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Plundering The Heavens - Chapter 20


Chapter 20: Black Market Once Again

Translator: Actias-Myriea Editor: Nou

The life of a practicing cultivator was repetitive and dull. Each day was akin to having to collect

enough dewdrops to create a stream, those streams to form a lake, and then finally enough

lakes to collect it all into a vast ocean.

The process was much easier said than done.

It was easy to understand that a person would not become plump overnight with only a single

large meal and that weight could only be accumulated by continuously eating large amounts of

food. Fang Xing had managed to gather enough Qi over time, but for some reason he had

remained within reach of the second tier for the past month. There seemed to be a wall

blocking him from entering the next tier; what he needed now was just to find the key to the

door and open it.

There was a sense of helplessness. The door was right in front of him but without the key

there was no way he'd be able to progress any further.

It was also within these few days that a major accident within the outer court caught everyone's


Apparently there was an outer court disciple with the name of Hou Qing. He'd been stopped by

three third-tiered disciples in front of Danxia Valley when he wanted to visit a female disciple

living in the valley, the girl also rumored to be an old friend of his. The three disciples saw that

Hou Qing was not only a new face but also alone; with him wearing extravagant clothing and a

jade pendant hanging from his belt, the three disciples had wanted to try their luck with such

an easy-looking, affluent target.

Without sparing a word, Hou Qing defeated all three men with a wave of his sword. He left the

scene behind with a smile and plenty of vigor to spare.

This feat left all of the outer court disciples astonished.

It was all the more impressive knowing that this man was one of the new recruits from six

months ago. With only six months, how talented must Hou Qing be in order to be able to defeat

three third-tiered disciples with such ease?

Within only a moment, the name Hou Qing had become akin to a symbol of 'genius' among the

outer court disciples. Rumor also had it that Hou Qing would likely break through into the

fourth tier within a year and become the first inner court disciple from this batch of new


’’Hou Qing? Wasn't that the guy who caught me before?’’

As Yu gossiped away, Fang Xing suddenly remembered who this man was and a sly smile

formed. ’’I remember you guys were like peas and carrots back then. You even let him skip the

line, didn't you?’’

’’Shidi Fang, stop mocking me.... Someone like me, I would not even dare to make friends with

someone as lofty as him!’’ Yu intensely replied, giving a bitter smile. ’’He was nice to me outside

of the sect, very polite and all, but when he was accepted into the sect it all changed. A while

ago, I was on a job from the Department and bumped into him. I thought it would be a good idea

to say hi, but he didn't even bother noticing me....’’

’’So if he noticed you then, you'd go and lick his boots, huh?’’ Fang Xing wasted no time in

mocking Yu further. Yu, on the other hand, did not answer him in his embarrassment and only

poured more wine into Fang Xing's wine bowl instead.

Receiving no response, Fang Xing proceeded with a loud curse: ’’That son of a bi*ch kicked my

Xiao Mahn! If I see him again, I'll make sure he's as good as dead!’’

Startled by Fang Xing's sudden change in mood, Yu began to panic but still tried to console him,

’’Shidi Fang, you need to calm down. I-if you're still upset about that day... you can beat me to

release your anger if it helps. But please don't get yourself involved with him in any way....’’

’’How do you know I won't?’’ Fang Xing angrily replied as he jumped to his feet.

Even though Fang Xing began kicking Yu to release his anger, Yu didn't mind. Within these four

months, Yu had learned a considerable amount about Fang Xing's personality and while Fang

Xing may appear to be reckless and rude at times he knew that Fang Xing was not a mad dog

who would try to bite everyone on sight. Fang Xing was young, but he still fully understood the

code of brotherhood; not everyone would be willing to give out two Spirit Stones without a

second thought otherwise.

Fang Xing kicked Yu out of his cottage as soon as they had finished the meal. He wanted as

much time as he could get to practice his Qi fluctuations.

For some reason, a smoldering anger lit up within Fang Xing when he heard of Hou Qing's

latest achievements.

'I've already used twelve Stones in the past four months but still couldn't break into tier two...

and that bastard Hou Qing is almost at tier four? Am I so stupid that there's no comparison

between us? No! I have to be better than that bastard! I MUST break into tier two today!'

Holding back his full temper, Fang Xing took out the thirteenth Stone.

Fang Xing breathed with the specific tempo for Qi fluctuation, soaking his meridians with an

abundance of Qi from the Spirit Stone.

Soon, it happened again.

Every time Fang Xing attempted to spread Qi evenly across his entire body, his control would be

hindered by an unknown force until the Qi had fully dissipated. He had failed to break through

yet again, but this time he seemed to find a pattern with this dissipation. Without giving up,

Fang Xing started again from the beginning, increasing the speed of his control.

Unfortunately, the result was the same as the previous attempts, even if the speed of control

and amount of Qi flow had both significantly increased.

One's capacity for food was limited, and if one tried to stuff too much food into their mouth at

once it was possible to choke. This was exactly the case with Fang Xing, and he began to feel

sharp pains all across his meridians.

Fang Xing resisted the pain with great difficulty and sent both himself and the entire force

violently towards the door to tier two.


Something suddenly seemed to have broken inside his mind, and a refreshing feeling filled his

entire body. It was a strange sensation: if the body was feverish, this feeling would be

delightfully refreshing; if the body was shivering in cold, this would be filled with warmth. It

was a clever usage of Qi.

'Finally!' Fang Xing screamed excitedly within his mind, knowing that he had finally forced

himself through the door into the second tier.

Qi could now reach every corner of his flesh with only a single thought. While the concentration

of Qi might not be enough to fend off all harm, it would still increase how quickly he recovered

from injuries by allocating a larger amount of Qi at the wound's location. When necessary, Qi

could also be used as a barrier to prevent either the loss of blood or the overconsumption of

physical strength.

Shixiong Liu had intended to do exactly that after the first stab, but Fang Xing had prevented

the Qi barrier by landing his punch at the same location, making it considerably more difficult

for Liu to reform his Qi network throughout his body.

Fang Xing had gambled with his luck once again in order to break into tier two. If luck hadn't

been on his side, his meridians may have ended up bloated by the excess Qi and he would have

required at least ten days before fully recovering from the damage.

Then again, this was Fang Xing. He was relentless not only towards anyone who tried to take

advantage of him, but also towards himself.

'Let me try one more time with the sword!'

Despite the excitement of finally breaking through a bottleneck, Fang Xing decided he would

take a break from the Qi fluctuations. Instead, he took out the [Nine Snakes' Sword] to see if the

increase in his tier would increase the time he could control the Flying Sword.

Unfortunately, though he could perform one full attack in his new tier, there was hardly any Qi

left for a second one and Fang Xing had even felt some dizziness afterwards; he concluded that

only a single full-force attack was possible at his current stage.

Fang Xing put away the sword, deciding that the issue was due to his low cultivation level in

comparison to the high level of the spirit weapon. The amount of Qi consumed by this sword

well surpassed any ordinary Spirit Swords; for the time being, the best way to go about this was

to find a regular, low-tiered weapon instead.

'But the sect has strict rules about robbing someone else's spirit weapon chosen from the

Pavilion. Hmm....' Fang Xing thought to himself before suddenly remembering something.

'Didn't the fatty say that they've resumed the Black Markets again? There were quite a lot of

Flying Swords last time. Ah, how I've sinned by leaving all those regular Flying Swords


Soon, Fang Xing had decided that he would make a trip to the next Black Market. He then found

out the time and place of the next Black Market from Yu before getting himself prepared.

After Yu advised Fang Xing on the next market, however, he began to look at Fang Xing with

suspicions: 'The last time he asked about the market, a rich disciple was robbed into a poor

wretch. Now he's asking about the next market? Could he be the culpr '

’’What are you looking at? I'll dig out your eyeballs if you don't stop,’’ Fang Xing halfheartedly

threatened after noticing Yu's glance.

Grinning, Yu said nothing but soon overrode his original thoughts. 'This kid is daring, but no,

he can't be the one; he can't be daring enough to do that! Plus, there were eyewitnesses! They

said it was a slender man....'

Coincidentally, the Black Market was actually scheduled to take place this exact night. Fang

Xing made sure that Yu was well-intoxicated from the wines before kicking him back to his

own cottage.

The plump Taoist Yu had always admired Fang Xing for how much he could drink, and at just

eleven years old! However, Fang Xing would only scoff at Yu for thinking this way; Fang Xing

had pretty much grown up soaked in wine jars, after all! There could be no comparison between

himself and Yu.

Though Fang Xing might be the kind who liked to boast about his various abilities at times, his

tolerance for alcohol did not even require it; not even ten of Yu would measure up.

Once Yu was safely back at his cottage, Fang Xing took out his [Mask of Wanluo] and with a

change to his appearance once more he headed towards the market.

Still some miles away from the sect, within a hidden valley stood the chosen location for this

time's Black Market. All of these events were chosen at specific locations that were neither too

far nor too close to the sect; if it was too far, the beasts and demons would pose a threat to the

lower tiered disciples, but it could not be too close as it was against the sect rules.

Fang Xing quickly found the location of the market since it was blatantly obvious: this time,

there was a total of eight guards at attention in front of the valley's entrance and all of them

looked cautious and extremely capable.

'Ah, looks like they've learned their lesson from last time.'


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