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Plundering The Heavens - Chapter 50


Chapter 50: The Change of the Little Monster

Translator: Actias-Myriea Editor:

The smile on Hei San's face was even more wretched than if he had cried. As if begging for forgiveness, he bowed down while asking Fang Xing to sit.

’’I won't sit just yet. I've got something to sort out, first....’’ Fang Xing pointed towards Liu on the floor as he grinned. ’’Does Shixiong Hei San still want to meddle with someone else's business?’’

Hei San responded with a depressed face, ’’No... not at all. It's not like I was close with him or anything. No... I barely even know him....’’

Satisfied with the reply, Fang Xing turned around and waved to the plump Taoist below. ’’Shixiong Zhu! Come up here!’’

After a short pause, the plump Taoist ran up the terrace with short quick steps. Then, he stood in shock while looking at Fang Xing.

Fang Xing pointed to Liu sprawled out like a dead mutt on the floor. ’’This person has bullied you so much. How would you like to avenge yourself personally?’’

The plump Taoist looked at Liu, and rays of hatred could even be seen in his tiny eyes. After reinforcing his bravery, the plump Taoist clenched his teeth and went for two full-strength kicks against Liu's wound. At the sound of Liu's miserable scream, Yu jumped away in fright and leaned against the terrace's handrail, afraid of coming closer again.

’’That's it?’’ Fang Xing chortled while looking at the plump Taoist.

With two deep breaths, Yu replied, ’’He's already so wounded. What else can I do...?’’

Fang Xing let out a cold laugh before kneeling down to gaze directly at Liu. Within Liu's eyes was a plea for forgiveness, although this was not out of fear towards Fang Xing but more towards Xuanzhao. For Liu, the most Fang Xing would do is give him a good beating, but Xuanzhao had the ability to rid him from the sect and completely end his path of cultivation.

’’You're a tough man. You didn't even beg when I split your tendons, and I was actually quite impressed with your acts. I thought that perhaps when you were healed, you'd come and fight me one more time with honor, and if that happened I would have at most just split your tendons again. Who would have imagined that you would unfortunately go down the shady path as well and entice Hou Qing to deal with me...?’’ Fang Xing spoke in a slow manner, his gaze and the sound of his voice both gradually hardening. ’’To be honest, I'm scared of it when people use shady tactics against me. I've always been afraid of it ever since I was young, so if anyone used something like that against me, I'd always make sure to eliminate them completely to prevent it from happening again even one more time.’’

Liu shivered after seeing such a sharp gaze coming from Fang Xing, and he suddenly began to mutter in a trembling voice, ’’You... you can't k kill me, or... you'll be in trouble, too. Even if... even if you have Xuanzhao for protection, once you've killed me, the sect won't... they won't let you get off easy, either.’’

Fang Xing gave a cold smile. ’’Your head is very clear, and indeed you are right. Entering the sect isn't easy, so why would I let it end because of a stinky piece of meat like you getting in my way? So, I'll just teach you a lesson.’’ While speaking in a magnanimous and forgiving manner, Fang Xing danced his hands all over Liu's body, patting him lightly while releasing out Qi. Liu spat out a mouthful of blood as his internal organs were injured by the tiny shockwaves of Qi being sent into his body.

With a dismissive laugh, Fang Xing sat down at the table beside him and passed a cup to Lin Jian to be washed. Lin Jian who dared not delay ran hastily down to a clear stream nearby and rinsed it no less than three times before carefully returning back to the terrace. Fang Xing picked up the cup and filled it full himself before finally speaking towards Liu, ’’Aren't you going to get lost?’’

Liu had been spewing out even more blood while thinking about what other things Fang Xing would do to him next;he had not thought Fang Xing would let him off so quickly. Even Hei San and Yu looked on with surprise.

The kid had only given Liu a couple of punches before letting him off?

They were naturally able to tell that the few light pats Fang Xing had delivered were filled with Qi in order to damage Liu's internal organs, but within the sect that was only a few months of bedrest. It was not a big deal, and it wasn't even as bad as when his tendons had been split by Fang Xing earlier.

'Since when did this little monster change?' Not even the plump Taoist could make sense of his actions.

Liu was unsure whether Fang Xing had meant it or if it was all just a blatant joke, but he was unwilling to let go of the chance. He endured the sharp pains all over his body and crawled back up, hurriedly making his way towards the staircase, though he did not forget to send a final hate-filled look towards Fang Xing before disappearing into the darkness of the night. Although Fang Xing had let him go easily, Liu showed no signs of admitting defeat and swore to himself that he would take revenge once more.

Gazing off towards where Liu had disappeared to, Fang Xing laughed to himself. ’’Such a reckless bastard. It would be easier if he had died.’’


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