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Pet King - Chapter 58


Chapter 58: Uncle Jin, The Dog Walking Man

Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

Jiang Qianxue had lunch in a restaurant that she had never been to before. Unfortunately, she found that the restaurant was not good enough for her live show. She then took a taxi to the beach, played with the Persian cat for a while and then went home.

After getting out of the taxi, she carried her cat bag and told the villa guard that she was expecting a package. She would like him to sign the package on her behalf, but he didn't need to notify her. She would come get it when she had the time.

People who lived in this villa were either the rich or the powerful. The guard dared not to say no.

The villa had spacious alley roads. The environment was extremely clean, tidy, elegant and green. All around, there were 20-year-old Chinese parasol trees that were transplanted from another area. With a small reservoir sitting in the central area, the whole villa looked almost like a beautiful, small, quiet park. It was so quiet that very rarely would a person walk by. Even when there was one, he or she would walk by quickly. The human scene of lively pedestrians would disappear instantaneously and the warm human world would turn into a cold fairyland in the blink of an eye.

Although beautiful, the fairyland was lonely.

A property maintenance staff member was cutting the lawn with a push mower. Not far away, there was a middle-aged man walking a dog, the famous ’’Get Lost Easy’’ Husky. The man was wearing a common white shirt and slippers. He looked no different than any ordinary middle-aged man, though walking a dog leisurely in this villa was already a powerful sign of his wealth;he had to be a billionaire in order to afford it.

A Husky would not get lost in this villa, neither would it be hit by a car. Even if it did get lost, the guards would find it.

The Husky must have smelled the Persian cat. He ran towards Jiang Qianxue from blocks away and as he reached her, he paced around the cat bag. Jiang Qianxue worried that he would scare the cat so she waved her hand to drive him away, ’’Go play in another place!’’

The husky was wagging his head with a smiling friendly face, its two round eyes were wide open. He was whipping his tail and pretended he didn't understand her words.

In the meantime, a small cat claw struck out from the cat bag directly at the Husky's face. The Husky looked like he was kicked ruthlessly in the stomach, his four feet jumping off the ground with his whole body bowing back. He barely escaped the attack.

The Husky took a few steps back, dropped his tail, and put on a serious thinking face as if he was saying, ’’Holy, that was not right.’’

For some reason, she felt that his serious face looked like the manager from the pet store. She could not help but to giggle at the reaction.

(Off-screen voice: Zhang Zian, who was laying on a recliner, sat up and sneezed. He thought, ’’Who was talking about me? Ouch! Totally collateral damage to me!’’)

The middle-aged man walked over slowly with his hands crossed behind his back, ’’Hi, Snowy! Coming home?’’

Jiang Qianxue responded in an endearing tone, ’’Hi, Uncle Jin. How are you?’’

She knew that this man was a business owner as well as her father's friend;however, the only thing she knew about him was his last name.

Nowadays, everyone could be a business owner. Someone could probably come across half a dozen business owners around the corner. Even the pet store owner from this morning, the cat thief, was a business owner.

Even if this Uncle Jin was a business owner, his business was likely not substantial at all. Jiang Qianxue had seen him walking his dog during the day several times. Was it really appropriate? In her opinion, a real business owner should act like her father, who worked all day in his company making the staff feel more secure.

After a fun afternoon at the beach, Jiang Qianxue forgot to close the cat bag tightly. There was a tiny gap in the zipper where the Persian cat sat in order to search for the dog with her eyes. What a smart little creature!

’’Yo! Did you just get a cat?’’ Uncle Jin saw the cat's face exposed in the gap.

’’Well, yeah. I got it as a companion,’’ she said.

’’Haha! There are going to be some cat and dog fights in this villa all the time now. We will have some excitement around here. This villa is extraordinary but way too quiet.’’

Typically, huskies turned weak when the opponent was strong and vice versa. He was frightened because he thought it was a big cat in the bag;however, from the gap he could tell it was only a kitten so he immediately thickened up his skin and tried to harass the cat.

Uncle Jin yelled at him. He then reluctantly laid down on the lawn, looking like an upset wife.

’’Ah! Uncle Jin, your husky is very well trained. He listens well,’’ Jiang Qianxue was surprised.

’’That is true. Training dogs is very interesting. It gives you a unique sense of accomplishment when you do a good job,’’ Uncle Jin laughed, ’’I didn't know you wanted a pet otherwise I would have had someone send you a purebred Alaskan Malamute.’’

Jiang Qianxue waved her hand, ’’Uncle Jin, that's fine. Thank you though. I wasn't going to get a cat but I adored her when I saw her. That's the only reason I got her. She also listens very well. The pet store manager trained her well before selling her.’’

Uncle Jin was shocked when he heard that the pet store trained the pets before selling. He had never heard of anything like that.

Although she was already an adult, Jiang Qianxue had been well protected by her parents as she grew up, so deep down she was still a little child. Of course, she had to show off her new toy.

’’Uncle Jin, please keep an eye on your dog.’’ As she spoke, she put the cat bag down on the lawn. She felt that the husky didn't seem to want to jump over, so she opened the cat bag and took the Persian cat out.

’’Gee, what a small cat! How old is she, four or five months? You can train a cat this young?’’ Uncle Jin was in doubt.

’’Hey, you just watch!’’

The Persian cat was in the cat bag for a long time and being brought out to a new environment next to an unfamiliar man made her anxious and overwhelmed. Her apricot-yellow eyes were eagerly staring at the husky, whimpering.

’’Come, Snow Ball! Don't be afraid. Let's show some tricks to Uncle Jin!’’ Snow Ball was a name that had just come across Jiang Qianxue's mind. She clapped three times as she spoke.

The Persian cat didn't know that she had been given a new name Snow Ball. However, her master clapping three times was her signal to get ready. It was rooted deeply into her memory and took precedence over anything.

Snow Ball immediately changed her pose to standard sitting on the lawn with her eyes focusing on the owner and waiting for the next instruction.

’’Yo! That's excellent...’’ Uncle Jin thought that the posture was her training and he could not help nodding. After all, it was very difficult to train such a young kitten to do that.

Jiang Qianxue snapped her fingers. Snow Ball immediately walked on the lawn in the shape of a figure eight. She returned to the start point, resuming her sitting position after one round.

Uncle Jin's eyes were wide open, which looked just like his Husky.

Others might not know what that meant, but he knew it well because he was going to train his husky to walk the figure eight shape as advanced training.

Dogs would be trained to ’’walk the eight-shape’’, but that was closer to ’’go around in the eight-shape’’. They were usually trained to walk around two fixed objects. After a long period of intensive training, they would form a conditioned reflex. When they got the instruction from the owner and saw familiar fixed objects, they would immediately implement the conditioned reflex.

Just now, the cat was walking on the ground in the ’’eight-shape’’. That was way more advanced than ’’going around in the eight-shape’’.

There was no reference object. It simply relied on the owner's instruction to implement the conditioned reflex. That was simply magical!


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