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Pet King - Chapter 48


Chapter 48: Tuhao[1] Versus Hillbilly

Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Tennesh

’’Excuse me, a small anchorwoman without much fame.’’ Jiang Qianxue nodded her head in regards.

The man immediately felt at ease. ’’There are anchorpeople everywhere these years. Internet users are as many as dogs. How many can become famous? Oh, my forum ID is 'Boss Afei'. Oh right, how much money can you make a month as an anchorwoman?’’

Jiang Qianxue laughed. ’’Not much, barely enough.’’

Boss Afei sneered and measured up Jiang Qianxue with his eyes. ’’I can tell that you don't make much by looking at the way you're dressed. You have to dress less if you're an anchorwoman, do you understand what I mean? You have to show off your chest and butt. Tell me what platform you're at in a moment, and I will give you a reward.’’

Great Chieftain of Thunder Bluff was very dissatisfied with Boss Afei's attitude, but he noticed that his counterpart intentionally or unintentionally exposed a superior watch, so he quietly swallowed his words.

Jiang Qianxue smiled radiantly. ’’Then I will give my thanks in advance.’’

’’Good talk.’’ Boss Afei took out a cigarette, lit it, and casually sucked in a mouthful.

The remaining people were a young couple. The girl's looks were average but delicate and timid. She clung closely to her boyfriend's side, and her boyfriend was carefully caring for her. Seeing how they were ordinary yet happy, Jiang Qianxue remembered the blind date on the weekend that her father had forcefully planned and couldn't help but feel low-spirited.

’’My forum ID is 'Fried Mushroom'.’’ The boy shyly introduced the two of them. ’’This is my girlfriend, her forum ID is 'Outman'.’’

Jiang Qianxue also introduced herself. ’’My forum ID is 'Qianmo', and I am also a small anchorwoman. In a moment when we go to the pet shop, do you guys mind if I include you guys in the shoot?’’

Fried Mushroom shrugged. ’’I do not care.’’ He then whispered to his girlfriend, ’’What about you?’’

Outman hesitated and said, ’’I'm okay...’’

It was apparent that she felt unpleasant knowing that she wasn't as pretty as Jiang Qianxue, but she had no idea that Jiang Qianxue was a little envious that she had such a considerate and caring boyfriend.

’’I don't mind! When I watched your broadcast, I had thought that, if I met you on the streets one day, I would definitely take a picture with you! If you shoot me in it, that would be so great!’’ Great Chieftain of Thunder Bluff said excitedly.

Boss Afei spat. ’’Whatever is fine... I will treat you to eat in a moment, you can choose wherever!’’

Jiang Qianxue smiled. ’’Let's talk later about the things that come later.’’

She looked around and said, ’’Is it just the few of us? How about we leave now?’’

In fact, on the registration on the forum, there were a full twenty people in a group, but in the end, only five came. The majority had decided last minute that they would not come.

The others had no objections.

Jiang Qianxue opened her phone to start the live broadcast. She seemed to change into a different person when facing the camera;her intonation enhanced and her tone became lively and cheerful, such that even the viewers on the other side of the internet were influenced by her happiness.

’’Hi, everyone! I am Little Xue, welcome to my live broadcast room! My slogan is 'Eating, Drinking, and Having Fun in Binhai!'’’

Since the live broadcast had just begun, there were only two or three hundred people in the live broadcast room, but the number was increasing rapidly.

’’Little Sister Snowy, I've finally waited on you! Where are you going today?’’

’’Snowy-chan, I went to the water bar that you recommended with my boyfriend yesterday, and we really liked the White Russian there!’’ Hemu Xuanlin sent out ten pieces of five-kernel mooncakes and left a comment. It was the equivalent of fifty yuan, but it still had to be split in half by the live-broadcast platform.

’’F*ck! Stuffed with another bite of dog food again.’’ Xiyu Zhi LM sent out a big freshwater crab, the equivalent of one hundred yuan.

’’In fact, today's live-broadcast content is really related to dog food! But the specifics are temporarily a secret. Everyone will find out in a while!’’

’’Damn! No way! Did Snowy find a boyfriend, so now she wants to feed us dog food personally?’’

’’I choose death!’’

Jiang Qianxue pointed to the four people beside her. ’’These people are my partners for today. Yes, especially this person, he is also one of my fans.’’

Great Chieftain of Thunder Bluff had also started the live broadcast software.

’’Hi everyone! I'm at the scene!’’ Great Chieftain of Thunder Bluff sent out five big freshwater crabs and left a comment. He waved toward Jiang Qianxue's camera lens. Five hundred yuan! Wallet-Kun expressed some fleshly pain. This was the most expensive gift he had ever given out in all of his live-broadcast watching.

’’Kill him?’’

’’Where should we bury him?’’

’’Don't bury him, feed him to the dogs.’’

Great Chieftain of Thunder Bluff felt the dense malice.

’’Small case, reward for you.’’ Boss Afei sent out a bear paw and left a comment. It was the equivalent of one thousand yuan. After he sent it, he waved his phone toward the camera lens.

’’There's a tuhao?’’

’’It seems to be an overnight millionaire.’’

’’If gifting one thousand yuan means Tuhao, then Tuhao is too worthless.’’ Binhai Tuzhu sent out two bear paws and commented.

’’Wow, a real tuhao is here!’’

’’Not tuhao, it's tuzhu[2]!’’ Binhai TuZhu replied.

’’Tuhao is being modest again!’’

The user Binhai Tuzhu was very mysterious, seemed to be Snowy's iron fan, and would always show up at every live broadcast. This person didn't talk for the most part, but if someone gave Snowy a high reward, he would definitely use a higher amount of money to suppress it. He only added a little bit each time, as if tempting the other party to follow up. Once the other party really did follow up, he would suppress it again, until the other party gave up.

Jiang Qianxue heedlessly smiled. ’’Snowy thanks everyone for their gifts.’’

’’Snowy-Chan reckons to be the person most indifferent toward gifts on this platform,’’ Dugu Qiu Nue Li commented and then gifted out a big freshwater crab.

’’I think so too.’’ Citywang commented, gifting ten pieces of five-kernel mooncake.

Boss Afei did not normally watch live broadcasts at all and didn't understand the consumption capability of the audience. He chose the most expensive gift on the platform and sent it out, with the original thought of being able to cause a startled praise and fascinate this lass. He did not think that she would not even mention his name, only grouping him in with ’’everyone.’’ Even his limelight was suppressed by Binhai Tuzhu.

’’Small case, catch this,’’ Boss Afei commented, gifting out three bear paws three thousand yuan.

’’Continue,’’ Binhai Tuzhu commented, gifting out five bear paws.

’’...’’ Boss Afei was speechless.

’’Hate is starting, hurry up and watch!’’

’’Don't be frightened if you're a real tuhao!’’

Since it was morning, the super anchorpeople and big national anchorpeople were still sleeping. The continuous stream of banners caused even more people to enter the live broadcast room. There were more than three thousand people already, and the number was still growing.

Boss Afei adjusted the number of bear paws to ten, but he couldn't bear to click. This was one million yuan!

At this time, Jiang Qianxue said, ’’Okay! We have already arrived at the destination for this live broadcast! Everyone please take a look! Isn't it related to dog food? Snowy never lies to anyone!’’

The camera lens fixed right on the shop's sign: Amazing Fate Pet Shop.

’’F*ck! It really is related to dog food!’’

’’I surrender to this!’’

’’There won't be any weird animals in the store, right? Lizards or snakes and stuff...’’

’’Don't say anymore! I get goosebumps the moment I see crawly creatures!’’

Jiang Qianxue patted her chest. ’’Everyone, don't be scared! If something happens, Snowy will go first!’’

’’Gift to cute-faced Snowy!’’ Sanfu commented, gifting ten pieces of five-kernel mooncake.

’’Money to buy dog food,’’ commented Wu Nv Lin, gifting a big freshwater crab.

Boss Afei hastily cancelled his gift when no one was paying attention, just in case he accidentally pressed the button...

At the other end of the city, in the chief executive office in the headquarters building of Jiang's group...

’’Chief Jiang, all the customers have arrived,’’ assistant Li Wen reminded him.

’’Oh? Oh... okay, you go and greet first. I will go over immediately.’’ Father Jiang quickly hit the ’’home’’ button, and the phone screen switched to the main page in a flash.

’’A hillbilly, and he still wants to be 'a toad wishing to eat swan meat'[3]!’’ His face was very gloomy.

He didn't think that he had done anything wrong. As a father, his duty was to drive those real tuhaos and fake tuhaos on the internet away from his daughter, similar to flies, so as to avoid having his inexperienced-in-life daughter be carelessly fooled.

Binhai Tuzhu left the live broadcast room.


[1] Nouveau riche

[2] A poor man

[3] A Chinese saying that describes a situation where or someone that one craves for something one was not worthy of.


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