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Peerless Martial God - Chapter 972


Chapter 972

Chapter 972: Deadly Lights

A cultivator of the six Tian Qi layer had died in a flash!

Then, Lin Feng recalled his desolate Qi back into his bestial consciousness.

Lin Feng had two third eyes now. When Lin Feng opened his third human eye to release his godly awareness, his opponent didn't think that Lin Feng could have a bestial third eye as well. Therefore, he didn't have time to react.

After killing that person, Lin Feng's silhouette flickered. The other bodyguard was already fighting the young woman who had broken through to the third Tian Qi layer. Her clothes were already torn apart and her shoulders were visible.

’’Eh?’’ That person turned his head. When he saw that Lin Feng hadn't died, he frowned. What was going on?

’’Where is my friend?’’ that person released his godly awareness and looked around, but only Lin Feng was left.

’’No need to look for him. He's dead.’’ said Lin Feng smiling indifferently.

’’He's dead?’’ the bodyguard was surprised. ’’You killed him?’’

’’As far as I know, there's nobody else on the island.’’ said Lin Feng with a resplendent smile. His body was surrounded by bestial Qi. The enemy looked perplexed. His friend was dead? His friend had died from a cultivator of the second Tian Qi layer?

’’It looks like I made a mistake. You're hiding your real cultivation level, right?’’ said that person after remaining silent for a few seconds. Lin Feng was smiling, after all, he had used incredible powers to allow people get onto the pirates' boat. Now, he had killed his friend of the sixth Tian Qi layer. Therefore, Lin Feng could only be hiding his real cultivation level. He couldn't possibly be of the second Tian Qi layer.

The young woman actually thought the same as well.

’’Help me kill him.’’ said the girl to Lin Feng.

’’Shut the hell up!’’ shouted the bodyguard furiously. He then looked at Lin Feng and smiled, ’’Your Excellency, you don't know who that girl is. She is from the northern part of Ba Huang Province. She belongs to one of the biggest imperial clans, the Yang Shi clan. They are very powerful and have a very strong blood. If you have se* with her, you can make your own blood become much stronger. If you agree, you can go ahead first, what do you think?’’

Lin Feng looked at the girl. She was so beautiful. Her skin was silky white. She was very se*y and she definitely had a strong blood. Any man would be aroused by looking at her.

Lin Feng had seen how the captain of the purple jade ship respected her, therefore, he knew that she had a very high social status. Her clan probably had very strong Zun cultivators.

The girl looked at Lin Feng, she seemed scared. The situation looked really bad for her, if Lin Feng didn't care, she would have no way to stop those two men.

’’Help me.’’ said the girl sounding fragile. She was begging Lin Feng.

’’Your Excellency, you are very talented, if your blood becomes stronger on top of it, you will become unstoppable.’’ added the bodyguard.

’’I have to admit that you convinced me.’’ said Lin Feng with a resplendent smile slowly walking towards the girl.

She was suddenly petrified as she looked at Lin Feng with hatred.

’’Your Excellency, you're very smart. Such a beautiful and rich girl, you will enjoy it.’’ said the bodyguard with an evil smile looking at Lin Feng slowly walking towards her.

Very quickly, Lin Feng arrived in front of the young woman. She grinded her teeth and looked at Lin Feng, she was disgusted.

Snowflakes appeared in the air.

’’Such a beautiful girl, you first... you're dreaming!’’ shouted a voice furiously. Energies emerged behind Lin Feng.

’’Boom boom!’’ However, that strength didn't reach Lin Feng. It was as if Lin Feng wasn't there.

However, at the same time, Lin Feng had already released his own incredible energies.

’’Die.’’ said Lin Feng punching the air in his enemy's direction.

He didn't realize that Lin Feng would act so fast, like lightning.

The enemy was propelled backwards. He thought about the fact that Lin Feng could attack him before so had taken a step back just in case.


He looked at Lin Feng, surprised. Moving back was useless, it even seemed like he wasn't moving at all.

’’Piss off!’’ The snowy tunnel was shaking violently now as the enemy raised his hands.

The Qi hadn't disappeared yet when a gigantic mountain appeared and started falling on top of him.

That mountain contained the strength of the Earth and sky. That cultivator of the sixth Tian Qi layer could barely breathe.

He continued running backwards but it wasn't working. He was in an illusion. The mountain crashed onto his body as the entire illusion shook.

’’Bastard!’’ shouted the bodyguard.


’’Boom, boom boom!’’

Crackling sounds spread in the air, the bodyguard's bones were cracking.

’’Stop, Your Excellency, please stop!’’ shouted that person. However, Lin Feng ignored him and continued attacking.

’’Boom boom boom...’’

The Earth and sky were still shaking violently and so was the snowy tunnel. The bodyguard was already crawling on the ground.

The girl looked at Lin Feng as if he were a Zun cultivator, a god. His attacks were too powerful.

’’Stop...’’ begged the bodyguard. Lin Feng looked cold and detached. Why would he stop? That person attacked him by surprise. Lin Feng wouldn't let him off.

His Tian Xuan stone turned into a mountain and fell on him. Crevices appeared in the ground as blood splashed everywhere.

Lin Feng finally stopped attacking and his Tian Xuan stone disappeared. The enemy was dead, crushed, his organs had exploded everywhere.

’’Attacking me by surprise, eh?’’ said Lin Feng coldly. He turned around and walked towards the young woman. She still looked scared.

’’Let's go.’’ said Lin Feng gently stretching his hand towards the girl. She looked at him carefully and grabbed his hand.

Lin Feng shook his hand, a robe appeared and he put it on the woman. ’’You need to heal your wounds first.’’

The girl didn't look scared anymore. Lin Feng took her to a cave where the desolate Qi was weak and where it was better to recover.

’’Heal first.’’ said Lin Feng and then he left. He saw Qiong Qi outside looking at the broken boat.

’’What are you thinking?’’ asked Lin Feng, but Qiong Qi ignored him. After a long time, he looked at Lin Feng, smiled and said, ’’Little boy, you're lucky. That boat isn't completely broke, I can repair it.’’

Lin Feng was surprised.

’’You mean that...’’

’’What I mean is that we can leave the island!’’ Qiong Qi smiled. That little boy was quite lucky!


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