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Pet King - Chapter 41


Wang Qian and Li Kun were college students at Binhai University, and they were currently in their junior year. Their parents were also very familiar with each other, and they were almost betrothed when they were still in the womb. Even their names had already been chosen as "Qian" and "Kun." Their parents only gave up on the thought of them getting married after they got ultrasounds at the hospital. The two grew up together. They went to elementary school, middle school, and high school together, and afterwards, they both got into Binhai University. They studied the same major and were assigned to the same dormitory. It could be said that they had been good friends forever.

College. Everyone who had been to it knew that, after getting through freshman and sophomore year, it became more relaxed in junior year, when professional classes began. The two were studying liberal arts and did not need to do any experiments, so they were even more relaxed. When they had nothing to do, they would chat online or socialize with other students in their dormitory. The two were called the Bumping King and Bumping Sage of the Wang Haige forum. They started to chat online in high school and continued all the way until college. Wang Qian had been registered for five years and made 76,000 posts. His good friend Li Kun had also been registered for five years, and the registration dates were the same. He had made 81,000 posts.

Wang Qian and Li Kun’s main battlefield was the chat zone. Basically, they could leave their footprints in every post. From the latest election to Sri Lanka’s travel trap, no matter if they understood or not, or whether or not they’d been, they would always find the right angle to cut into it to mingle. If no one paid them any attention, then they’d let it pass by, but once someone used their post to express an objection, they would reply to that person with one post after another and defeat that person.

Student dormitories definitely did not allow pets, because the dormitory control aunt would enter into a violent invincible AOE mode. Wang Qian and Li Kun also did not have pets, but both of their families had raised a Nulla Luctus Felis and a Pekingese dog at home. As such, they would sometimes look around the pet area of Wang Haige—or actually, it should be said that there were no areas in the forum that they did not visit.

The two were well aware of everything that happened on the forum—all the affairs and gossip. The brawl on the internet that was caused by the person with the ID of "Qi Qi" continued to heat up, and Wang Qian and Li Kun also joined in. This was not the proper way to say it—it should be said that they were agitated.

But their attitude in the beginning was on the Stars’ side, because there was no solid evidence for the question that "Qi Qi" had originally called out. "Qi Qi" mentioned that those few ID’s registration times were very close, and would always appear in the same type of posts, and thus it was an internet water army. This made Wang Qian and Li Kun refuse to comply. "Based on what? Our ID’s registration times are the same, and our post replying habits are also the same, so we are an internet water army?" There had to be a battle to the death!

The two were very famous on the forum. Although they only knew how to brag, they each had several hundred followers. The two led the opposition, and their followers also posted one after another. It could be said that before the Stars internet water army appeared in the post, it was the two of them vigorously turning the tide in the brawl with "Qi Qi." They believed that "Qi Qi" was the Amazing Fate Pet Shop’s water army. However, by Saturday evening, the circumstances reversed, and an intriguing plot appeared. "Qi Qi" took out critical evidence and publicized the IP addresses and real addresses that corresponded with the few water army IDs.

The two became silent, as did their followers, and a number of followers stopped following them. The two were self-proclaimed envoys of justice. If they continued to support Stars, wouldn’t they become accessories to a tyrant’s crimes? They closed the web page and collectively opened League of Legends and played a game, but they couldn’t stop worrying.

Wang Qian gave a glance and Li Kun acknowledged it. The two left from the front and back and went into the corridor to smoke. Wang Qian lit his cigarette and helped Li Kun light his as well. Li Kun inhaled a deep breath, held it in his lungs for thirty seconds, and expelled a long white smoke. Li Kun happily exclaimed, "F*ck! Arrow-like expiration! Did I succeed in cultivating immorality?"

Wang Qian coughed from choking. "Bullsh*t! You f*cking read too many cultivating immortality novels!" Of course, Li Kun did not cultivate immortality. He had only wanted to enliven the atmosphere. Now that his goal was achieved, he would stop being purposely foolish.

"What about it?" he asked. Being good friends among good friends, there was no need to say all the words. Li Kun even thought that, in a few years, there would be no need to talk between the two of them. "Let’s go take a look tomorrow," Wang Qian said dryly.

"Okay, tomorrow is Sunday, and it just so happens there’s no class tomorrow," Li Kun replied.

"You say it as if you’d go to class if there was…"

Such short and comfortable conversations like this had gone on for many years between the two, and they would continue…

The next morning, they went to eat "breakfast" at the cafeteria with the first wave of customers, then left the campus and headed straight to the address of the Amazing Fate Pet Shop. The ID "Qi Qi" had boasted that the pets at that shop were particularly good, that they were good and obedient. The two scoffed at this type of diction. You really think people have never raised pets? How much of a difference could there be between pets of the same type? Could it be out of this world? Obedience was nonsense. It was true that dogs could be obedient after being trained, but cats were always eccentrically independent;the sky was the boss, and the cat was second in command. Cats didn’t listen to anyone;it would be preposterous if a cat obeyed.

The two were not willing to admit defeat, so they intended to find another approach. "It was true that those IDs were the Stars’ water army, so if us two can prove that "Qi Qi" was the Amazing Fate Pet Shop’s water army, could it possibly become a tie and save face?" It was indeed witty! How could they not let everyone know about such a witty action? When they walked near the Amazing Fate Pet Shop, Wang Qian made a post on the forum from his phone, "Live Post: The risk of death to reveal the truth about the Amazing Fate Pet Shop!" And it was posted into their base zone—the chat zone!

"Why did the nine year old cat die on the street?"

"Why did hundreds of female donkeys scream in the middle of the night?"

"Why did the pet store’s dog food frequently suffer in the hands of bad people?"

"Why did the fish tank’s heater get stolen?"

"Just who is the person behind the QJ female pig case?"

"The old parrot’s cage was struck every night, was it a person or a ghost?"

"What was hidden behind the death of the hundreds of female dogs? Was it the distortion of human nature or moral decay behind all of this? Or was it the outbreak of se*, or the helplessness of hunger and thirst?"

"Welcome to the legendary Amazing Fate Pet Shop!"

Such a gimmicky title and content immediately ignited the chat zone!

Of course, if they had not played League of Legends last night and had immediately rushed here before Fina showed up, they probably would have succeeded. In the words of a friend from a foreign country, the two were in the wrong place at the wrong time.


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