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Plundering The Heavens - Chapter 2


Chapter 2: The Tenth Bandit

Qingyun Mounntain, Chu City's famous Sect, Three Millenias worth of legacy.

Within Chu city, or even the whole of the South Country, Qingyun disciples are like gods to the mortal cities. The so called 3 cults,9 gangs are a joke in the eyes of Dao Sect's disciples. Just three months ago, Qingyun core disciple, Xiao Jianming was able to singlehandedly wipe out nine of the Ghost Valley's Head Bandits, with only one escaping.

The nine head bandits already have their heads hung in front Ghost Valley to show Xiao Jianming's righteousness. However the last bandit is said to be the most mysterious with nobody actually seeing him before.

Xiao Jianming is confident in finding him, and vowed to find him, but unknowingly, this tenth bandit already became one of his younger apprentice brother. If a dao child can be counted as a younger apprentice.

The Qingyun Sect only accept disciples every ten years select one thousand disciple, with over ten thousand people given the title dao child. In name a dao child could be consider a disciple of the Qingyun Sect, but there is a slight difference between them and normal disciples. Dao child does not have the daily spirit medicine or the elders to instruct them, what they do have is back breaking labor and only one day of rest per month.

In exchange for their hardwork they only have a small thin book called ’’Qingyun Qi Forming Manual.’’

When Fang Xing was being led into a small wooden house, an eighteen to nineteen year old boy with a black mole and a unfriendly face brought a small manual and a small wood badge to him

’’Go ahead and practice it. You just got lucky and gained Lingyun Senior Sister Apprentince's word to let you in, but since you don't have a recoomendation letter, you can only start from the bottom. This Qingyuan Qi Forming Manual is our secret manual. Pratice it well, once you manage to to reach the 1st stage of Lingdong, you can become an outer disciple.

Once the fat Taoist left, Fang Xing looked at the black moled teen and asked in a mature tone: ’’How many layers have you manage to reach?’’

The teen with the black mole raised his thumb towards himself and said: ’’I've already manage to sense Qi, others do not have shit.’’

Fang Xing nodded thoughtfully, then asked: ’’How many years have you entered the sect?’’

The black mole teen sneered and said: ’’I entered for six years and these loser have already entered three years.’’

Fang Xing sighed, threw the manual to the side and exclaimed: ’’Looks like I was duped by that bitch!’’

The black mole teen hesitated and asked curiously:: ’’Who are you talking about?’’

Fang Xing said, ’’Lingyun ah,that bitch said she will accept me into the sect, but who it's to have be a slave in exchange for a crappy book. Some entered for 7 years, some entered for three years, and didn't form crap. How is that not being duped? ’’

’’Lingyun senior sister apprentice?’’

The black mole youth was shocked and immediately grabbed Fang Xing's collar, then ruthlessly said: ’’Shut up, don't drag me down, if someone heard you talk about Lingyun senior sister apprentice, not just you but even we will be in trouble! Now remember, once you entered the medicine field, you're my bitch. If this master wants you to east, then you need to go east, if I tell you to jump, you ask how high.’’

’’Yeah and you are cleaning out the Matong (It's sort of like a toilet except you need someone to manually wash it with a scrub and clean out the crap) and fill up the water in the well.’’

A freckled faced small dao child said indicating that he used to be the one who does all those stuff.

’’Yeah you're also on laundry duty!’’

Another look somewhat clean looking dao child said. Needless to say, he used to be on laundry duty.

Fang Xing looked at them one by one, then thoughtfully nodded and said: ’’So you are the bullying me.’’

’’Yeah so?’’ The teen with the black mole said in a dark smile

Then he banged his fist on the table with his veins showing giving off a menacing appearance

’’You want to hit me? I will yell!’’

Fang Xing said in a frightened tone looking like he will yell at the slightest touch.

The black mole youth smile and said: ’’Do not worry, we will not hit you, but in the evening when the doors are shut, you can scream as loud as you want but no one would care!’’

’’Yeah, the senior brother apprentice from the Medicine division come only every three months but for the rest of time this is our world. Even if you tell on us, the senior brother apprentice would not care. Also since you're a dao child, you have to stay for at least 10 years.’’

The freckled dao child was threatening Fang Xing with excitement, it seems it was his first time doing so.

’’Ah big brother, this little kid is a good kid. You can tell me to do whatever you want.’’

Fang Xing suddenly became honest and pitifully ask for mercy to his new boss.

’’Haha, what a little bitch.’’

The black mole teen and the others started to laugh, these type of cowards are all too common in their eyes.

The medicine field is really large and is filled with a beautiful jade color, showing off the sects incredible abilities.

After coming in for the first day, Fang Xing did the most back breaking labor and was also taught by the freckled face boy. The freckled face boy also taught with diligence about when and how to water the special medicine plants.

Fan Xing learning fast, held a good attitude and even spent the evening after dinner to fill the bucket full of water and washed their dirty clothes leaving them to dry for tomorrow.

Fang Xing's performance satisfied the other dao child who even boldly said that they will help him practice.

Fang Xing smiled and thanked his senior apprentice brother!

In the evening, the dao children all went to sleep and the whole Qingyun Mountain became silent.

Fang Xing took out a sharp saber from his bag. The saber was sharp and looks like it won't leave any blood on its smooth edge.

This was a present from his 3rd uncle who also taught him a set of sneaky saber techniques for close combat.

His bag had even more awesome stuff like a stuffed tiger from his big uncle, medicine from his 2nd uncle, a jar that releases knocking gas from his 4th uncle, a needle shooter from his 5th uncle, his 6th uncle gave a bunch of gold leaves, his 7th uncle gave him a wild ginseng, his 8th uncle gave him a gourd for alcohol and most importantly his 9th uncle gave him a book.

As for his 6th uncle's gold leaves, it was all used to buy a maid.

All of these things were carried by Xiao Meng, but since Xiao Meng fainted and no one cared about his baggage, Fang Xing carried it himself again.

After going through his bag, Fang Xing sighed in nostalgia, and wrapped his bag again.

He then took out his saber and said in a low voice, ’’Brother Wang Zhi, brother Wang Zhi...’’

The black mole teen yawned after being shook three times before angrily yelled at Fang Xing for waking him up, ’’What do you want in the middle of the night? Do you want to die?’’

Fang Xing laughed and said, ’’It's you who want to die!’’

After saying that a saber was thrust inside of him until the blade can't be seen. (Please don't make anything se*ual out of it, no this a Xianxia novel, not a gay erotica.)


The black mole teen let out one pained scream before having his mouth covered by Fang Xing.

It was very quiet and within 10 miles no one would bother you.

Wang Zhi wanted to struggle, but a saber was at his stomach and didn't to move because any slight movement resulted in a world of pain.

The rest of the people in the room was waken up and hurried light up the candle lamp. They immediately saw the saber in Wang Zhi's stomach and a cruel smile on Fang Xing. The cowardly freckled face boy immediately began to shriek.

’’If you don't want to die, shut up and listen!’’

Fang Xing said in a serious voice, the voice was young but filled with unimaginable darkness and cruelty behind it.

The freckled face boy stopped shrieking but a liquid was slowly leaking out his pants.

Fang Xing slowly took out the saber in Wang Zhi's stomach while Wang Zhi began to cry, he lifted his saber and slowly walked towards the Dao Children and looked at them. The spineless freckled faced boy began to cry silently.

’’Only I get to bully people, never had someone dare bully me, you guys sure is bold.’’

Fang Xing began to use his saber to touch the Dao Children's face,’’I only want to say one thing, from now on, I'm the boss. If I said we go east, nobody is going west, if I said we jump up, you ask how high. If you don't obey, well let's just say my saber gets a little stabby. Your worthless lives can easily be end, don't you know who my sister is?’’

’’The recent favorite of senior sister Lingyuan! Go and check it out, you worthless bastards!’’

Fang Xing voice echoed, no one dared to speak up and only stared at the saber in front of them.

’’Fang Xing...’’

’’What did you called me?’’

’’Ah.. Master Fang, you should probably bandage Wang Zhi, he..he might actually die.’’

’’Fang Xing looked at the silent Wang Zhi, and smirked. He put his saber back into his sheath and said with an uncaring tone,’’That won't kill him, my 3rd uncle, once taught me that if I stab through the diaphragm I won't hurt his internal organs, but my hands might slip so go bandage him!’’


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