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Plundering The Heavens - Chapter 39


Chapter 39: Rampage of the Toad

Translator: ActiasMyriea


Hou Qing's figure was like that of lightning as he dodged the second attack from the Python

Toad. The tongue slammed into the tree behind him and pierced straight through the trunk,

and when the tongue flew back into its mouth, the tree fell amidst rumbles and the sweep of

broken branches and a violent gust of leaves.

In this moment, Hou Qing made a great leap. Borrowing the force from the falling tree, he

landed on the Python Toad's back.


With a quick movement of his hands, Hou Qing nervously plunged his sword downwards

towards the back of the toad. The movement was followed by a loud metallic noise, and fiery

sparks could even be seen as the sword touched the toad's skin. This [Qin'fen Sword] had been

treasured by Hou Qing since his days before the Qing-Yun Sect, yet now it was split in half.

Before any feelings of heartache could show, the Python Toad unexpectedly shook his

enormous body as splashes of toxic liquid oozed from its densely packed parotoid glands[1], and

Hou Qing reacting quickly to the change jumped and hopped around to narrowly avoid the

venomous fluid. Despite his efforts, a small amount had still managed to find its way onto the

edge of his robe, immediately burning the edge of the clothing like a strong acid.

One of the best materials for cloth had become heavily damaged with just a single contact of

this liquid.

As the poison splashed around, trees withered, rocks melted, and the land within forty yards of

the toad turned into a flatland of toxic liquid. Even Fang Xing had almost been affected as he

quickly jumped and hid behind the tree he was on. Once it had become safer, the air was filled

with a revolting stench and the tree he had hidden behind had close to ten inches of its bark

dissolved away from the toxins.

Still in the air, Hou Qing saw that no matter where he landed, he would inevitably step on the

toxic substance. With a clear whistle, he placed his left foot atop his right before leaping

another few feet higher just as a silver Flying Sword appeared beneath his feet. With a sweep of

his sleeve, a deep red sword transformed itself into a ray of flame and was launched towards

the back of the toad. In less than a full second, the skin of the toad curled up along both sides of

the sword mark.

'Looks like Flying Swords can still do some sort of damage to it.' Though Hou Qing was slightly

relieved, he knew that this was no time to make any careless mistakes. Besides, such a small

wound would have not made an impact on the beast.

In his moment of desperation, Hou Qing turned his head to see Fang Xing still loitering around

watching the entire scene with excitement. The expression of joy alone was enough to have

Hou Qing gritting his teeth with hatred and contempt, so much so that he would have slit Fang

Xing's throat right that moment if it weren't for the toad. Under the beast's continuous attacks,

it was hard to escape uninjured, let alone if he were to be distracted by the boy.

'No, I have to leave now or this toad will kill me.' Hou Qing had always been levelheaded

regardless of how heated the situation may be, and he knew this was not the time to act in a fit

of pique. The Python Toad was a tier four beast and its skills were also extremely dangerous; it

was not something a third-tiered cultivator like him could handle alone.

Hou Qing's Flying Sword could only last him so long in the air. Once he had exhausted his Qi, he

would fall into either the pool of toxic liquid or the stomach of the beast; either way, the end

result would be the same.

As Hou Qing continued to think of an escape plan, his upper body spared no time in

commanding the deep red sword to continuously slash and stab the body of the toad. Even

though these wounds would not be life-threatening to the beast, it did send it into a chaotic

frenzy and caused it to release deep howls of discomfort. Hou Qing's eyes never stopped

scanning the surroundings as his sword bought him time, and in no time he had already found

himself a path of escape.

At this precise moment, the toad let out a low-pitched howl and opened its mouth to release a

toxic smog. The smog was a pale green in color and was aimed directly at Hou Qing like a sharp


Shocked, Hou Qing dodged to the side with his Flying Sword to flee the attack. The poison did

not stop just there, however. The toad was in fact spewing an endless torrent of this fume until

its body had even shriveled. Seeing this, Hou Qing felt a sense of curiosity that was quickly

covered up by a sense of danger.

Something was not right.

’’SH*T!’’ Hou Qing involuntarily let out a cry, immediately abandoning his deep red sword so

that he could run away as quickly as possible.

But it was too late.

As the toad spat out the last remnants of the green fumes, it inhaled violently while opening its

enormous mouth.


A tornado-like gust could be seen whirling within the Python Toad's mouth that was akin to a

black hole. Any branches and stone shards that remained had been sucked in at its first

inhalation, and within its mouth its tongue whipped every last one of these back out.

It was drawing in breath with a specific target, and that target was none other than Hou Qing

who had been flying in the air.


Within a short time frame, Hou Qing had already fled some ten yards away before the immense

power of the suction pulled him back. In a moment of panic, he threw out a red metal chain

also a spirit weapon at the largest tree nearby. The chain secured itself to the tree and his

body was pulled horizontal as the suction from the toad continued.


The metal chain was a decent spirit weapon, yet the formidable tugging force had brought it

almost to its breaking point.

’’Brother Toad, we're supposed to be on the same side!’’ While Hou Qing's chain desperately

tried to prevent its owner from being sucked in by the Python Toad, a miserable shriek could be

heard from the side. It had come from Fang Xing who had been watching all along; in a

temporary moment of carelessness, he had been pulled in by the strong suction as well. As his

tiny body flew upwards, he reacted quickly by stabbing his dagger deeply into the tree beside

him, barely securing himself to it.

Yet both Fang Xing's body weight and his cultivation level was less than Hou Qing's; it didn't

seem as though he would last too much longer.

’’Haha! I'll make sure if we're both going to die today, you'll die before me!’’ Hou Qing let out a

nasty laugh, as he had already given up on escaping his final destiny. Hou Qing opened his palm

wide and ordered his Flying Sword to fly wildly within the gust towards Fang Xing, attempting

to kill the boy before he himself died in the stomach of the toad.

Fang Xing had his dagger stabbed firmly inside the tree. It was difficult enough to secure his

body, let alone evade the attack of Hou Qing's Flying Sword. Soon, the sword would slice Fang

Xing in half.

’’Hou Qing your mom!’’ Fang Xing loudly cursed, biting his lips while drawing his dagger free

from the wood.

Since Fang Xing had managed to secure himself only with the tree, pulling the dagger free

meant that his body flew with a great speed right into the Python Toad's mouth. Of course, Hou

Qing's sword had also missed him.


Once Fang Xing had been sucked inside, he was almost knocked unconscious by its heavy

tongue. It was fortunate that at crucial times like these, Fang Xing's reaction speed would

increase even more. Right now, he knew that it would be all over for him if he slid into the

toad's stomach, as the mucus inside its stomach would trap and suffocate its prey. Thus, Fang

Xing bit his teeth tightly and unable to see clearly he took a blind stab at something in the

hopes of securing himself before falling deeper inside.

Luck must have been on Fang Xing's side; once he'd stabbed into something with the entire

dagger until only its handle was visible, his fall was stopped. It was also at this exact time that

the toad jumped in agony, the gust also stopping as a result. The toad could be seen scratching

with its short forelegs powerlessly at its chest; it was in so much pain that the toad had almost

been driven berserk.

Seeing the boy being swallowed by the toad had left Hou Qing delighted. To make it even better,

the gust of terrifying suction had also stopped. With a sigh of relief, Hou Qing attempted to

escape the sea of venom by flying on his Flying Sword.

What Hou Qing didn't know was that while he was stopped in mid-air, the toad had not paid

him any attention, but as soon as he sped up on his Flying Sword the creature had locked onto

its target once more. The toad had been feeling extreme pain at a location it could not reach,

and now that there was something it could spew its anger on, rather than use its tongue, it

unexpectedly dashed towards Hou Qing without restraint.

Desperate for escape, Hou Qing did not expect the beast to come at him headfirst. Unable to

dodge, he was immediately knocked over forty feet away and before his body had even

touched the ground the toad had initiated its second attack with each of its four legs waving

and striking in arbitrary motions. Trees and rocks fell in all directions, as though Mount

Miasma itself was currently enduring an earthquake of significant scale.

'Has this toad gone crazy?' Hou Qing almost spat out blood after being slammed by the head of

the beast.

Hou Qing had always been courageous. He knew that this was his moment of fleeting chance

where he could still successfully complete his Duty Talisman mission.

After all, Zhao had died, Qian now held a hatred towards him and would need to go as well, Lyu

had died, and the kid had also just died. In other words, the entire party that he had organized

for this particular mission was now down to him alone.

If he were to return to the sect empty-handed now, the sect might no longer make important

use of him, let alone reward him with the Ore Essence Powder necessary for the Poji Pellet.

Even if he was successful in breaking through into the fourth tier somehow, no one was likely

to befriend him in the inner court. To add salt to the wound, if he were to one day have great

accomplishments within the sect, this single failure of a mission would forever be a stain on his

path of cultivation.

If he was able to bring back a dead Python Toad, however, it might be a completely different

story altogether. Regardless of the death toll, as long as he was able to complete the mission, he

himself would be deemed successful.

'From great danger comes great wealth. If I were to let go of this chance, I wouldn't be who I

am.' From his pocket, Hou Qing grabbed a pellet before sending it down his throat, and if Fang

Xing were present, he would know that this was exactly the same secondary Demon Pellet Hou

Qing had tried to scam him with. Although the amount of Qi contained within the pellet was

nowhere comparable to that of the primary one, it could still be consumed directly during battle

to replenish used Qi within a short time frame.

Swallowing this pellet meant that Hou Qing was ready to fight the toad with his life.


[1] Parotoid gland: The parotoid gland is an external skin gland on the back, neck, and shoulder

of toads and some frogs and salamanders. It secretes a milky alkaloid substance to deter

predators or in this case a toxic liquid (source: Wikipedia).


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