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Phoenix Destiny - Chapter 132


Chapter 132

Chapter 132 - The One Who Makes the First Move is the Cheap One

“Miss Lu, please visit us soon!” the boss of the martial arts hall sent her off with bitterness like a young girl who was sending her lover off.

Lu Mingshu put on her cloak and nodded before scuttering off.

First step done. Now let’s wait for the next.

She stroked her arm, which was still in pain.

She was unlucky today. Arenas were just the dessert, while the Qilin Festival was the main dish, yet she was injured before the festival even started. Luckily, it wasn’t a serious injury, so she might be able to recover if she went to the Heavenly Wheel.

The sun had gone to rest, and the moon took its place, surrounding her with darkness and silence. Under the moonlight, Lu Mingshu went through an alley alone.

The alley was so quiet that one could hear a pin drop, distinctively different form the streets of the city, which were constantly bustling with activity.

All of a sudden, a figure flashed by her, causing a chill to run down her spine.

Ching! Ching! Ching!

Mystic lights flashed by her like lighting. Lu Mingshu swiftly moved away, and three throwing knives landed at her feet.

“Who are you?”

“Just like that?” a female’s voice rang across the alley.

Lu Mingshu turned around and realized there was someone at the other end of the alley, who started strolling over to her.

The woman was about twenty. She had a beautiful face, and she had an aura that made her look proud. From her clothing, one could tell that she had a good family background, and her cultivation was at the Harmonization Realm.

She looked at Lu Mingshu and scanned her, “You’re Lu Mingshu?” she asked in disdain.

“What do you want?”

The woman rolled her eyes, “Ah, look at you. An arrogant kid. What do I want? I came here just to look at you, of course.”

Lu Mingshu kept quiet. It wasn’t like her to waste her energy on arguing with some useless people.

“Look at you. What’s so special about you? You’re not very good. Looks-wise, you look like a sheet of paper… no, wait! A ghost! I really don’t get what he sees in you….”

Lu Mingshu took a step forward, “Who?”

Surprised at the abruptness of Lu Mingshu, the woman took a step back, “What who?”

“Who sees what in me?”

The woman took two steps back until she felt safe. She looked into Lu Mingshu’s eyes and smiled at her slyly, “Hey, you’re a girl, aren’t you ashamed that you’re saying such things? Who sees something in you? You are not even worthy for anyone to see something in you.”

Lu Mingshu sneered, “Didn’t you say it first? Now you’re telling me a girl shouldn’t say such things. Aren't you also a girl?”

“What on earth did you say!?” the woman did not expect for her own words to be used against her.

“Lady, I’m busy. If there’s nothing important, please leave and don’t waste everyone’s time,” Lu Mingshu straightened her cloak as she prepared to leave.

“Stop there! Did I say you could go?”

Lu Mingshu ignored her and continued to walk forward. There was no point wasting her saliva with this missy out here.


As soon as she took a step forward, mystic light shone behind her, and she could feel a force making a beeline for her.

Lu Mingshu moved sideways and took out her sword.


The heavy clash made the woman’s hand numb. She was indigent and made another attack.

Lu Mingshu did not try to escape. Instead, she turned to fight as well.

The woman’s skills were quite something, but seeing that she was so panicked while fighting Mingshu, it was obvious that she rarely fought seriously with others.

Seeing that she was in such a panic, Lu Mingshu seized the opportunity, and after two more attacks, the woman was starting to get pushed back.

Like a poisonous snake, sword-light moved toward the woman like it was about to kill.


The swords clashed again.

In her shock, the woman moved backward, far away from Lu Mingshu.

“Miss Lu, she just wants to compare notes with you, why do you want to kill her?” a sloppy voice rang across the alley, and Yu Kuang jumped down from a wall.

Lu Mingshu look at him coldly, “Oh, it’s Gentleman Yu. I see;you lost at the arena, and yet here you are tailing behind me. Is it that you like seeing blood so much that you want to give me another injury?”

Yu Kuang burst out in laughter, ignoring her sarcasm, then turned to the woman, “My dear Junior, why did you find her for practice? You care about comparing notes, but she only cares about killing.”

“What ‘comparing notes’? It sounds so nice. I may only care about killing, but at least I don’t kill don’t kill innocents,” Lu Mingshu looked straight in their eyes, “If you both choose not to leave, don’t blame me for attacking you.”

Yu Kuang sighed and shook his head, “Why are you so pessimistic?”

Lu Mingshu asked in reply, “Haven’t your elders taught you?”

“Taught me what?”

“Please look in the mirror before giving others a lesson,” she sneered. “You lost a competition against me, yet here you are blocking me and trying to teach me a lesson?”

“Lu Mingshu! Shut your arrogant mouth up! Who the heck do you even think you are? He did not fight you with all his might because-!” the woman shouted.

Yu Kuang cut her off, “All you care about is winning, huh?”

“If I didn’t win, why would you be here?” Lu Mingshu replied in monotone. “If I didn’t win, why are you here to humiliate me?”

Yu Kuang looked at her in confusion, “We are not here to humiliate you.”

“What a joke!” she let out a sardonic smile. “I’m not like your Junior Sister – pretty and precious. I may be a wild grass, but I never provoked you guys, you know why? Because…”

She let out a sly smile and spoke every word clearly, “The one makes the first move is the cheap one.”


“Lu Mingshu!” Yu Kuang was taken aback by what she said, but the woman went into a fit. She fished out her sword, ready for an attack. “We are cheap? You are the cheap one that sticks to Senior Brother Xie like a leech!”

She attacked in her anger, but after two or three hits from Lu Mingshu, she was stopped.

The woman was furious, yet she furious, yet she was stopped from attacking. In her anger, she started throwing any random thing she could find at Lu Mingshu.

When Yu Kuang realized the situation, the situation had already gone sideways. Seeing the woman’s action, he shouted in panic, “Junior Sister, no!”

What she had thrown was her self-defense weapon. If one wasn’t careful, it might result in death.

As soon as the item was out of her hand, a strong pressure appeared – an energy beyond their power.

A fist rose up in the middle of the air and made a beeline for Lu Mingshu.

Lu Mingshu quickly moved backwards, but the mystic force continued to surge, creating powerful sword-like energy.

Yu Kuang’s panic button had been pushed. He took his sword out and blocked in front of Lu Mingshu. If the fist landed on Lu Mingshu, she would either die or end up crippled.

The fist’s energy was so strong that Yu Kuang vomited blood.

“Senior Brother Yu!” the woman shrieked.

However, the energy was so powerful that, even after Yu Kuang blocked it, it was still making a beeline for Lu Mingshu.

Within no time, the fist would reach Lu Mingshu.


A sound echoed across the alley. Rays of light came from nowhere and shot the fist down.

At the same time, the lights shattered.


The fist shattered into pieces.

Yu Kuang, who was still in shock, looked at the sky blankly. He turned to the end of the alley and muttered, “Senior Brother Xie?”

A teenager sitting in a wheelchair appeared at the end of the alley. He looked at them and sighed, “Are you done playing monkey?


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