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Pet King - Chapter 38


Chapter 38: Shining Little Stones

Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Tennesh

Galaxy seemed to only be afraid of humans, not other creatures. It was not terrified to see the huge-phony Maneki-Neko at all.

Galaxy talked happily with the Maneki-Neko, ’’Meow! Come and play hide and seek? It's fun!’’

Maneki-Neko had probably evaluated Galaxy's power level already and stood up straight. ’’It is a pleasure to meet you, venerable opponent! I am Fina Paris XIII, the guardian of the Kingdom of Eternity! Please wait a moment if you want to challenge me!’’

’’What! This cat looks up to Galaxy but not me? The tones were so different.’’ Zhang Zian was very depressed.

Maneki-Neko walked around Galaxy and approached the glass door.

’’Meow?’’ Galaxy got confused and looked at Zhang Zian. Zhang Zian shrugged his shoulders and made a face.

Through the glass door, Maneki-Neko gazed at the comings and goings of pedestrians and vehicles.

Although the appearance was different, and they had very different personalities, but at this moment, the back of the Maneki-Neko was very similar to Galaxy, as both were lonely and proud, leaving Zhang Zian with the same loneliness across time and space.

After a long time, it slowly paced back with a very sad look, as if something seemed to be gone forever. Zhang Zian noticed its lacrimal gland was secreting lots of tears, which made its eyes crystal clear.

The navigation elf had said that this Maneki-Neko was real and had existed in history. It was subjected to people's beliefs and became a mythical creature. The navigation elf probably wasn't lying. However, Zhang Zian could not imagine any cat in history could act at this level. It was for sure that it was not a cat from Chinese history. A Chinese cat wouldn't have a name such as ’’Fina Paris XIII.’’

Zhang Zian wondered, but saw an incredible sight from the corner of his eyes.

The Persian cat, brimming with spirit, was sprawling in the display case, facing Maneki-Neko, just like it was worshipping the emperor!

The other cats, no matter if they were British Shorthairs, Siamese cats, or American Shorthairs, all had the same posture, as if they were were worshipping Maneki-Neko!

Maneki-Neko ignored them as if it took their worship for granted.

Zhang Zian opened the lid of the display case with his mouth wide open, gently striking Maneki-Neko. A slight shudder was coming from the back of Maneki-Neko;it was shivering! The other cats were shaking too.

’’Wait a minute. What is happening? Why are they so scared?’’ Zhang Zian didn't know whom he was asking, but he had to say something, otherwise he would be frightened to the point of trembling by this eerie sight.

Looking back at Galaxy, it was fine, without any affection or fear, just full of questions in its head.

The Samoyed and Schnauzer behaved normally, just looking at this glittering cat curiously.

A long, clear voice, coming from Maneki-Neko, called out, ’’Rise up.’’

The Persian cat stopped shaking and carefully changed from a prone posture to a sitting position, as did the others.

’’Oh, my gosh! This cat is weird!’’ Zhang Zian was too shocked to say anything.

Maneki-Neko sprang gracefully with its slim and athletic shape, as if walking on air, and fell on a chair prepared for customers, then looked up slightly at Zhang Zian.

’’I know it now. Time is overlapped,’’ it said.

Zhang Zian was relieved. ’’Great, this cat is arrogant but reasonable.’’

’’From now on, I appoint you as command manager, in charge of my daily life.’’


’’Should I change my name to Junior An?’’ thought Zhang Zian.

’’This is my mercy. Do you have any complaints?’’ it inquired with a raised eyebrow.

Zhang Zian heaved a sigh and forgot why he needed to argue with a cat.

’’No. But how should I address you?’’ he asked.

’’Your Majesty, of course!’’

’’No, change it.’’

Maneki-Neko was enraged, its golden hair surging like a wave. ’’Human, do not push too much!’’

Zhang Zian tried to please it. ’’Please listen to my explanation. What do you think of Galaxy?’’

It looked at Galaxy and hesitantly said, ’’It is a matching opponent.’’

Zhang Zian said, ’’But Galaxy and I are friends. Right, Galaxy?’’

Galaxy nodded. ’’Yes, friend. Zian is my friend!’’

Zhang Zian said, ’’See, Galaxy and I are friends, and both of you are on the same level, so that means you and I are on the same level. Isn't that right?’’

Maneki-Neko was confused, its eyes blinking a few times, and it looked at Galaxy, then at Zhang Zian. ’’So what?’’

’’Don't be a stranger if we are peers. You can call me Zhang Zian or Zian, either is fine. How about I call you Junior III instead of Fina Paris XIII...’’

Before he got the last word out, a glitter flashed by, and Maneki-Neko did its work quickly. Zhang Zian's shirt sleeves were ripped up!

’’How dare you!’’ Maneki-Neko snapped at him, ’’I am Fina Paris XIII, the guardian of the Kingdom of Eternity!’’

Zhang Zian was frightened and had to say, ’’I was joking. How about I call you Fina?’’

Maneki-Neko rolled its eyes, saying nothing. Even though it was still not satisfied with the name, it had probably accepted it.

Zhang Zian pitied his shirt, which he had bought last year and had cost him 99 dollars! But it was good then. He did not like the shirt that much since there was a color difference between the picture online and the shirt itself.

Maneki-Neko jumped off the chair, held its head up, and toured around the shop proudly. When it passed by the consumable area, it showed some curiosity toward the food which had some cute cat pictures. Only when it passed by the pet supplies area did it act like a real cat. It looked up at the cat climbing frame and touched the cat scratching post and cat rod with its claws. When it came back to the pet exhibiting area in the center of the shop, it walked by each display case, examining the pets inside.

’’Well, the current cat family seems to be growing.’’ It nodded with satisfaction.

Finishing the tour, it jumped back to the chair and talked to Zhang Zian, ’’How come you don't have those...’’ It raised its right front paw strikingly. ’’Those shiny little stones?’’

Zhang Zian froze. ’’Shiny little stones?’’

There was deep contempt inside Maneki-Neko's green eyes. It seemed like Maneki-Neko was bewailing his foolishness. ’’Shiny little stones that you can wear on your finger.’’

He thought for a moment and said, ’’Do you mean diamonds?’’

Maneki-Neko paused thoughtfully. ’’Diamonds? So they're called diamonds...’’

’’Correct,’’ Zhang Zian said. ’’A diamond inlaid on the ring is called a diamond ring. It can be worn on the finger.’’

It raised up its head and said, ’’No matter if it is a diamond or a diamond ring. I like shining things!’’

Its face was implying something.

Zhang Zian nodded. ’’I like them too, but I can't afford to buy them.’’

The contempt in Maneki-Neko's eyes couldn't be any greater. ’’To buy them? Why should I buy them? All the treasures in the world belong to me. Anything, as long as they become my favorite, they should be obediently lifted up to me with human hands!’’


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