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Phoenix Destiny - Chapter 121


Chapter 121

121 No Hurry

Night fell. The Hall of Immortals was still bustling with life;it was even more crowded than yesterday.

The long banner outside the shop had changed its contents;’’The best pill in the world - one shouldn't not take it.’’

Compared to the previous message, it wasn't that attractive, but people were still strolling in.

Kou Wei and the rest now stood in front of the pharmacy.


’’Yeah,’’ smiling, Qi Sheng scanned the flag before he continued, ’’Looks like they have other things to battle for.’’

Kou Wei fanned his fan up and down. He turned to Shao Zhengyang, ’’Today, if you don't greet my sword, I won't let you pass!’’

Shao Zhengyang had a thin smile on his face, ’’A little too frivolous.’’

Kou Wei laughed out loud as he continued fanning himself, ’’You only live once! If not when you're young, then when?’’

’’Yeah!’’ Yue Lingyin added, ’’She could afford to be frivolous, so why not?’’

This group of people were all young but capable - the best of each clan. Thus, they could make such comments.

Shao Zhengyang smiled thinly at their reaction. He wanted to confirm with Lu Mingshu yesterday, but he didn't want to get back late. When he went over this morning, she had already left the hotel. After knowing that she had left, Kou Wei and the rest decided to just come over to the Hall of Immortals to double check and watch her compete.

The aura that they gave off was way different from anyone else, so the clerk served them immediately after they entered.

The bunch sat down near the arena.

After a while, the announcer made his appearance on stage again, ’’Good morning ladies and gentlemen. It's nice to see you here. For those who are visiting for the first time, our previous host lost to an opponent yesterday, so today, she shall be the host. I'll now invite her on stage!’’

Everyone turned toward the direction he was pointing.

A girl in white stood up from her seat and walked up on stage.

The group all turned toward Shao Zhengyang, and Qi Sheng asked curiously, ’’Well?’’

All sorts of feelings welled up in Shao Zhengyang's heart, ’’Yeah, it's Junior Sister Lu,’’ he nodded. He totally had no idea what to feel.

How weird. Why hadn't he ever realized that Lu Mingshu knew how to concoct medicine? She was cut off from the world when she was at Green Jaded Valley, where did she get such techniques?

However, Shao Zhengyang hadn't been paying attention to what she was doing those few years, so even if Lu Mingshu met some alien or whatever that taught her how to produce medicine, he wouldn't know.

Yue Lingyin exclaimed in admiration, ’’So, it's really her! I believed that she must be talented at martial arts, being able to enter the Harmonization Realm at such a young age, but she's also good in this area!’’

’’More than good!’’ Qi Sheng interrupted, ’’I dare say that none of the Heavenly Sea Pavilion juniors are better than her.’’

Because the best junior was him.

Lu Mingshu went up on stage while they were busy chattering among themselves.

The man man clapped his hands to gain attention, ’’The host for today is Miss Lu, who will be setting the rules of this competition,’’ he paused a while before continuing, ’’Now, I'll be explaining the rules;the challenger will choose a pill for Miss Lu to make a copy of. If she succeeds, she'll win.’’

The spectators cheered.

The things that this Miss Lu came up with yesterday were already so shocking, and yet she's using the same method again? She must be very confident in herself.

But this world is so big, and there are so many different secret recipes. How can she be a hundred percent sure that she won't fail? She's too confident... she should be called arrogant instead!

Somebody interrupted, ’’So, under those rules, even someone who doesn't know how to produce medicine can compete?’’

The announcer smiled at him, ’’Whatever the host says counts. As long as one follows the rules set by Miss Lu, it's fine.’’

As soon as the announcer finished his sentence, somebody stood up, ’’I'll try!’’

A youngster jumped up on stage, ’’I only need to provide the pill, right?’’

Composed, the announcer stuck up two fingers and waved them in front of the person, ’’Wait. Firstly, it can't be a poison. Secondly, the pill shouldn't contain rare ingredients, unless you can provide them.’’

’’Ah, okay!’’ he sneered and threw a box to the announcer, ’’Time to take my pill for a stroll then~’’

Even though he was rude and disrespectful, Lu Mingshu seemed to be unconcerned with his attitude.

After the announcer verified the pill, Lu pill, Lu Mingshu walked toward it.

As she took up the pill, the spectators held their breath. As the tension became more intense, she went up to the person, ’’This gentleman here, if this is a rare pill, I won't pay for it if I eat it.’’

The youngster thought that she wanted to say something important, but it turned out to be just that. He held down his anger and nodded, ’’Yes, yes, yes, just eat it. No need to pay.’’

Who cares about the pill when you're here to challenge?

Lu Mingshu took the pill and sat down at the corner.

Under everyone's witness, she popped the pill into her mouth and closed her eyes.

After a few seconds, she opened her eyes and wrote something on the paper that was placed on the table.

’’She's that fast?’’

’’Yeah, she was that fast yesterday too!’’

A recipe was quickly finished and handed to the announcer. After checking it and seeing that there were no rare ingredients, he handed it to the clerk to get the ingredients.

During this time, Kou Wei whispered to Qi Sheng, ’’How much time do you take to finish identifying?’’

’’Just identifying the ingredients would be done in a heartbeat, but to accurately tell the exact amount of each ingredient... probably one or two hours?’’ Qi Sheng smiled awkwardly.

’’That means Miss Lu is very outstanding.’’

Qi Sheng nodded, ’’Even experienced pharmacologists take a long time to get where she is.’’ His master could do the same, but his master was the best in the Heavenly Sea Pavilion.

In no time, the clerk came back, clerk came back, and Lu Mingshu started. It was obvious that she was new to production - even Kou Wei could tell.

’’Is she gifted?’’

’’I think so too,’’ Qi Sheng nodded, ’’When I was learning, master said that, if one's tongue is very sensitive, it's beneficial to being a pharmacologist. I believe that Miss Lu had sensitive taste upon birth.’’

As time passed, the shape of the pills started to form. Lu Mingshu tasted a pill and handed one over to the official.

’’'s exactly the same,’’ the official from the Imperial Pharmacy gave the same comment as yesterday.

The challenger's eyes widened in shock as he screamed, ’’What the hell, this must be a joke! I'll try it myself!’’

Since there were still some pills left, the announcer smiled and handed him one.

The challenger popped the pill in his mouth. His face slowly turned as white as a sheet of paper.

’’Gentleman, how is it?’’ the announcer asked, ’’If there's any dissatisfaction whatsoever, just tell the official.’’

However, the guy just stomped off.

Lu Mingshu was given a round of applause.

If a miracle occurred a single time, there would definitely be doubts. However, if it keeps happening, doubts would turn into power.

After that guy, two more went up to challenge, but they failed as well. They had no choice but to accept the facts.

The competition ended, and Kou Wei stood up, ’’Let's go back, guys.’’

Qi Sheng scrambled after Kou Wei, ’’Senior Brother, aren't we going to get to know her?’’

’’Isn't she going to be here for three days? There's no hurry.’’


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