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Peerless Martial God - Chapter 91


’’You cannot leave.’’

Another voice spread throughout the air behind Lin Feng and Protector Bei. The Python Fish was spitting in and out a thick smoke. It suddenly opened its gigantic mouth and took a deep whistling breath which resonated in the atmosphere while releasing a strong Qi.

At the same time, a Legendary Roc spread its gigantic wings and flew towards Lin Feng and Protector Bei.

The strong Qi and the air currents in the atmosphere slowed Lin Feng and Protector Bei's escape. Lin Feng had the impression that his body was going to be swallowed by the beasts chasing him.

If Protector Bei wasn't firmly controlling the situation, Lin Feng would have already been eaten by The Python Fish.

The Legendary Roc was a Xuan level beast. It was extremely powerful. Only cultivators of the Xuan Qi layer could control them. A single breath could release an incredible amount of energy and Lin Feng, at that moment, would be unable to withstand even half of a breath.

’’Suppress them!’’

Teng Wu Shan was on the body of the Legendary Roc and was shouting. He took out some pitch-black chains and threw himself at Lin Feng while attempting a surprise attack.

’’Get lost!’’

A loud shout was heard. The pitch-black chains had been intercepted by someone and that person was the old woman.

’’Go! I will kill this evil animal!’’

The old woman's voice was calm but Protector Bei solemnly nodded. There were only two people who were strong enough to catch up with him: one of them was the old man carrying a huge sword and the other was Ten Wu Shan who was riding the Legendary Roc. These two people had both attempted to intercept him with their attacks.

The old man had been injured by Protector Kong so if they managed to kill the Legendary Roc, nobody would be able to catch up with Lin Feng.

Concerning what the old woman had said, Protector Bei had doubts and suspected she wouldn't have the power to kill the roc.

’’I still remember our agreement. Please remember to tell Liu Cang Lan, that little bastard, that I forgive him. As far as Wen Ren Yan and Liu Fei's wedding is concerned, let's forget about it, Lin Feng is suitable for this position.’’

The old woman said calmly. Protector Bei laughed but didn't reply.

’’Hmph, you are not allowed to brag until you have actually killed my legendary roc.’’

Teng Wu Shan said that while smiling coldly. He then made the pitch-black chains shake so much that the old woman almost lost balance. As she looked like she was about to fall, the legendary roc was ready to swallow her whole.

Xuan level beasts were extremely intelligent, thus when the old woman said that she wanted to kill it, she had earned the hatred from the beast.

’’An animal is animal!’’

The old woman shouted extremely loudly in a cold tone. Her long hair was floating in the air. Then, a viper shadow appeared behind her back. It then seemed like her entire body had transformed into a snake. Immediately after, she threw herself straight towards the open mouth of the legendary roc.

That's right. She didn't resist and instead she hurled herself straight into the mouth of the legendary roc. At that moment, she was inside its body.

When Lin Feng saw that, he was extremely moved.

’’Let's go.’’ Protector Bei said indifferently. They looked behind them one last time and flew away at the speed of light.

They only heard a tremendous roar fill the air from a distance away as they continued to move into the horizon. Lin Feng had already guessed what had happened to the legendary roc.

As far as the tensions between Lin Feng and Wen Ren Yan were concerned, Lin Feng didn't hate the old woman at all for having saved Wen Ren Yan. He could understand her and why she had saved her only student. The old woman didn't care about losing face to save her only disciples life.

In the Yun Hai Sect, she was a protector. She was also ready to sacrifice her life for the sect.

That old woman was really ugly and had terrible judge of character but was definitely worthy of respect.

At that moment, nobody was able to catch up with Protector Bei. The wings of his crane spirit were flashing through the air at the speed of light and in the blink of an eye, they had disappeared from the Stormy Gorge without a trace.

Protector Bei and Lin Feng finally escaped from the Yun Hai Sect alive but they didn't have any happy emotions from surviving the catastrophe. They knew that their lives had been saved because of all the blood that was flowing down the Stormy Gorge.

At the Precipice of the Abyss, there were only cliffs and precipices, nothing else. Apart from the passageway leading to these precipices, the only other possibility to access or leave the place was by flying there.

At that moment, the silhouette of a crane was flying towards the Precipice of Zhangu and was about to land by the square room filled with drums.

Lin Feng recognized this place, he was surprised. Actually, he even had doubts. Protector Bei hadn't brought him far away from the Yun Hai Sect, rather he had brought him to the precipice of Zhangu.

’’We're going down.’’

Protector Bei looked at the Precipice of Zhangu and immediately after they landed there. They were surrounded by a dense fog.

’’Do you remember this place?’’ asked Protector Bei to Lin Feng.

Lin Feng didn't really understand why the Protector Bei was asking him that but he nodded and said: ’’I remember this very well.’’

’’Yes, walking from passageway to passageway and precipice to precipice, you just end up here.’’

While talking, Protector Bei tapped a stone three times and suddenly a stone wall started moving and a door appeared.

These cliffs and precipices really constituted another world but also offered a scenery of exceptional charm.

’’Let's go inside.’’ said Protector Bei while bringing Lin Feng in. Then, the door closed itself making a loud slamming noise.

The place that they entered looked like a temple. It looked like an extremely temple within a palace. It was filled with an antique type of Qi.

In the middle of that temple, there was a painting of a dragon and a phoenix. There were a multitude of pillars as well which were supporting the walls of the ancient temple. On these pillars, there were a myriad of carvings representing different ferocious beasts. Surprisingly, Lin Feng had never seen many of these ferocious beasts. He was shocked that he did not know of the beasts on the carvings.

’’The Yun Hai Sect didn't build and established itself here for its physical features. It actually established itself here because they had discovered this temple.

Protector Bei's voice was resonating in the temple and he then continue to introduce the place to Lin Feng: ’’Extremely strong cultivators in the past must have regularly come here in the ancient times to practice cultivation. Of course, this place may have also been an ancient sect. Some of the most powerful and mysterious skills and techniques that you can find in the Xing Chen Pavilion were actually brought from here. Before we found these skills and techniques, the Xing Chen Pavilion didn't have that many extremely powerful skills. But because news spreads quickly and there are many people with bad intentions, this place is kept secret from everyone within the sect. Only protectors of the Yun Hai Sect know about this place. Even the Patriarch does not know that this temple exists.

Extremely strong cultivators of the ancient times came to practice here? Even the Patriarch didn't know that place?

Lin Feng was touched by the fact he had been told this secret. Surprisingly, only protectors of the sect were allowed to come here.

Lin Feng was observing the temple with all of his attention. It was imposing, gigantic and the Qi flowing in the air was extremely powerful. The temple was filled with all sorts of treasures, skills, techniques and weapons. Even though they were covered in dust, they were all very old and probably extremely powerful.

’’Lin Feng, come with me.’’

Protector Bei started walking and brought Lin Feng into the depths of the temple. A short instant later, they found themselves in front of the entrance of a small room. In the middle of that room, there was a brown wood carving. There was also a bookshelf in which there were many books. Even though they were covered with dust, they were perfectly arranged and sorted which meant that someone had tidied this place recently.

’’We're going to take all of the skills and techniques of the Xing Chen Pavilion. They are all handwritten copies. The lowest skills and techniques are of the Xuan level. The highest skills and techniques are of low quality Di level ones. There is an incredible amount of books but they are extremely hard to learn and many cannot be practised. Even the protectors found them difficult to learn. Practicing them even a little bit already enables us to carry out extremely powerful attacks. You can choose an appropriate skill for yourself to learn.’’

If Lin Feng had come to this place before, he would certainly have been overjoyed but at that moment, he couldn't express the slightest sign of happiness. All the events that had occurred were uninterruptedly appearing in his mind. He couldn't get rid of these horrible images.

’’Let's go and check another room.’’

Protector Bei wasn't done showing things to Lin Feng. He then brought him to another antique room.


The floor made of stone was diffusing an extremely old yet strong Qi which made Lin Feng feel shivers.

These weapons all had spirits.

These weapons had spirits, they were spiritual weapons.

’’You can call them weapons but it would be more precise to call them spiritual weapons.’’

Protector Bei, continued his explanations while sounding solemn: ’’Weapon is a word used to describe ordinary weapons but these weapons here have spirits. They are extremely powerful and unique.’’

Protector Bei walked towards an ancient sword and grabbed it. He then said to Lin Feng: ’’Give me the sword that you're carrying on your back.’’

Lin Feng slightly nodded and handed his long sword to Protector Bei.

Protector Bei didn't use any skill or technique but Lin Feng's long sword flew into the air towards Protector Bei and collided into the other sword.


An incredibly clear and melodious sound resonated in the room. A sword then moved straight into Lin Feng's hand. That sword was extremely sharp and looked beautiful and shiny.

’’All of these weapons are not ordinary weapons. They are all spiritual weapons... an ignorant man can quickly become a criminal... but treasuring a jade ring is also a crime. We have never let the weapons see the real world but from today, all of them will belong to you.’’

’’Belong to me?!’’ Lin Feng was astonished. Protector Bei was still there alive but he was giving everything to Lin Feng?!

’’Indeed, everything that is here now belongs to you.’’ stated Protector Bei solemnly while nodding. He then took a stone which was laying amongst all the weaons. It looked ordinary.

’’This is an ancient Na stone. It is empty inside. If you put a drop of blood on the top, the space which is inside that stone will open itself for you.’’

Protector Bei explained the things to Lin Feng while handing the stone over to him.

Lin Feng used his sword to cut the tip of his finger. He then let a drop of blood fall onto the stone. His blood was slowly flowing on the stone and then something strange happened.

The Na stone diffused a bright and dazzling light. Lin Feng's blood became extremely red and slowly started spreading through the stone.

At that moment, a wonderful sensation and emotion welled up in Lin Feng's heart. It was if Lin Feng and that stone had created an indescribable and unbreakable connection.

Lin Feng had the feeling that his entire consciousness had connected with the stone. Inside of that stone, there was an incredibly huge space which was full of items.

A strangely familiar smell invaded Lin Feng's nostrils which suddenly made him shiver.

’’Is it...?’’

Lin Feng's pupils were dilated and staring at Protector Bei.

’’You are right. This is Nan Gong Ling's Qi. When he was still alive, everything that belonged to him, everything that belonged to the sect was stored in that stone. Now, you are the owner of that stone.’’ declared Protector Bei solemnly. Then, he fixedly stared at Lin Feng and said: ’’Lin Feng, from today, you are the new Patriarch of the Yun Hai Sect.’’


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