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Pet King - Chapter 54


When the two dogs fought each other, they both suffered!

Zhang Zian wiped the blood off his mouth and said lightly, "Well, let’s stop here. For you, I strongly recommend a Schnauzer. A mini Schnauzer is small and suitable for the indoors. The amount of exercise indoors is enough for him. Samoya requires frequent cleaning;otherwise, the entirety of Samoya’s white fur turns gray. In addition, Samoya needs good training or it could create a disturbance when it doesn’t listen. Dog training can be quite challenging for a first-time pet owner though. Also, considering that you have a roommate, it would be wiser to get a Schnauzer so it is less likely your roommate would get sick of the dog and do something to it."

With tears coming down his face, the Great Chieftain of Thunder Bluff said, "Thank you so much for saving my life!"

"Well, a Schnauzer eats less, considering that you don’t really have a job yet." Zhang Zian thought he was being tactful.

The Great Chieftain of Thunder Bluff was speechless.

Zhang Zian said, "Large dogs can be very expensive. I would say at least five or six hundred a month, even more expensive than a large damn single."

The Great Chieftain of Thunder Bluff replied, "There we go again! Back to the same topic. Did you fill up the HP? Furthermore, how do you spend your time, huh?"

Ignoring the attack, Zhang Zian said, "Schnauzer it is. A Samoya’s hair can drive you crazy. Even though a Schnauzer also loses hair, it’s a much smaller dog. The only premise is that your roommate should agree that you can have a dog."

The most troublesome thing about having a pet when renting with another person is that you never know whether your roommate is really in agreement or just too shy to say no.

The Great Chieftain of Thunder Bluff responded, "Yes, I know. I know. I am positive that I can overcome all the difficulties. My roommate is not opposed to having a pet. My job hunt is also getting somewhere. My biggest concern now is that between the two, which one is more popular among girls?"

Zhang Zian pulled a long face, "Wank every now and then, young man. Daydreaming is not good for you."

Holy sh*t! This guy was witty. A great way to get a girl!

I must talk him out of it. I could not let such a fine young man fall into a wrong path!

The Great Chieftain of Thunder Bluff raised his hand, "Manager, you may shut up now. I did not ask for your opinion nor do I think you know the answer."

That’s right! Why would a fresh college graduate, a damn single, rush to get a pet, a dog in particular?

Very simple. It is common sense that you need to walk your dog. After getting a dog, he would walk the dog every day near his apartment. He might be able to meet a girl who was also walking a dog. They could chat about dogs. Furthermore, he could use the dog as an excuse to get the girl’s WeChat ID. In the second half of the year, he then could gradually deepen the relationship and ultimately stop being single. He could go home with the girl for New Year’s.

It would be too strange to walk a cat, of course.

That must be plan A.

Plan B would be to post pictures on Weibo or WeChat to attract attention. Many girls like cute pets. Some might even reach out to him for further discussions about pets.

Perfect plans!

Of course, all wishes are beautiful, but whether wishes come true? That’s another story.

"Snowy, which one do you prefer?" the Great Chieftain of Thunder Bluff turned his head and asked Jiang Qianxue.

With a Persian cat in her arms, Jiang Qianxue giggled while looking at them. The broadcast room was lively. She normally had to think really hard to start some conversations but this time, it couldn’t have been easier.

The question caught her off guard. She looked at the Samoya and the Schnauzer and said, "Umm, they are both very cute…"

The Great Chieftain of Thunder Bluff simply wouldn’t stop. "If it was up to you, which one would you take?"

The audience was irritated. This kid was way out of line. How dare he tease Snowy right in front of us!? This brat looked harmless but he sure knew how to pick up girls!

"Why do you ask her? Take whatever you want!"

"Listen to the manager!"

"Take one and get out of here!"

The audience was sensationally halted!

Jiang Qianxue recalled Zhang Zian 's words and said, "If it was for me, I would like something easy. Girls spend more time in other stuff. I would pick the Schnauzer."

The Great Chieftain of Thunder Bluff agreed immediately. "I’ll get the Schnauzer."

The audience was again mad. "What? Damn it!"

The Schnauzer cheered, "Manager is magnificent!"

Samoya cried, "End of friendship!"

As virus of damn single attacked Zhang Zian, he reluctantly processed the sale for the Great Chieftain of Thunder Bluff. The more reluctant he was, the more confident Great Chieftain of Thunder Bluff became for his plan. After all procedures were completed, the Great Chieftain of Thunder Bluff said goodbye to Snowy and left the pet store in Zhang Zian's whispered curse.

After a while, the person who reserved an American shorthair cat came to pick it up. He first expressed gratitude to Snowy, and then very happily paid the money. This person had a cat at home already, so he left without buying more stuff.

In the blink of an eye, Snowy was the only one left. As for Wang Qian and Li Kun, they could be ignored.

Jiang Qiaoxue felt that it was almost time to end the show, so she spoke on the cellphone, "It is about time to end today’s live show. If you like my live show, please follow my show, the Snowy Live Studio."

The audience began to act up when they heard Snowy’s closing lines.

"No, no! Please don’t go, Miss Snowy!"

"A bit longer, Snowy!"

"When is the next show? I have to set an alarm!"

"Snowy, you have to wear the cat ears next time! Otherwise I will lay down on the floor!"

Zhang Zian came up and asked embarrassedly, "May I have a few words?"

Jiang Qianxue pointed the cellphone at him, "Go ahead."

He cleared his voice, "This is an advertisement. Our store sells pets and accessories. We also provide bathing services for cats. If you are interested, please bring your cat here. It would be a whole new experience."

"Wow, manager, why do you look so horny? You won’t do anything bad to our cats when you bathe them, will you?"

Jiang Qianxue pointed the camera back at her and laughed, "The cats here are excellent. The advertisement was great. You guys should definitely give it a try."

Her right hand remained holding the cellphone while her left hand moved from behind her body to her chest. She then bowed elegantly in the camera.

"Thank you for everyone’s support! Regarding the time and content for our next live show…it is undecided at this point. Please follow me on Weibo and WeChat!"

"See you next time!"

She ended the live show, turned around, and saw the manager trying to imitate her pose, but not so well. She giggled. "Mr. Manager, don’t hurt your back!"

Zhang Zian stood up, all embarrassed. "Umm, I practiced gymnastics before. I am just getting old."

Samoya was the only one left in the store, "Excuse me?"

Gymnastics!? Are you referring to the morning exercise at school?

Zhang Zian gave him a hard look and said to Jiang Qianxue, "Are you taking the pet accessories with you now? You may leave your address and phone number. I can mail them to you. There are a lot of heavy items. The shipping costs should be paid by the recipient."

Jiang Qianxue hesitated, "Well, I can leave my address and phone number but you’ll have to keep it confidential."

Zhang Zian felt amazed. Nowadays, even camgirls acted like celebrities. "We do not disclose our customers’ personal information. If you are worried, you may keep them here and have a friend pick them up at a later time."

Jiang Qianxue was wealthy. She also had large audiences. But when it came to trustworthy friends…there might not be as many as she had wished.


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