Pai-gow[1]?’’

Xu Linyun ignored Fang Xing's jest and continued without emotion, ’’To bet on your survival within the inner court.’’

’’Hm?’’ Fang Xing was on alert as he squinted his eyes towards her. ’’You're going to do something to me?’’

Xu Linyun gave a soft laugh. ’’Why would I lower my status to deal with you? It's just that since you want me to craft the Poji Pellet, you would be almost at the level to enter the inner court, right? Don't say that I've never warned you;although the rules are much stricter in the inner court, the competition is far more intense than in the outer court. A child like you without any background, it's like sending a sheep into the cave of a tiger. Let alone...’’

Xu Linyun calmly looked towards Lin Qinxue's direction before continuing on softly, ’’... that you've already made yourself an enemy you shouldn't have.’’

Fang Xing quickly glared at Lin Qinxue. ’’How is she someone to be afraid of? She's annoyed me, and that means she will not have a good ending.’’

Xu Linyun let out a soft chuckle. ’’Shimei Qinxue has already been in the inner court for three years. Even as Danxia Valley disciples, all the relationships within the inner court are a lot more complex than you think. Now that she definitely despises you, considering her temperament, she won't give up without seeing your corpse. If you're smart, you'll want me to ask the sect to pardon you to leave the sect altogether so you can have a safe and peaceful life outside.’’

Fang Xing's glare flickered. ’’Are you blackmailing me?’’

Xu Linyun was still without emotion. ’’I am not. I won't even touch a single strand of your hair. I'm merely telling you the truth.’’

'Such a vile woman....' Fang Xing gave another glare towards Lin Qinxue, who was lying on the ground a short distance away and now once again tied up by the wide-robed elder's rope. If it weren't for this, how would she be so quiet all this time?

Yet, despite this, she was still looking at him with such hatred.

Seeing as Fang Xing did not say anything, Xu Linyun believed he was scared and she began to sneer. ’’I will treat this impartially. Shimei Qinxue has broken sect rules and will be sent to half a year of confinement. But after half a year, do you think she'll let you off? In fact, I don't even know why she would come and find you on her own;if she had asked anyone else from the inner court, you would be as good as...’’

Xu Linyun's words were filled with disdain and coercion, which once again lit the flames of anger within Fang Xing. He forcefully spat on the ground and startled Xu Linyun, as she did not want to have any of that on her dress. Fang Xing then held up his head and stared right at her face. ’’All you want is for me to leave the Qing-Yun Sect so that Xiao Mahn will never see me, right? Heh heh, well too bad, I will not. Do you really think I'm afraid of your threats? I'll tell you what, I'll play this bet with you! You're more than welcome to watch the show, to see whether I will die at the hands of this bi*ch or that she will die under mine. But, since it's a bet, aren't you going to show me how serious you are?’’


[1]Pai-gow: 牌九 (pai2 jiu3), loosely translating to 'make nine'. It is a Chinese gambling game played with 32 Chinese dominoes. It is the basis for the modern day Baccarat.


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