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Pet King - Chapter 59


Uncle Jin pondered in his heart. "It would have been alright if it was an adult cat, but it was such a small kitten;even if it started being trained right after weaning, how many days could it be trained for? Not to mention that cats were much harder to train than dogs!" Uncle Jin turned his head and glanced at Husky.

Husky was puzzled.

Uncle Jin was speechless. "…"

Jiang Qianxue had not raised a pet before, not to mention trained a pet. She did not know just how difficult this was;she just thought it would be fun. She pointed her finger again, and Snowball immediately walked in a figure eight again.

Uncle Jin’s mood could only be described by "what the f*ck."

F*ck, the two walks of the figure eight shapes were practically the same size!

He secretly contemplated, "Truly the noble miss of Jiang’s Group had such high sight! Regular pets were definitely not pleasing to her eyes."

Luckily, he didn’t finish what he was saying just now. If she had said, "All right, give me an Alaskan Husky who knows how to walk a figure eight," where would he go find one?

He gathered up his mood of contempt, and did not dare to look down upon this seemingly ordinary Persian cat again. He asked carefully, "How much money was this cat bought for? There should be a number at least, right?"

He stretched out three fingers, meaning an estimate of thirty thousand. Putting aside the condition and lineage, the owner certainly would not bear to sell it if not at a high price for a cat that was able to be trained like this.

Jiang Qianxue shook her head and laughed. "Can’t buy this with three thousand dollars. I spent twelve thousand."

Uncle Jin was speechless. "…" He had another "what the f*ck" impulse.

Husky whimpered, and tucked his tail in between his two hind legs, protecting his butthole, for security and peace. Jiang Qianxue clapped her hands, and relieved the training mode on Snowball. She then picked Snowball up, put him back in the cat carrier and zipped it up. Uncle Jin slapped his forehead and suddenly realized, "So that’s how it was! It must be that the cat owner had intended to curry favor with Jiang Qianxue, and sold the cat to the noble miss of Jiang’s Group at a low price! This can’t be wrong;this must be it!

He thought about this event with the mind of a successful businessman, and immediately sorted out inhis mind. But he also secretly felt sorry for the original owner. "This was done poorly;since you wanted to ingratiate yourself with the Jiang family, you might as well have simply gifted the cat. Why gild the lily and receive the twelve thousand? Now this favor was discounted."

He concluded that the person who did this was young;a middle-aged adult would not make this type of mistake.

Snowy picked up the cat carrier with a "humph!" and waved at him, "Uncle Jin, I’m going home first, bye-bye!" Uncle Jin nodded absent-mindedly, figuring out how to train his Husky in order to save face. Husky expressed that his current mood summed up in one sentence was to want to find another dog to f*ck. Snowy ran all the way back home in a pleasant mood.

She lightened her footsteps as she opened the villa’s door. She first looked to see whether or not father’s leather shoes were at the entrance;only when they were not there did she breathe a sigh of relief, kicked off her shoes, and ran into the house.

"Mama! Where are you?" she shouted as she looked around in every room.

"Aiya! This darn child, without any air of reliability! Only coming home after a whole day of being crazy outside! How can you get married off if this continues?" Mother walked out of the living room with a worried face, "What is it again?"

"Hehe, look what I brought home!"

"Not having been out to buy necklaces or dresses anyways!" Mother said confidently.

This girl was wild since youth, like a tomboy. Other families’ girls all yearned to buy superior quality princess dresses, but she would not wear a dress if she could. Even necklaces and accessories, she always said that those things were a hindrance!

"What’s the use of necklaces and dresses…look at this!" She placed the cat carrier on the table, and laughed as she pulled the zipper open. Snowball ignorantly stuck his head out and looked around uneasily.

"Aiya!" Mother was taken aback. This child actually brought home a live animal, and this live animal was actually a cat! She had originally thought that this child would choose a dog if she had to choose a pet.

"Hehe how is it? Pretty, right? His name is Snowball."

Snowy could not guess her mother’s thoughts. She took Snowball out and placed him on the table, and Snowball lay down quietly.

Mother was surprised once again. This cat was gentle and quiet enough, unlike the imagined little wild cat. Could it be that her daughter’s nature has changed? This cat was indeed pretty and well behaved. If it were a girl, then it would have been the ideal daughter. Thinking of this, mother glared at Snowy with discontentment again.

She reached out her hand to pet Snowball. Snowball did not hide and squinted his eyes to pleasantly enjoy it.

"…" Mother retracted her hand and speechlessly looked at the sand that stuck onto her fingers.

"Hehe, I took him to the beach to play for a bit…" Snowy stuck out her tongue.

"Crazy girl! Hurry and go take a shower;I will give him a shower too!" Mother exclaimed.

Unfortunately, they faced big trouble when they gave Snowball a shower. This cat appeared pleasant and well behaved, but once his body came into contact with water droplets, he resisted, and his cried wese delicate and pitiful.

Mother Jiang’s heart softened, and she became helpless once she heard his cries. She could not bear to force it;after Jiang Qianxue had finished showering and had come out, she still had not washed the cat, and instead had worked up a sweat herself.

Snowy walked over in her bathrobe wiping her hair, and immediately said to mother, "It doesn’t have to be so troublesome, just use a comb to brush off the sand in his fur."

Mother glared at her, "Not loving to be clean like you? Besides, how come you always take such quick showers? Did you wash yourself clean? Fooling around?"

Snowy dreaded mother’s nagging. "Ok ok, I will bring it out to shower another day. The pet shop also provides this kind of service, they are professionals!"

Wang Qian and Li Kun returned to the dormitory one after the other.

The other four roommates in the dormitory were teaming up to play in full swing. The lights were off, the monitors were lit, the computer fans whirled, and the mouse and keyboards clicked and clacked. Although the weather had become cooler, it could not withstand the heat emitted by four strong guys and four computers in the cramped dormitory. Everyone’s arms were bared, and appeared fresh and shiny.

The dormitory boss at the door looked at them and cursed, "F*ck! You two just came back now! We lacked one person for teaming up just now and could only grab an able-bodied man from next door!"

"Haha, apologies, apologies," Wang Qian and Li Kun did not explain themselves either. They laughed and went to turn on their computers, then went on BBS.

"Holy crap! Did you two change your natures after one day of not being seen? Don’t you guys normally find a huge pile of excuses, such as stepping on dog crap while going downstairs or helping an old lady cross the road or something…" The dormitory boss was shocked. He took off his headphones, and didn’t even play the game anymore.

The able-bodied man from next door roared, "That 503 pig is just standing there and not moving? Other people have already f*cking triple killed!"

"Sorry, was answering the phone just now!" The dormitory boss yelled back. He put his headphones back on again, and continued to expedite and call on Summoner’s Rift. To say why…Wang Qian and Li Kun looked at each other. They felt that they were different from the past, reborn, and had an air of immortality already.

If they continued to mingle with these earthlings, it would really be an insult to the division.

It would be better to free talk!


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