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Peerless Martial God - Chapter 887


Chapter 887


Chapter 887: Reconstruction

’’Let's go.’’ Lin Hai pushed Qiong Qi to continue moving, but it wouldn't obey. It remained in the air, motionless. It was groaning and looked like it was scared of something.

Lin Hai thought about how the fire wolf king was a Tian level beast, it made sense that Qiong Qi would be scared if the beast was there. He jumped up in the air and released his awareness. Even though Lin Hai had broken through to the Tian Qi layer for some time now, he hadn't been able to practice cultivation very much. He still only possessed the strength of the first Tian Qi layer. Considering that he didn't know how strong the fire wolf king was, he couldn't afford to act carelessly.

’’Roar!’’ Qiong Qi groaned again and retreated.

Lin Hai saw a light that possessed bestial Qi. It was extremely strong. Lin Hai frowned, apparently, it really was the fire wolf king.

Lin Hai released a punch which dashed to the skies. He was hoping to signal anyone strong nearby.

Lin Hai was not a fool, he immediately started running away. He had to wait for the snow eagles to come. Lin Hai didn't want to worry his son again, especially if that fire wolf king was brutal.

’’Roar!’’ Qiong Qi groaned and became terrified as a light surrounded it. But just as quickly, it became calm again. But now its eyes were twinkling with evil lights and looked extremely cruel. And then they looked normal again. Then Qiong Qi threw itself at a fire wolf in the distance and immediately destroyed it.

’’Roar!’’ A fire red light dashed to the skies. Lin Hai saw some beasts escape in front of him and behind him was a gigantic fire wolf chasing him. That beast was gigantic and its Qi was terrifying.

’’Let's go.’’ said Lin Hai to Qiong Qi. They didn't have time to hesitate.

Qiong Qi quickly turned around and followed Lin Hai. In the distance, the Earth and sky were emitting whistling sounds as the roc created whirlwinds with each flap of his wings. Lin Feng immediately sensed that Qiong Qi needed help so he was already rushing over there.

’’Roc.’’ Lin Feng jumped off the back of the roc and the Tian level roc threw hurricanes at the fire wolf king. The wind and flames collided as the Earth and sky seemed to be enraged. The roc and the fire wolf king had a similar strength.

Although it was a close tie, the fire wolf king sensed that it couldn't win so it wanted to leave. However, it couldn't escape because the snow eagles had arrived.

’’Roar...!’’ the fire wolf king roared. It came to that world but it didn't belong to him. It had follow Li Shang here and only now was he realizing his mistake.

’’Die.’’ said Lin Feng coldly. The snow eagles started flapping their wings with incredible strength, creating hurricanes with ice as sharp as blades. They were all directed at the fire wolf king.

’’Boom!’’ the fire wolf king released an incredible amount of fire which lit everything around him on fire. Surprisingly, the ice hurricanes were destroyed by the fire.

’’Bzzz!’’ terrifying sounds could be heard. The seven snow eagles were extremely fast and quickly arrived in front of the fire wolf king. Their wings turned into sharp blades as they threw themselves at the king. Their wings were dazzling as the fire was reflecting off them.

’’Slash!’’ the seven snow eagles' wings attacked the fire wolf king at the same time. It released fire but couldn't resist the attack this time. Its body was lacerated and flames were splashing around chaotically in the atmosphere.

The fire king turned into a fireball as it attempted to run away, but the Tian level roc's wings turned into golden swords and an explosion sounded.

Lin Feng used his Xiao Yao agility technique and pulled out a demon seal stone. As the fire dispersed, fire crystals appeared. Lin Feng stretched out his hand and a black fire appeared. He then destroyed the awareness contained in those fire crystals.

A gigantic fire crystal then appeared, it was dazzling and seemed to possess a fire beast inside. It was the fire wolf king's heart.

’’Finally, it died.’’ thought Lin Feng while breathing slowly. He took the heart and stashed it away.

Lin Feng arrived in front of Qiong Qi and glanced at him. Qiong Qi lowered its head and meowed.

Lin Feng looked at him for a while and then looked at his father, ’’Dad, let's go back.’’

’’Alright.’’ Lin Hai nodded and jumped onto Qiong Qi. They all went back to Yangzhou City.

The situation had calmed down but people in Xue Yue clearly understood how important strength really was. They were all motivated to practice cultivation now. They wished to make their king proud and even become as strong as him.

At the same time, Lin Feng ordered the Yun Hai Sect to go back to their former location in the Yun Hai mountain range. He even appointed a new patriarch. It was rumored that Lin Feng had given the Yun Hai Sect lots of extremely powerful skills and techniques, including Tian level ones.

Many young people traveled Xue Yue to the Yun Hai mountain range. They wanted to join the Yun Hai Sect. Everyone understood that Lin Feng was standing behind it, even though he wasn't the patriarch anymore. Each Lin Feng visited the Yun Hai Sect, it would have great a great impact on the sect and its disciples. With Lin Feng, the Yun Hai Sect could become the strongest sect in Xue Yue.

However, the Yun Hai Sect couldn't house everyone. With that in mind, King Lin Feng also created a few new sects and gave them techniques and skills. People admired him. In the past, the imperial family of Xue Yue wanted to control the entire country and held all the power. However, Lin Feng was different, everything he did was for the country.

But the people from Xue Yue didn't know that outside of the country, there was a great danger awaiting their king.


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