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Plundering The Heavens - Chapter 37


Chapter 37: Infamous Little Bandit

Translator: Actias-Myriea

consumed a substantial amount of Qi, but that there was also a time limit to use it once it had

been activated.

Lyu had used this talisman to get close to Fang Xing and take him by surprise and despite

having used up almost all of his stored Qi Lyu was able to successfully capture the boy. All Lyu

had to do now was wait until Hou Qing caught up with him after sorting it out with the serpent.

Lyu thought it through and let out a long shout. The sound of his voice would let Hou Qing

locate his whereabouts and also let him know that Lyu had already captured their target.

’’Shixiong Lyu, are you really going to use me as bait?’’ Amazingly, Fang Xing had calmed down.

Since his arm was locked from behind, he could only speak to Lyu with his back to him.

Lyu seemed to be slightly remorseful, but he quickly covered it up. ’’I'm sorry, but if we don't

catch you, Shixiong Hou will be using Qian for the bait. Qian might have a bad temper, but I am

in debt to him.’’

Fang Xing laughed. ’’So you're going to kill me? How about before coming to this stupid place?

Why did you force me to come?’’

’’This is what sects are like. There's no use saying such things now!’’ Lyu replied after a few

moments of silence.

Fang Xing shook his tiny head. ’’Yes there is!’’

Startled, Lyu question in return, ’’How?’’

With a deep breath, Fang Xing forcibly turned his body around.

Fang Xing's left arm was tightly held by Lyu. It was a technique used often in martial arts, and

it was also one that Lyu had always used during his time as a bailiff; once a prisoner was

captured in this position, there was no method of escape. Fang Xing, however, had forced Lyu to

change his understanding, as he managed to forcefully turn his entire body around with his left

arm still locked in the same exact location.


As Fang Xing turned, his left arm immediately snapped with hair-raising crackles.

Lyu was dumbstruck. He looked at Fang Xing's tiny arm twisted like a pretzel in his hands. The

sensation of holding on to something like that was beyond strange.

Breaking one's own arm, how cruel did one have to be to do such a thing to themselves? Lyu

might have seized numerous infamous bandits in the past, but none of them had shown such


While Lyu was still frozen in shock, Fang Xing turned to face him completely, and a faint smile

emerged from his tiny pale face. He had his right hand holding on to a small dagger and like a

venomous snake he plunged it straight into Lyu's abdomen.


In went the dagger's blade.

Lyu was astounded as he looked down at his wound, his face painted with a complex emotion

comprised of horror, amazement, and pain. Fang Xing, on the other hand, wasted no time and

pulled the dagger out for a second stab right into Lyu's chest.

Without much Qi remaining, Lyu had no method of retaliation, especially since it was a surprise


Fang Xing then took a leap followed by a kick to send Lyu flat on the ground. When he leapt, it

was a strange sight: his left arm was like a stringed marionette thrown into the air.

’’I'm sorry, Shixiong Lyu. I know you must have known that I wasn't completely asleep that

night next to the bonfire. You intentionally wanted me to know what might happen to me so

that I could run away....’’ Fang Xing kneeled down towards Lyu, gazing directly into Lyu's

terrified gaze as he muttered, ’’You know, for a moment, I thought you were good. I was going to

keep you alive after killing everyone else.’’

As if Lyu wanted to say something, both of his lips and Adam's apple moved slightly.

’’I don't know why you changed your mind, though. To wholeheartedly track me down. But of

course, none of that matters now.’’ Fang Xing did not want to hear Lyu's explanation. With a

sleek movement devoid of hesitation, he slit Lyu's throat.

Fresh blood erupted like a fountain.

Lyu looked on with nothing more than despair and regret. He was a third-tiered cultivator, yet

he had no way of retaliating against a child, Fang Xing.

But was this really a child?

In his misery, Lyu had realized that Fang Xing was perhaps more ruthless and cunning than

any bandit he had ever seen, yet this entire trip he had treated him like a child. This was

perhaps the biggest failure as a bailiff in his entire life.

Fang Xing no longer paid him any further attention. He picked up Lyu's jade talisman while

holding on to his limp left arm before running deeper into the forest.

He could not afford to waste any more time here.

Within minutes, Hou Qing had hurriedly arrived at the exact same location only to be greeted

with the unpleasant sight of Lyu's dead body.

Despite not having any visible wounds, Hou Qing and his sword were covered in blood; it clearly

belonged to that of the giant serpent. As Hou Qing focused on the scene in front of him, his

pupils dilated as though he had been stabbed by the wide-open eyes of Lyu's corpse. It took

only a few moments before he came back to his senses and swept past it all while coldly

muttering, ’’Useless!’’

Looking back up, he could see a clear path leading to Fang Xing's escape route, as the branches

were freshly broken and there was also a clear sign of footprints. Shaking the serpent blood off

of his sword, Hou Qing followed onward.

It did not take long before he felt a sharp wind blowing towards him. Before he was able to take

his Flying Sword out of his waist sack, his [Qin'fen Sword] in his hands flew up automatically.

Crisp noises could be heard coming from tens of needles fended off by the [Qin'fen Sword],

followed by a dazzling ray of silver light.

With a cold laugh, Hou Qing curled all five of his fingers in mid-air to form an invisible shield

around him with his Qi. After being blocked by the barrier, the silver light lost its force and fell

loudly to the ground.

Hou Qing began to slowly walk forward with a smile. ’’This was the Flying Sword I gifted to you,

and now you want to kill me with it?’’

In front of Hou Qing stood a great banyan tree, its size so great that it would take two grown

men to surround it completely. Fang Xing's tiny body was leaning against the branches of the

tree as he looked at Hou Qing with a wide grin. His right hand held an empty metal tube while

his left hand hung limply next to his body, as though it had already given up on life.

Hou Qing checked Fang Xing from head to toe. ’’I admit, you're a lot more difficult than I

imagined you would be. If I had known, I would not have done more than was required to

capture you at the Recruitment Ceremony. I mean, it would be easier to just wait in the line a bit

longer than to have a tough little cookie like you as an enemy. And if I had known, I would have

slapped Liu stupid when he recommended using you as bait.’’

As Hou Qing spoke, he extended all five of his fingers and commanded his Flying Sword from

his waist sack into the air.

’’But since we're already here, I may as well give you a clean end. To be honest, I'm scared of

what you might grow up into....’’ Hou Qing's murderous intent was very clear. His Flying Sword

was also waving lightly in the air like a snake, the blade eagerly waiting for the command to

take the head of a helpless Fang Xing.

’’You're going to kill me just like that?’’ Fang Xing broke out into an abrupt laugh before using

his right arm as a pillow, making himself comfortable between the branches. ’’I thought you

said you wanted to teach me how to spell 'misery' ’’?

Not suspecting anything, Hou Qing's expression had also changed as he ordered his Flying

Sword to return to his waist sack. Then, he grabbed hold of his smaller [Qin'fen Sword].

’’You are right.’’

With one step at a time, Hou Qing closed in on the banyan tree. Simultaneously, Fang Xing

clutched tightly on the storage ring he had tied into his ponytail.


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