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Pet King - Chapter 478


Chapter 478: Let the Girl Go

When Famous first came to the pet shop, it was told that Old Time Tea was a good fighter, but hadn't got the chance to witness it firsthand. After seeing how Old Time Tea was rushing, it thought it'd have the chance to see it today.


Famous knew Old Time Tea was skilled enough to beat the leader of the gang as well as the other two brothers. But, on second thought, Old Time Tea wasn't elfin yet, it was just a Dragon Li that happened to know Kung Fu.


Famous didn't know the whole story.

Foshan was a place famous for its military art. It didn't matter if they were children or senior citizens, all kinds of people knew something about Kung Fu. Plenty of Kung Fu masters were hiding in the crowds, so even though they were robbers, they had learned Kung Fu professionally. They probably saw competitions all the time so that they could steal the skills. Plus, they were all strong men with knives, they weren't like the seven Rainbow Fighters who broke into the pet shop.

One of the brothers seized an opportunity to wave his knife to frighten Old Time Tea and saved his big brother.

Old Time Tea saw the knife moving towards it and knew it had to protect itself, so it ran and landed in a stone.

The big brother was nervous, but he forgot about the pain in his eyes and, holding the knife in one hand, screamed, "Brothers, let's chop this stupid cat into pieces!"

Famous could tell that something wasn't right. It didn't know how Old Time Tea had originally saved this lady. Maybe it Old Time Tea arrived earlier and didn't have to face these three robbers head-to-head, or maybe Old Time Tea took the girl to safety. Now, since Famous was involved, the events of the memory changed and Old Time Tea was at a disadvantage fighting them all at once.

After sizing up the fight, Famous decided to save the girl first. Old Time Tea might not win the fight, but it could run.

The lady was frightened and caught up in Old Time Tea fighting with three robbers, and forgot to run away. She kept staring at them until Famous bit her sleeve and dragged her aside.

She was scared all over again, thinking it was a wolf that bit her. Just when she was about to scream, Famous put one of its front paws on her hand and shook its head, telling her to stay quiet.

She was smart. Through the moonlight, she saw Famous's friendly expression, knew it wasn't a wolf and calmed down. When she realized it was the perfect time to run away and she had stayed to watch them fight, she wanted to slap herself.

She knew she twisted her left ankle when she was running because it ached when she moved, but she pulled herself up and ignored the pain while she looked around carefully. When she was running from the robbers, she ran here without knowing where she was going. She forgot which way she came through so she didn't know where to go.  

Famous smelled the ground and found the way she came from. It ran forwards before turning around, telling her to follow. Every step she took was painful, so she walked slowly.

Old Time Tea was dodging their knives when it saw Famous lead the girl away. Now that the lady was safe, it planned to take these men in another direction.


The third brother seemed to be the smartest, or maybe he was just horniest because he didn't forget about the lady. When he turned turned around and saw that the lady was gone, he anxiously shouted, "Brothers, the chick ran!"


When the eldest brother heard, he cursed, waved his knife and shouted, "She hurt her feet, she can't get far. Run and get her back!"


They gave up fighting. Old Time Tea and went after the young lady. Old Time Tea would have to chase after them again.


Not to their surprise, they caught up to the young lady quickly. The second brother grabbed the lady with his left hand. "Stop running! You want to run away? It won't be that easy!"


The young lady screamed, not expecting her enemies to catch up to her so soon. There was no way to hide.

"Let the girl go!" Famous shouted out loud. Using what it had learned from Red Dragon and Prince, it jumped and bit the waist of the second brother.


"Ah!" The second brother's left side of his waist was bleeding. He swung his knife at Famous' neck.

Danger! Famous could see himself getting stabbed, so it opened its mouth and turned around. The knife didn't hurt it, instead it fell to the floor, sparkling.

The young lady had felt hopeful, now she was in danger again. The forest was to dark, she was so worried that she'd fal.

Old Time Tea caught up to them and made eye-contact with Famous, knowing they couldn't run away this time. The only choice they had was to fight back. Side by Side, they stood next to each other, ready to fight back.

The eldest and second brother were hurt, and since they believed in the supernatural, they thought these two animals were ghosts from the tombs, come to kill them.

Time was passing, the sun started rising from the east. These thieves couldn't do anything during the day, so they so they had to hurry up. They shouted at the same time, and the injured eldest and second brother waved their knives and rushed Old Time Tea, while the third one was in charge of Famous.


Old Time Tea was a flexible cat;it always found a way to fight back.


Famous had never fought before. Even though the third brother was its only enemy, it had trouble dealing with him. It could defend itself, but didn't know how to fight back. It hesitated and missed its opportunity to hurt him. After some time, the third brother gained courage and grew stronger at fighting.

In the forest before dawn, one cat and one dog was fighting a group of robbers, and it was a tie.

The third brother was smart, he waved his knife and backed Famous into a corner between rocks. Famous' danger radar could only predict danger a few seconds prior, so it was in a dilemma before it could realize.

"You are not going to escape this time!" the third brother yelled, raising his knife.

It was only then that Famous realized how much danger it was in. They were blocked by the stones and surrounded by enemies. It could try to escape, but their knives were too close. It remembered Zhang Zian's words, "The danger radar wasn't perfect. If you were about to die, the radar wouldn't be able to save you."

Famous gave up and closed its eyes, waiting for death. It wasn't afraid of death, it just regretted that it couldn't save the girl.

When Old Time Tea saw this, it got nervous. It had only known Famous for a little while, but it was intrigued by its stories from the future. It wanted to hear more about the pet shop and the future world, and the kind of man Zhang of man Zhang Zian was. Old Time Tea wanted to save Famous, but it was trapped by the two brothers.

The eldest and second brother threw their fists and knew that once the third brother was done with the dog, they would be deal with the cat together.


Whooosh! Suddenly, a gunshot echoed throughout the forest.


"Over there! She is over there!" There were a bunch of people at the end of the forest with hoes, sticks, knives and spears. The man in front was holding a revolver, with smoke coming out of it.

The young lady turned around and burst into tears, shouting, "Dad! Dad! I'm here!"  

The third brother's body trembled, suddenly losing all its strength. His chest felt warm, so he touched it and realized he was bleeding. He screamed, threw the steel knife away and fell to the ground.

Apparently, the young lady was from a rich family. When her father found out that her guard had been killed and she was missing, he called a group of people to searching for her immediately.

The eldest and second brother knew that their youngest brother was dying. They were outnumbered, by people who were armed;running was their only choice if they didn't want to die.


The second brother supported his big brother's shoulder and tried to sneak into the forest to hide, but his ankle hurt. He turned around and there was that Dragon Li, followed by the wolfhound. With the dog here, they knew there was no way out.

In the blink of an eye, the group had surrounded them.


The middle aged man holding the revolver shouted, "Surrender, or I will kill you."


"We surrender! We surrender!"


Bang! Bang! The knives dropped.


"Get them!" the middle aged man shouted and his mob rushed to tie up the bandits.


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