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Pet King - Chapter 52


Boss Afei's jacket had become a tank top, and his pants were down at his ankles. As his posture was strangely funny, a lot of pedestrians tried to get closer and take pictures with their phones.

Boss Afei was so confused, having no time to think but wanting to escape without delay. He rushed to pull up his pants, desperately running for the side of the road. He used his body to stop an oncoming taxi. Regardless of the driver's dismay, he opened the taxi door to dive in, and then urged the driver to take off! The driver did not understand what happened, but still started the car. Then, in a moment, the taxi disappeared around the corner of the street.

"F*ck, how could he run away?"

"How come nobody chased him?"

"He should be caught and turned over to the police!"

"I am not sure whether I should say or not..."

"Just say what you want to say!"

"I know this person. He was the owner of Xin Miao Auto Repair Shop in the west part of the city. If I remembered correctly, his last name was Liu ...I brought my car there for repair once..."

[ID: Future Online Games] posted.

"Now we can find him easily at his shop!"

"You dared to take your car for repair at his shop?"

"It really was just a car repair, nothing else ..."

"I have recorded the scene, and had just uploaded the video to my blog named ‘Cat Thief At A Pet Shop’. You are welcome to forward it to your network!" [ID: Jinhua Qiying] posted.

The almost-stolen Persian cat landed on the ground as Boss Afei’s jacket was cut in half, looking left and right, and tried to find the way back. After it went back to the pet shop with its unique meow sounds, it sat down at Jiang Qianxue’s feet with big yawns.

Zhang Zian shrugged to the crowd. "I told you that my cats would never run away."

From the beginning to the end, he never left the couch.

"Wow, it was amazing!"

"The manager rocked!"

The audience for Jiang Qianxue’s online live broadcast hit over 6000, and she was getting a variety of online donations constantly.

At that time, Wang Qian and Li Kun couldn’t wait to give their complements to Zhang Zian, "My master is the best in the world. He will live long and control the whole universe!"

Zhang Zian ignored the two silly boys’ words.

Jiang Qianxue spoke up, "Mr. Manager, I want to buy this Persian cat, and I will pay the deposit for the American Shorthair for someone else." She squatted down, scratching the cat’s back. The Persian cat clawed her hand with its forepaws, comfortably exposing its belly.

She did not care how much this cat cost, but only whether it was well behaved or not. She and her father worked a lot, and it would be nice for her mom to have a cute little cat as a companion because she was a full-time housewife. Despite everything that she had just experienced, the cat was neither making strange sounds nor panicking, but was very gentle and calm. She knew that her mother and the cat would get along with each other!

After watching the American Shorthair being sold, the young couple seemed to panic. Fried Mushroom had transferred some money to Outman’s Alipay account;She finally decided to pick up the English Shorthair and said, "Mr. Manager, I want this one."

When seeing the customers ready to pay, Zhang Zian could not continue to sit on the recliner. He jumped up and took out his cell phone. "Alipay money transfer or cash? Do you need something else too, like cat food, a litter box, cat tree, cat scratcher, cat carrier, a shovel, etc.? Do you have plans for travelling abroad soon with the cat? Do you need a suitcase?"

The profit for these cat accessories were almost 100%, some were even higher!

The audience online suddenly became silent.

"Wow, where is your coolness, Mr. Manager?"

"Don’t you feel tired!"

If Zhang Zian saw those posts, he would have said to those posters that a salesman should be considered a loser if he loses opportunities to sell!

Fried Mushroom and Outman discussed this for a while and finally decided to get the package: cat, litter box, and a bag of cat food. They would buy other things online, as the prices would be more affordable. But on the other hand, Jiang Qianxue bought everything Zhang Zian recommended, whether it was useful or not.

There were a lot of people online rewarding her for getting some cat food.

"How come this store doesn’t sell any cat ears or cat tails, but only cat bells?"

"Yes, it can’t be called a pet shop without having cat ears and cat tails."

Zhang Zian thought, " You’re blaming me? Does your family pet shop sell cat ears?"

"Miss Jiang, next time, host a live show with the Persian cat wearing cat ears, cat tail, and cat bells. That will definitely attract a bigger audience!"

Two cats were sold just like that: after the money was transferred through Alipay, Zhang Zian handed the invoices and sales contracts to Fried Mushroom and Jiang Qianxue.

While the three were completing the transactions, Outman couldn’t wait and clapped her hands three times and snapped her fingers once, but the British short did not respond, wagging its tail confusedly.

"Mr. Manager, What is going on?" Outman almost burst into tears, as this wasn’t a cheap cat. Did she get fooled?

Fried Mushrooms, still holding the invoice and other paperwork, was also shocked by what he saw. He gave Zhang Zian a suspicious look.

Zhang Zian said to Jiang Qianxue, who was watching the whole thing, "Please, you try."

Jiang Qianxue gave Great Chieftain Thunder Bluff her cell phone and asked him to continue the live broadcast. Then she did exactly what Zhang Zian did before, but the Persian cat did not respond.

Some in the audience started making sarcastic remarks.

Although faced with more and more questioning looks, only Wang Qian and Li Kun still had respect and confidence in Zhang Zian. Zhang Zian said to Jiang Qianxue with a smile, "Let me try."

He first clapped his hands three times. The Persian cat's attention suddenly concentrated on him, even the people around could tell that the lazy cat looked completely different. Then he stretched out his arm, and watched by the Persian cat, he patted Jiang Qianxue’s left shoulder.

"Okay, try again," he said.

Jiang Qianxue then clapped her hands three times. The Persian cat no longer stared at Zhang Zian, but changed its stare to Jiang Qianxue.

She snapped her fingers with a low sound, not brittle, but the Persian cat immediately began to go around the ground in a figure eight, back to the starting place, squatting there and waiting for the next instructions.

Jiang Qianxue was surprised and delighted. She clapped her hands twice, and the Persian cat suddenly became softer and less militant, once again gaining its lazy look, softly resting on her feet.

"Master! Is this the so-called transferring of master identify?" Wang Qian and Li Kun exclaimed.

Zhang Zian did not expect the first reactions to be from these two fools. He was not sure whether they were stupid or smart..or maybe two dummies together became smarter?

The audience suddenly felt as if they were waking up from a dream and cheered.

"Wow, this really caught me off guard..."

"Hey, someone is doing some cool stuff here! Totally wild!"


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