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Peerless Martial God - Chapter 903


Chapter 903

Chapter 903: Panick Attack

’’Bzzz... Bzzz...’’ Inside the palace, people from Xue Yue were shaking as well. What kind of powers did the palace of their country have? It seemed like the world was going to collapse.

’’Mysterious marks, how's that possible!’’ the attackers were astonished. Xue Yue was an insignificant country, how could it have deadly mysterious marks?

’’Lin Feng!’’

’’Lin Feng...’’ The attackers were furious, but Lin Feng looked calm and detached. He was just observing the scene. ’’Zun cultivators or not, you're going to die.’’

In a flash, an infinity of deadly energies came out of the marks and horrible shrieks sounded. No one could see anything anymore because the atmosphere was completely distorted. There were many abstruse crystals buried in those marks, making the strength of the marks incredibly powerful. If Zun cultivators decided to use their own abstruse strength, the marks would absorb it immediately and would only strengthen the marks.

In a flash, the three cultivators died as their souls were torn apart. Before dying, one could see absolute fear on their face. Such talented cultivators... Everybody admired them. However, in a flash, they had wasted everything. They died trying to kill a cultivator of the first Tian Qi layer. All their dreams had vanished in the blink of an eye.

Apart from the three Zun cultivators who died, a myriad of Tian level cultivators who were with them also died. They weren't able to resist more than a few seconds. Their bodies were immediately torn apart.

The marks had twinkled for a few more seconds as a myriad more of cultivators died.

Those who stood farther away and hadn't died, but were seriously injured.

How had all those people died?

’’Shameless cheater.’’ said someone coldly. Who would have thought that there would be hidden traps in the palace of Xue Yue, deadly to the extent that even Zun cultivators couldn't resist.

’’People from three powerful empires came to my palace, a trivial country such as Xue Yue, three Zun cultivators and many Tian level cultivators... They all wanted to kill me, a cultivator of the first Tian Qi layer... And you dare say I am shameless?’’ said Lin Feng. If he hadn't thought of a solution, he would be the one dead now.

Those Tian level cultivators looked at the marks as they progressively disappeared. Maybe they could be used only once?

’’Die!’’ shouted someone furiously throwing themselves at Lin Feng. Lin Feng's silhouette flickered as he used his agility technique and appeared somewhere else. He was standing next to Yue Meng He, Lin Hai and the others.

’’Kill him. The strength disappeared!’’ shouted the enemies furiously.


’’Boom boom boom!

A terrifying strength appeared. However, it was immediately absorbed by the ground and they started shaking violently.

’’Slash, slash...’’ deadly energies spread through the air towards their direction. The attackers died one after the other and their bodies fell down from the air. It wasn't the same kind of strength as the one which had killed the Zun cultivators. Anyone who used pure Qi were killed by those lights.

In a flash, all those attackers died and their corpses fell to the ground. The remaining attackers were speechless and started shaking with fear even more.

So many people were dying so quickly. People from Xue Yue could easily hide in that palace, and they were safe. The attackers realized that using pure Qi in the palace was impossible, anyone who tried would die.

Lin Feng smiled. He slowly walked forwards and looked at the remaining attackers. There were five people left. In the blink of an eye, so many strong cultivators had died. Yan Di's marks were terrifying, making Lin Feng think that in the future, he should be nicer to him.

’’Even though he hates me, I don't think he wants to kill me.’’ thought Lin Feng. Otherwise, he could have easily plotted against him.

’’Dear sirs, do you still want to kill me?’’ said Lin Feng while smiling devilishly. He hadn't released an iota of Qi, Those five didn't know whether to to attack or not.

Hearing Lin Feng's mockery made them furious. They were glaring back at him.

’’It seems like you don't feel like arguing with me anymore.’’ said Lin Feng mockingly and smiling indifferently. Those five people were furious but couldn't do anything.

The Zun cultivators had died. Tian level cultivators who were stronger than them died as well. Shouldn't they run away?

Being in the palace of Xue Yue was way too dangerous. It seemed like nobody could kill Lin Feng once inside or even near it. How had Lin Feng obtained such powers?

’’You have no choice here, die!’’ shouted Lin Feng furiously. He used his Xiao Yao agility technique and punched a cultivator of the Tian Qi layer.


The others were astonished, Lin Feng actually possessed such strength?


One punch was enough to kill these cultivators. Lin Feng's enemy didn't even have the chance to counterattack.

The four others released their own pure Qi when they saw that, they were determined to remain extremely vigilant. Lin Feng smiled at them as if it was nothing.

’’Four more to go.’’ said Lin Feng while smiling like this was a sport. The four others looked terrified.

What could they do?

They thought that Lin Feng was just a piece of trash. Now, they thought that he was demoniac.

’’Lin Feng, wait till I go back to the sect and inform them, they will definitely kill you and everyone in this palace.’’ threatened one of the four while slowly inching back.

’’Destroy my palace? People from the East Sea Dragon Palace can all come here if they want, I will kill them all, and you are no exception!’’ shouted Lin Feng furiously. He released bestial Qi and that person abruptly turned around as several gigantic shadows came towards him. He stopped and released as much Qi as he could.

’’Slash.’’ a deadly light pierced through the atmosphere and cut through his body.

’’Three more.’’ said Lin Feng, still smiling.

The three remaining cultivators' hearts were pounding. They were terrified.

’’Kill him.’’ shouted Lin Feng furiously. The snow eagles flew towards one enemy. He released a lot of Qi but just as he was readying to mobilize that energy, sword intent pierced through his body and killed him.

’’Two people.’’ said Lin Feng smiling in a resplendent way. He was driving them crazy!


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