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Plundering The Heavens - Chapter 1


Plundering the Heavens Chapter 1 : Practicing under Qingyuan

’’Mighty Daoist, I beg you please accept me into the sect. I was once from a happy and wealthy family, but due to some vile men, my family of three hundred all died, leaving me and my sister with no one to rely. After traveling the world, I heard of the sect's mighty name and through the kindness of other people came before you. I only want to learn Dao and the mighty abilities of Dao. Please accept me, I will...’’

Within the Southern states, Chu Feng dynasty, is one of the nine Spirit Mountain, Taihang Mountains, and in front of the door Qingyun Sect. There are a hundreds of young people waiting in a long line, waiting for the fat Taoist. During this time there was a boy about ten years old with tears streaking in his dirty face. His eyes were especially bright and his pitiful tone filled people full of pity.

The fat Taoist looked impatiently at the boy and asked ,’’Do you have a recommendation letter.’’

’’No ......’’ The boy replied.

’’Do you have any treasure to offer?’’


’’Do you have any rare body type?’’


The fat Taoist asked, the boy answered, and once the three questions was over, the fat Taoist narrowed his eyes and kicked the boy, and said said: ’’No recommendation letter means you're a lowly person, no treasure means you're poor no rare body type means you're worthless. A lowly poor piece of shit like you dares to come and enter the Qingyuan sect? Look around you, this isn't a charity center! ’’

The people in the back of the line began to laugh.

Everyone thought the boy was a joke, he was penniless and want to enter the Qingyuan sect.

We must understand the Qingyuan sect has existed for three millenias and holds a high level of respect, with powerful background. Every disciple within the sect are top-notch experts. Just recently, within the Chu northwest region, a group of bandits so powerful that even the government can't do anything against them was wiped out by Qingyuan sect's Xiao Jianming core disciple with a sword, and killed 9 of the 10 bandits and shook the whole Chu.

It is also because of this case, that the Qingyuan Sect's fame spread towards the civilians of Chu, and became without equal. now the Sect is holding the 10 year event of recruiting disciples, many dignitaries is spending large costs to send their children to practice. They were willing to do anything and pay any price for the chance to practice.

This child comes in empty-handed and wants to train under the sect is just too naive.

The little boy after being kicked said nothing and quietly walked about 5 feet, and suddenly cursed: ’’ I will step on your snot face one day,, you short stubby ugly piece of shit, how dare you called me poor. You should be grateful that I came into the Qingyuan sect. Today you ignorant scum can't appreciate my majesty, later I will roast you alive.’’

’’Little bastard, you dare insult me!’’

The fat Taoist angrily lifted a sharp sword and moved towards where the little boy was. The little boy upon the potential danger fled into the crowd, and moved agility. The fat taoist was able to catch up, and began to wildly swing his sword and cursed.

Originally the dignified and solemn ceremony of the Qingyuan Sect turned into this led everyone to laugh.

’’A genius like me is willing to learn your Qingyuan Sect means I think highly of you. You best obediently let me become part of your sect, or I would go to another sect, and beat your ugly ass all the way to your mommy and daddy once I become an invincible master. ’’

After seeing that the fat Taoist can't catch up he began to get cocky and taunt the fatty.

The fat Taoist began to have steam flowing through his ears and wanted to continue chasing the boy, but there was just too many people plus the fact that he was a fatty meant that he can't easily enter the crowd. However, suddenly his shifted and thought of a plan, and shouted, ’’Whoever catches this little brat, I will let them cut in line.’’

After hearing this remark, the little boy was nervous and turned his body trying to slip away.

However once people heard what the fat Taoist said, a lot of people charged towards the boy. These people was people who waited in line for half a day already and still had several thousand people ahead of them. After hearing the fat Taoist's words, they can't resist .

Even more people didn't care about cutting in line but they wanted also establish a good relationship with a disciple in the sect.

The little boy's movements was incredibly, four or five teen tried to catch him, a charge here, jump there, and was almost able to escape from the crowd. Suddenly, among the crowd, a thin teen with cold eyes flashed towards the boy and caught him. He smiled coldly and said: ’’ You mastered some martial arts, it's too bad that it isn't enough!’’

The boy struggled as hard as he could, but in the hands of this teenager, he wasn't able to escape.

’’Thank you brother, may I ask your name?’’

The fat Taoist breath ran over panting was overjoyed and hastened to thank the teenager.

’’Senior Disciple brother is too kind, I am Hou Qing. Catching this little monkey is simply a small task, there is no need for thanks.’’

The teenager was very polite and respectful to the fat Taoist.

’’Good talk, good talk. Let me first discipline this little bastard, then I will bring you to sign up.’’

The fat Taoist smiled, turn to the little boy means, and showed a ruthless face: ’’I am an outer disciple of the Qingyuan sect, how dare a little beggar like you tries to insult me? Today I won't take your life, but I will at least teach you a lesson that you won't forget.’’

Then he jumped over, and began to rub his palms and grinned.

Ultimately as a disciples of the Qingyuan Sect he naturally can't just hurt people, even if it is a small beggar. The most he can do is slap his mouth a little.

’’Don't hurt my master .’’

Suddenly,a little girl from the crowd came out stood front the fat Taoist.

She was as dirty as the boy and was about seven years old with a skinny body. her facial features was sharp with extremely bright eyes. The most shocking was her pointed ears that resembles a fox , with emerald eyes. She was obviously not a human but a demi-human.

’’Damn Xiao Man, why did you run out? Didn't I tell you to hide in the crowd?’’

The little boy was still in mid air when he began to yell.

’’Master, if I did not come out, he will hit you ......’’

The little maid, Xiao Man said, spreading her arms out with a determined look to block the fat Taoist.

’’Your young master has incredible abilities, I don't need you to help me/ Hurry up and go back into the crowd.’’

The boy began to show his martial arts move making the crow small. His abilities aren't great, but his bullshit was.

’’This little beggar, have a demi-human maid?’’

The fat Taoist was amazed, and looked at the pretty maid, Xiao Man with a hint of lust. (Keep in mind that the times was different back then or the author could just be a pedo)

In this world, demi-humans is the world's lowliest race,The Demos refuse to accept them and humans look down on them. However they would raise them either as a sec slave or lowly servant. (Again times was different.) Even so ordinary people can not afford to raise them, yet this little beggar have a demi-human servant.

’’Humph, what dirty and lowly race..’’

Hou Qing sneered with cold eyes and kicked the little girl.

’’Son of a bitch, how dare you bully my Xiao Man, this young master will slaughter you.’’

The little boy began to bite and clawed wildly.

This little maid was kicked around 10 ft away by Hou Qing and crashed into a tree. Although this teen didn't kill her, she was still bleeding and laid on the ground unmoving. Everyone was horrify but didn't say anything , afterall a demi-human life is literally worth nothing.

’’My apologies, this little brother hate demi-humans the most. (Yeah ancient Chinese like to refer to themselves in third person, so this isn't an error and I hope you get use to it.)’’

Even Hou Qing felt that he went too far, and held an embarrassed smile.

’’It's okay, it's okay.’’

The fat Taoist said but deep down even he felt Hou Qing was a little brutal.

At this moment the little boy in Hou Qing's arms shouted loudly but no one would pay attention to him.

’’What that little demi-human girl's blood.... how can this be?’’

Suddenly someone cried out, the crowd turned and saw the demi-human's blood was seeping into the grass and found that the dead grass began to regain its color revive.

’’Wood Spirit blood ...... This little girl has the rare body type, wood spirit blood ......’’

People who seek to train were extremely wealthy and is very well read so they instantly recognize this phenomenom.

The crowd began to discuss some with envy, some with shock, and some with disdain.

Wood spirit blood is a rare blood type and held miraculous effects on plants.

These type of bloodline are often competed by the sects of the world.

Going back to what the fat Taoist said on the important points praticing under a sect,

If you have a recommendation letter, and held a relationship, you can enter the sect.

If you're rich and manage to gain some treasure, you can enter the sect.

If you possess a rare physique you don't any money or relations, you will still be favored by the sect.

The little boy doesn't hold any of the three things and was a joke to the crowd.

Who would've thought that the little boy's small demi-human maid quite held the rare body, wood spirit blood?

Soon the crowd's discussion alerted the sect's higher ups.

In about half an hour, white robed woman with a cold expression riding a huge crane about 10 meters long came down. The crane was obviously demonized and behind the cold woman was two little girls.

’’Ah, outter disciple Yu Sanliang is honor to meet Lingyuan senior sister apprentice.’’

The fat Taoist upon seeing this woman hurriedly bow.

The teen looking to practice under the sect also began to bow.

This woman called Lingyuan ignored them and swept her eyes across the field and settled on the little demi-huma maid telling the crane to fly there. She came to maid's side and smelled her blood and nodded as if she just confirmed something.

’’The disciple recruiting ceromony, give a quota to the girl!’’

This Lingyuan senior sister apprentice picked up the little maidservants, stood up and order the fat Taoist.

’’Yes ...... Lingyuan senior sister apprentice, this younger apprentince understand ......’’

Even if it is a demi-human girl, once Lingyuan senior sister gave out the order the demi-human girl immediately became a disciple of the Qingyuan sect.

Everyone looked with envious eyes, going from a demi-human to a disciple of the Qingyuan sect is truly envious.

Even Hou Qing who was holing the little boy, blankly watching this scene with his mouth open.

Lingyuan senior sister apprentice carried the little maid, when suddenly the small arms of the maid moved and softly shouted: ’’Don't hurt young master...... no......young master Fang Xing’’

Strato senior sister apprentice hesitated slightly and asked with a cold tone ’’ Who is the young master Fang Xing’’

The little boy stared blankly before raising his hand and shouted: ’’I ...... I'm young master Fang Xing, give me back my maid.’’

Lingyuan senior sister apprentice looked at him, and said ’’Starting today, she is not your maid anymore.’’

Then,lightly throw over a small jade jar with small and exquisite purple pill.

’’Congenital Purple Pills ......’’

Fat Taoist seeing cried out aloud and swallowed.

In order to help the small dem-human maid servant regain her identity, a spirit pill was given?

The people looked with envious eyes as if they wanted to swallow the boy.

Congenital Purple Pill is something that can cleanse and strengthen the body and it is easily to given to a little beggar?

At this moment a lot of people wanted to snatch a the pill.

The little boy looked at the Congenital Purple Pill also could not help but swallow a mouthful of saliva, but seeing the woman called Lingyuan carrying Xiao Man to leave, he immediately reacted and shouted: ’’You can not go, who promised to exchange some crappy pill for my little maid? This little boss is not willing to exchange, take away your pill, and give me back my girl.’’


Lingyuan senior sister apprentice eyes turned around, with a hint of murderous intent causing him to suddenly close his mouth.

’’I do not want your pills...... I ......’’

The little boy gathered his courage and stammered, said: ’’Unless ...... Unless you accept me under your sect.’’

Originally people who though the boy was dumbass suddenly understood.

Lingyuan senior sister apprentice hesitated slightly, spin and smiled, she turned towards the fat Taoist and said with an uncaring tone ’’Count him in as well but looking at his talent and personality send him to the medicine field. ’’

’’Yes, this younger apprentice will do as you said.......’’

The fat Taoist hesitated then bowed.


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