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Pet King - Chapter 55


Chapter 55: Mineral Spring Water, I Only Drink Evian

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Jiang Qianxue was a little anxious.

If it were mailed to Father's company, then it would have been all right, but Father would probably have thrown all the pet products away.

’’Forget it, just give me the mail.’’ She wrote down her own home address and phone number.

Zhang Zian took the note and glanced at it. The location seemed to be the famous top-notch villa area of Binghai city.

Does one make that much money being an anchorperson nowadays? A villa can be bought with that kind of income?

He was very despondent, and seriously considered if he should try it and become an anchorperson. But what would he broadcast? He was sedentary, couldn't carry a tune, and was very bad at playing games. Should he live broadcast himself shoveling cat feces?

[Shocker: Some anchorperson earns a monthly income of one million live broadcasting shoveling cat feces]? My UC Shock couldn't be so busy!

Jiang Qianxue used the cat carrier to carry the Persian cat, waved goodbye to Zhang Zian, and left the shop. The shop became quiet again.

Zhang Zian let out a breath of air, ’’So, why are you two still poking in there?’’

Wang Qian and Li Kun bowed their heads, ’’Disciples beg master to take us in!’’

For these patients in the late stage of retard cancer, the only treatment was probably to send them to Professor Yang for shock therapy.

Zhang Zian nodded, ’’I see that you guys are bored to death, how about this You,’’ he pointed at Wang Qian. ’’You, go to the market and bring some fish back for me.’’

He also pointed at Li Kun. ’’You, go buy a box of mineral spring water;it has to be Evian. Bring back the receipts, so I can reimburse you guys.’’

This pair of patients with retard illness was overjoyed. There must be some deep meaning behind master's move. Maybe it was to refine ultimate immortality medicine? Master actually gave us such a heavy and important responsibility;he must have been touched by our sincerity! As long as we have faith that could move mountains, what hardships could we not overcome? There will be a day when master will definitely pass onto us the advanced animal-taming skills, as well as other skills of the celestials!

The two said in unison, ’’Solemnly follow master's orders! We will go into boiling water and step on fire [1] under all circumstances for master!’’

F*ck! How did having you guys run to the market become going into boiling water and stepping on fire?

’’Master, forgive disciple's feeble-mindedness! What kind of fish?’’ Wang Qian carefully asked.

What kind of fish... Zhang Zian wasn't sure either, and Fina wouldn't necessarily be able to explain clearly if he asked her. After all, the names of the fish from ancient times were probably different from the names of fish now.

After some thought, he replied, ’’Tilapia, has to be boneless.’’

’’Following master's orders!’’

Wang Qian and Li Kun were indeed college students with a lot of energy and nowhere to release it. Their footwork was fast, and they were gone within the blink of an eye.

Soon afterwards, they came running back, out of breath. Wang Qian carried a bag of tilapia, and Li Kun carried a box of Evian water. Zhang Zian reimbursed them, and also gave them an extra twenty dollars each.

There should be a payback in return for giving. Although he was stingy, he wasn't stingy to that degree.

’’Ok, you two are both college students in school, right? Hurry up and trundle back to class. You guys are not allowed to come here during class time in the future! If you guys flunk a class at the end of the semester, don't ever think about entering my shop door!’’ he commanded coldly.

Wang Qian and Li Kun were dripping with cold sweat. They looked at each other, and could only helplessly obey, ’’Yes, master!’’

After they had left, Galaxy, who was hiding on the second floor, quietly revealed his head around the corner of the stairs, ’’Zian, did all the people leave?’’

Zhang Zian waved his hand at him, ’’They all left, come down.’’

Galaxy counted only a British Shorthair and a Siamese cat left of all the kittens, and among the puppies, only Samoya was left, ’’Everyone decreased,’’ Galaxy said.

Zhang Zian comforted, ’’It's ok, it will become more and more lively here.’’

Galaxy narrowed his eyes, ’’Galaxy likes lively! Everyone play hide-and-seek together!’’

’’No problem. After I finish eating lunch, we will play hide-and-seek!’’

Zhang Zian turned around to see that Fina, who had climbed up the cat tree, had already quietly jumped down, and was circling the bag of tilapia, smelling it, and clawing at the outer layer of the plastic bag carefully.

’’Familiar smell,’’ she said. It seemed she was quite satisfied with tilapia.

When Fina was dealing with Boss Afei, she displayed extraordinary keenness. At that time, Boss Afei had leapt up in front in her, wanting to jump over her head. She did not approach, but instead jumped up from her original spot, interlaced with Boss Afei in mid-air, spun in the air, and in the blink of an eye, she appeared behind Boss Afei;her keenness was extraordinary. Even if a human could imitate this action, it wasn't possible to do it so naturally and weightlessly. This was something that was engraved in the genes, one could not refuse to comply.

To give an example, it was like the feeling of the legendary super soldier king returning to the city.

Zhang Zian used a paper knife to cut open the outer packaging of the box of Evian water. He retrieved a bottle, and honestly felt sorry.

F*ck, the most top-quality water I've ever drank was only Nongfu Spring, and now I have to give imported mineral spring water for cats to drink.

He unscrewed the cap, and squatted down to fill up Fina's personal water bowl. The other kittens did not dare to covet Fina's personal items, and Galaxy did not need to eat or drink.

’’Tsk, tsk, imported high quality mineral spring water in the end! This water quality is clear and fragrant, through the bottle comes a refreshing and cooling feel, and bathes one in the spring wind...nope, I can't compose anymore...’’

He gave himself psychological implications in order to console his wounded soul, and to make himself believe that this water was indeed worth it. But it was a pity that he couldn't tell the difference between it and the bottles of water that were one dollar a bottle.

Fina pulled on his clothes from behind luckily she did not stretch her claws, or else he would have had to dispose of another shirt.

’’I, the queen, ask you, how come those people left without paying?’’

Her face was frosty and her aquamarine eyes glowed even stronger. It seemed that she had endured this question for a long time already. She sniffled from time to time, and leered out the door. As long as Zhang Zian's answer did not satisfy her, she could transform from the Lucky Cat to the Debt Collector Cat at any time, and chase after those people until she got the money or the kittens back.

Zhang Zian only realized what she meant after he had blankly stared for a moment, and explained, ’’Modern society rarely uses cash for transactions of large amounts of money. That's because no one brings that much cash on them. It's inconvenient and easy for thieves to be concerned with. We made our transaction through Alipay just now. Alipay is a big business, with credit to ensure the fairness of transactions. The money has already been saved into my Alipay account, and can be taken out at any time and changed into cash.’’

She tilted her head to the side and digested what Zhang Zian had said for a while . The fierce, imposing momentum that was hovering around her side gradually receded. She swung her tail and went to the water bowl to drink.

Zhang Zian was convinced yet again to never attempt to try to take advantage of her.

She was really thirsty, and drank half the bowl in one breath. Her tongue agilely licked clean the remaining water on her mouth and beard, and left a note of pretentiousness, ’’This water is not bad.’’

F*ck! A ten-dollar bottle of water in exchange for this mediocre review! Why don't you go up into the sky! [2]

Zhang Zian had only two expert dishes, scrambled eggs and ramen. Today, he had to take on the challenge of grilling fish. To buy ready-made grilled fish from the grilled-fish store was, of course, convenient. But firstly, it can't be certain that the fish from those stores were indeed sanitary or not. Secondly, it was more expensive than the fish that one could make by oneself. Thirdly, there was too much salt in the seasoning of that type of grilled fish, and was not suitable for cats to eat.


[1] A Chinese saying that means to go through thick and thin.

[2] Chinese slang that impolitely suggests one to be modest.


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