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Pet King - Chapter 46


Chapter 46: Don't Say I Didn't Warn You

Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Tennesh

’’Good morning, Mr. Manager!’’ A very sweet greeting came from the second guest of the day.

’’Good morning.’’ Zhang Zian raised his hand. ’’High five!’’

’’Yeah, high five!’’

She was not a customer but the schoolgirl who often visited the little hamster.

Zhang Zian realized that he had never asked her name. ’’What is your name?’’

’’My name is Cai Xiaoqin!’’ she answered. Today was a normal school day. She carried the same backpack, and her face was flushed from running.

’’Should I call you 'Little Celery'[1]?’’

Cai Xiaoqin was surprised and stared at him. ’’How did you know my nickname?’’

’’I guessed,’’ Zhang Zian said with a grin.

’’Wow.’’ Cai Xiaoqin's mouth was wide open.

’’Little Celery, can I ask you a question?’’ Zhang Zian was looking at her two braids.


’’It seems that the position of your left-side braid is always fixed, but the position of your right braid changes every day, gradually moving down and cycling around once per week?’’ He had long noticed that her short braids were very interesting. Every week the positions of the braids would move symmetrically, like the clock pointers starting at ten o'clock and two o'clock, but by Friday it changed to ten o'clock and four o'clock.

’’Yes, my mother made them for me! Mr. Manager, you are so smart. Even my classmates never notice them!’’ She held her two little braids and gave a bright smile. It was not enjoyable to look at her smile, as she was during the stage of changing teeth.

’’I am going inside now!’’ She flew into the store, then exclaimed, ’’Mr. Manager, the cats all ran out of the cages!’’

’’That's okay;I let them out,’’ said Zhang Zian calmly.

’’Are they going to run away?’’ Little Celery's eyes were wide open.

’’Of course not, because I am so charming!’’ He imitated the TV shampoo ads and shook his hair handsomely.

’’Amazing!’’ Little Celery gave Zhang Zian an admiring look.

Zhang Zian was trying to continue bragging, but he accidentally noticed Fina's despising gaze, as if it was asking him not to do that in front of the little girl!

He turned and whistled, pretending not to see it.

Little Celery and the small hamster played for a while. She fed it a few pistachios and whispered to it secretly, then said goodbye to Zhang Zian.

Today didn't seem to be a good day, as the third guest didn't look like a customer either.

A young man wearing a strange combination of a long coat and a baseball hat that was pushed very low walked into the store.

Zhang Zian remembered him;he had come into the store two days ago. Why did he come again today?

’’Boss, aren't you afraid of those pets running away?’’ the man asked in a voice that was low for his age, pointing to the playful kittens. His face above the bridge of his nose was hidden in the shadow of the baseball cap.

’’I'll catch them if that happens.’’ Zhang Zian was still acting very calm. He had to answer in a normal way to a man of his age.

’’Why are you creating trouble for yourself?’’ the man asked, puzzled.

’’Because, according to my observations, these kittens have a calcium deficiency. Letting them out in the sun and doing some exercise will help with their calcium levels,’’ Zhang Zian said.

The man was stunned after hearing Zhang Zian's answer. ’’You can evaluate the cats' calcium levels? These cats are so active. There is no way they have calcium deficiency! Your words make no sense to me at all! Why didn't you release the dogs too?’’ The man pointed to the Samoyed and the Schnauzer.

The two puppies saw someone trying to fight for their justice and immediately whined, agreeing.

’’Because they have enough calcium.’’

The man choked.

The Samoyed and the Schnauzer were confused, as if asking each other what calcium was. If that meant girlfriends, they were missing a lot of them.

The man shook his head, indicating that he could not communicate with this strange owner.

Zhang Zian seemed like it did not bother him at all, since the man didn't appear willing to buy anything here.

Suddenly, the man noticed Fina, and his eyes, hidden in the shadow of his hat, seemed to light up.

He walked two steps further and wanted to get a closer look at Fina, while Galaxy had long been hiding.

Fina narrowed its eyes, looking like the king of beasts on the prairie, waiting for the little rabbit to near.

’’That...’’ Zhang Zian said behind him, ’’You'd better not get closer, otherwise I do not know what will happen... Don't say I didn't warn you!’’

The man sneered, ’’'Don't say I didn't warn you!' Do you consider yourself to be the spokesman for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs?’’

’’Come on, cutie pie, let me take a look at you...’’ The man crouched down and stretched out his hand, wanting to hold on to Fina's chin and see the shape of her head.

Zhang Zian didn't want to look at them anymore, as it seemed like a man was trying to flirt with a lady on the street. But the man had not yet realized that this lady was a tough one to handle.

The man seemed to know how to deal with cats. He stretched his hand out half way, then he saw Fina's two ears were up like the wings on an aircraft.

The man was shocked that this cat's attack was coming at him unexpectedly. He withdrew his hand hurriedly.

Late! Too late! His action was far slower than the cat. Even when he had just begun to withdraw his hand, a golden stream had already swept away.

Three parallel big holes were torn in the man's coat, from his right shoulder to his left ribs, exposing a high-end shirt inside.

Zhang Zian deeply inhaled cold air and was secretly shocked by the fact that these sharp claws could cut anyone open if they wanted to!

’’Thump, thump, thump!’’ The man took three steps back, and his face turned pale like white paper. His neck was covered in cold sweat, and he wasn't sure what had just happened.

Looking back at Fina, it was still calm, as if it hadn't moved at all. As it gently moved its claws, a piece of the man's coat slipped quietly from its claws...

Now Zhang Zian had to admit that this cat was too special!

He coughed with some guilt. ’’Don't say I didn't warn you... Anyway, I will not reimburse you for your clothes!’’

Zhang Zian had noticed that the man's coat was very expensive. Even if he could afford to pay him back, he didn't want to do that.

The man casually took off his coat and said to Zhang Zian, with one hand pointing at Fina, ’’I want to buy this cat.’’

Zhang Zian warned him again, ’’I had to advise you to leave quickly as the cat was staring at your butt. I don't think walking away half naked sounds good to you? Plus, I will not let you borrow my pants...’’

The man obviously didn't know that Fina could understand his words, which made it angry...

In Fina's view, how dare such a man actually think he could buy it? Could he afford it?

The man quickly turned around and noticed that Fina's green eyes had narrowed down to a crack, staring coldly at his butt where the meat was, and more...

The man suddenly felt threatened, hurriedly covering his butt and backing out from Fina's attacking range.

No joke! This cat was simply called the law of the world, and no one should disrespect it at any time!

[1] The name of ’’Xiaoqin’’ could be translated into English as ’’Little Celery’’. ’’Xiao’’--Little, or small. ’’Qin’’-Celery


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