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Pet King - Chapter 31


Liu Wenying picked up her daughter Yueyue, allowing Yueyue to take a closer look at the Siamese cat through the clear glass-built display cage.

"Yueyue, do you like this cat?"

Siamese cats were naturally attached to human beings. At this moment, it couldn’t wait to get through the ventilation hole and jump into its owner’s arms to cuddle.

The Siamese cat had a very tiny face with two big round eyes. It was already very adorable, and its small body brought out even more cuteness. Especially the Siamese cat’s mouth and nose, which had black fur that extended up its forehead and, after passing the eye sockets, spread out in three directions—up, left, and right—before fading out. It looked like a trident from a distance, which not only showed its cuteness but also how full of energy it was.

Liu Wenying was a bit concerned about whether or not Yueyue was going to like the Siamese cat, because Yueyue had favored Zhao Qi’s British Shorthair when they met at the entrance of the elevator, but as a matter of fact, she had slightly underestimated a child’s ability to change its mind. Yueyue was very excited and reached out toward the Siamese cat while screaming, "Kitty! Kitty!"

The ventilation hole was about five centimeters in diameter, conveniently positioned for a four- or five-year-old child’s finger to go through. Without waiting for Liu Wenying’s permission, Yueyue had already poke her tiny finger in there and occupied the edge of the ventilating hole. The cute little Siamese cat immediately rushed over.

Liu Wenying was about to scream before she saw the Siamese cat stick its tongue out and gently lick Yueyue’s finger. Yueyue chuckled continuously due to the tickling.

"Haha, tickles! Kitty!"

After seeing this, Liu Wenying made her decision without any hesitation. "I will take this cat!"

Although Zhang Zian seemed to be very calm, he was actually very glad. One reason was because he would make some money by selling the cat. The other one was that the Siamese cat finally found a real home and no longer needed to stay at the pet store, which was just a temporary shelter.

Now it was up to the Siamese cat to integrate itself into, and become a part of, its new family. Zhang Zian had full confidence in it, because he knew that the Siamese cat would try very hard to please its master. When Zhao Qi had selected the British Shorthair last time, it made the Siamese cat a little depressed, but it didn’t take long to cheer up again. With this great character, it would be welcomed no matter where it went.

On the other hand, the Samoyed was very anxious, observing that its neighbors were being selected and taken away. It jumped up and down impatiently. It couldn’t control that the customers wanted to have cats, and it was too late to become a cat anyway…

Liu Wenying also chose to pay by Alipay. Right away, Zhang Zian saw 4000 yuan was in his account already, at the same time, he was sad to see that, two hours earlier, the diamond ring had cost him 3888 yuan.

He went into the game’s pet bar, clicked the Maneki-Neko, and found that this golden cat was still enjoying playing with the shining diamond ring.

[Game Hint]: Pet Classification

[Known As]: Maneki-Neko

[Rarity]: Epic/Legend level

[Feature]: Who dares to make a sound before me upon the arrival of the spring?

[Origin]: Locked

[True Name]: Locked

"What a coincidence! I just got this Maneki-Neko. Did this cat help improve my financial status? No." Zhang Zian got rid of this thought right away, as the diamond ring was an actual expense, but the money earned by selling the Siamese cat needed to deduct the cost of the cat and other supplies, so obviously he hadn’t earned the money back yet.

Liu Wenying suddenly patted her head and said, "Oh, I almost forgot, Mr. Owner! My neighbor said that she also bought some pet supplies like cat food and body wash. Please get the same set for me, like what she got."

Zhang Zian would love to sell some of the pet supplies, since they could also bring good profits. These supplies not only brought convenience to the pet owner, but also made the pets feel comfortable. It was like killing two birds with one stone.

"Okay, no problem! But there are many items and they are pretty heavy. If it is not convenient for you to take them with you, would you like me to deliver them to you later?" he inquired.

"Sure!" Liu Wenying had full confidence in this young owner and responded without any hesitation.

"About the delivery cost…" Zhang Zian said.

"I understand, I have to pay for the delivery cost, right? My neighbor told me that the owner was very good, but he’s just too cheap…" Liu Wenying was too happy and accidently let those words slip out. She smiled awkwardly, realizing that those words were not very polite.

Zhang Zian originally felt appreciation towards Zhao Qi, as she had referred a customer, but now he was quite angry. He decided to text her on WeChat and request she pay the price for spreading rumors around. In addition to that, he would request interest.

As a matter of fact, he gave a diamond ring to a cat worth 3888 yuan. Was there anyone out there that could be more generous than him? The more he thought about the ring, the guiltier he felt.

He took out the Siamese cat from the display cage, put it into the bag, and passed it over to Liu Wenying.

"Your cat, please handle it carefully."

Yueyue lent a hand and said, "Yueyue can help mommy carry the cat!"

Liu Wenying happily kissed Yueyue on her cheek. "Yueyue is such a good girl, but it is heavy! Let mommy carry it!"

"And that one too…" She gestured a rectangular shape in the air and asked, "My neighbor had a paper that had guidelines for a new cat owner…"

Zhang Zian walked to the register, took out a sheet from the printed guidebook, and marked note seven with an important sign. He took it along with the sale contract and handed them over to her.

"Little kids have weaker immune systems. As she is constantly in contact with the cat, you might want to pay attention to epidemic prevention and pest control. Pest control can be internal and external. Internal pest control depends on the age of the pet, the weight, and its overall health, and the medication is deliberately measured. Being a new cat owner, if you are not certain about first-time pest control, you can go to the pet clinic to learn how to do it.

He thought for a moment and decided to do Sun Xiaomeng a favor. "Around the north corner of this street, there is a Spirit Curing Pet Clinic, which is owned by someone I know. She is a very skilled and conscientious vet. The price is reasonable as well. I would recommend you take your cat there regularly for checkups." He was satisfied with his recommendation and thought it might be worth a few breakfast buns from her!

Liu Wenying listened tentatively, nodding and trying to memorize what he said. She also asked to connect with Zhang Zian via WeChat so she could occasionally ask for advice. At this moment, she just remembered that Deng Jie had also come to get a cat, but now she bought the only cat. Liu Wenying felt bad for her. "Look what I did…"

Deng Jie waived her hand and responded, "No problem, I am not in a rush. It doesn’t matter to me if it is earlier or later, so don’t worry about me. You’d better go home now;your kid seems to be a little tired."

"I feel really sorry. Thank you for your understanding. I am leaving now." Liu Wenying was not going to continuously apologize, since she sensed that Deng Jie was very straightforward. She also exchanged WeChat IDs with Deng Jie and planned to keep in touch in the future. After that, she left with one hand holding Yueyue and the other holding the cat bag.

"So, what would you like to have?" Zhang Zian asked Deng Jie.


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