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Plundering The Heavens - Chapter 36


Chapter 36: Outmaneuver

Translator: ActiasMyriea

Fang Xing followed the tracks behind the remaining party with high expectations.

A slender line of silvery moon hung high and radiant over Mount Miasma. The deep forests of

the mountain ranges appeared even more mysterious as the tall trees hid what little light the

moon gave. All around Fang Xing was already pitch black, and it was fortunate that reaching

the peak of tier two had given Fang Xing's many physical improvements, sight included among

them. Together with the help of the [Book of Revelation], he was able to avoid any form of

dangerous events well before they happened.

Of course, any ordinary insects and creatures that wouldn't be detected by the book would have

no impact on Fang Xing.

After tracking some distance, it became quite clear that Hou Qing must have decided to go for

the toad after all. Recalling Hou Qing's slyness and cruelty, Fang Xing decided he would take

extra care along the way, just in case Hou Qing had set a trap waiting for Fang Xing at the end of

these tracks.

As Fang Xing made his way by following the men's footprints, he also carefully arranged curved

branches into the shapes of bows and combined rattans and bamboo shoots into arrows. After

some time, Fang Xing decided that the power of these traps was perhaps too low to make any

impact; they were not even enough to hurt Fang Xing, let alone Hou Qing who was much more

powerful than he was. Unwilling to resign from laying traps, however, Fang Xing continued to

search for suitable items until he heard a rustling noise from somewhere close by. Immediately

alarmed, Fang Xing tiptoed towards the noise.

Seeing what it was gave him a sudden burst of joy.

Under a near-ancient tree that could only be encircled by three grown men hand-in-hand, a

giant serpent as thick as a man's waist coiled in on itself in quiet rest. The serpent was a beast

at the second tier and it seemed to have just eaten, as there was a large bump in the middle of

its body. Fang Xing grew excited at the sight and without disturbing the serpent during its

nap took a few steps back.

In fact, even if the serpent were to notice something, Fang Xing would not be afraid of it.

Although the beast may appear intimidating, its temperament was surprisingly docile.

Demonic Qi and Diabolic Qi were not to be confused. Beasts mutated by Demonic Qi would

typically hold on to its original habits and temperament, and it was only that their powers and

strengths would be amplified. If a beast or human were to be influenced by Diabolic Qi,

however, they would lose all rationality no matter how harmless or timid they once were and

would turn into savage, bloodthirsty monsters.

This was the main difference between Demonic Qi and Diabolic Qi.

After seeing the giant serpent, Fang Xing crouched down to think before setting another trap

down right there. Then, he returned to his tracking.

About an hour later, Fang Xing had finally spotted both Hou Qing and Lyu under a cliff near the

outskirts of the forest. There, the pair sat and seemed to be chatting next to a bonfire while next

to them laid a man. From the looks of the man's clothing, it was none other than Qian, and his

entire body was trussed and tied up like a stuffed turkey as though a hostage to an enemy. His

body was covered in fresh blood and twitched every so often.

He was still alive.

'Excellent! These bastards have indeed had a bit of an internal struggle.' Excited, Fang Xing

looked around before moving himself closer in order to hear exactly what they had in plan.

After Fang Xing had come about a hundred yards away from the pair, he heard the movements

of a bowstring.


Surprisingly, two arrows could be seen flying right towards him. Under the cover of the night,

they were hard to see.

'Ah sh*t! I've left all those traps for them, yet here I am walking right into one of theirs.' Angry,

Fang Xing curled himself into a ball and quickly rotated his body backwards to fend off both


At Fang Xing's current level of cultivation, bamboo arrows couldn't harm him; the true purpose

behind these traps was that of a sentinel keeping watch from afar on their behalf. Without a

doubt, both men had already been alerted by now, and so as soon as Fang Xing dodged the

arrows, he fled like a shadow into the forest without sparing even a moment to look behind


Right before Fang Xing had walked into the trap, Hou Qing and Lyu had been talking about him.

’’Shixiong Hou, do you really think the kid will come following us again?’’ Lyu asked.

Hou Qing was emotionless as he moved his lips in response, ’’I've thought about this. After he

ran away from us at the river stream, he had set up and ambushed us with his robe. He

obviously planned and took advantage of us by knowing you had skills in tracking and would

use it to track him down. Such complexity of thought and meticulousness does not belong to an

ordinary child, so we can't predict him like one either.’’

Lyu silently had to agree. It was true that if an ordinary boy had the chance to escape, they

would have run for their lives. They would not have done what Fang Xing did.

Similarly, given a chance like this, any normal child would likely steer clear of everyone by a

large margin. Considering whom they were facing against, however, it was highly likely that

this particular child would come back to see if there was an advantage he could grab without

much effort of his own.

’’It would be good if he really did come, though. I've set up traps all around the area, and while

they're all basic traps that cannot hurt him, we can still use them as an alarm. As soon as he

comes within a hundred-yard radius, we'll be able to detect him. At his cultivation level, there's

no way he'll be able to escape from us with such a short distance.’’ Lyu nodded, looking at Qian

before moving his gaze to Hou Qing after a short delay.

Hou Qing seemed to have understood what Lyu had on his mind. ’’We only need one bait. If we

can catch the kid, we will then no longer need Shixiong Qian. I will then personally apologize

and send him gifts after this is finished.’’

Lyu sighed. ’’Yes, that would be ideal. Yes ’’

Before Lyu had finished his sentence, the sound of a bowstring was heard from the western

forests followed by a swift gust of wind sweeping into the deeper woods.

’’It's him!’’

As Lyu spoke, Hou Qing had already stood up and gripped his sword. By the time the two

syllables had finished, Hou Qing's silhouette could already be seen vanishing into the darkness

of the trees, the flames of the bonfire swaying behind him.

’’So fast....’’ Lyu exclaimed, startled by Hou Qing's speed. After a low sigh, he began to follow

close behind.

Dashing as fast as he possibly could, Fang Xing cursed at his own stupidity. He had gotten

careless from all the smooth rides so far; he knew that Hou Qing was a tough enemy to deal

with ever since the beginning, but he had still miscalculated and fallen into their traps.

Behind him, a dazzling silver dot came closer and closer: it was Hou Qing standing atop his

sword, flying towards Fang Xing like a bolt of lightning.

’’Oh my god! I'm gonna die....’’ Fang Xing increased his speed even further as he grumbled

under his breath. Taking advantage of his small stature, he began to zigzag in and out of the


Hou Qing jumped off of his sword after just thirty yards and placed it away and continued the

chase on foot. The distance between the two, however, still had some thirty yards left.

Looking at the tiny fleeing shadow ahead of him that was stricken with panic, Hou Qing's gaze

grew gradually colder and the right edge of his lips curled ever so slightly upwards. The boy had

time and time again made things more complicated, but at the end of the day he was still

unable to escape.

'Agh, there's no other choice but to go to the first trap!' Biting his lips, Fang Xing sped up

towards a location that was covered with withered leaves, deliberately lightening his footsteps

as he dashed over them. It took Hou Qing no more than a few seconds to pass over the same

location, and the moment he placed his first step over the leaves, he felt a sudden sense of

lightness. Hou Qing hastily sent a handful of Qi towards his feet, lifting his body two feet in the

air in an instant and leaping right away from the trap Fang Xing had set.

Fang Xing grumbled to himself, as this trap had been specifically designed for times like these.

He had placed some withered leaves over a steep hole that was dug with some unknown tool

and took advantage of his tiny body weight since the adult-sized Hou Qing would have been too

heavy to stay atop the hole if he stepped over it. Who would have thought Fang Xing had still

underestimated him, as Hou Qing took a leap with seemingly impossible timing and avoided

the trap completely.

’’Heh! It's best not to play such simple tricks with me again!’’ Hou Qing called out with a cold

laugh and increased his speed towards Fang Xing. Now, less than twenty yards separated them

from each other.

’’Haha, I, your grandfather, have plenty more tricks up my sleeves for you! There's still the

ultimate trap!’’ During Fang Xing's wild dashes, the volume of his voice only grew louder as he


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