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Peerless Martial God - Chapter 880


Chapter 880

Chapter 880: Bestial Skill

Lin Feng had hope again. He was trying to use his intent and awareness to make that Qi move more.

However, it was very difficult. That Qi didn't completely obey him. No matter how he tried, it was too difficult.

But Lin Feng didn't give up. Besides, the middle-aged woman told him that it was possible to reach the other end of that path. Did she mean that he could only with that Qi?

Did the middle-aged woman know that Meng Qing had given him that Qi?

Lin Feng was thinking and trying to make it move at the same time. Meng Qing appeared in his thoughts which made him even more persistent. As long as he had hope, he couldn't give up.

Finally, the Qi started moving a little bit again. Some parts of his vitality started recovering. Some pure Qi, some Heruka strength... but they couldn't break through the ice. The amounts were still not enough. If he couldn't combine all his energies and strengths, it was all useless.

Lin Feng's vitality was progressively recovering. His pure Qi and his strength of the Heruka were also moving in a more fluent way. He was trying to mix them with that strange Qi in order to control it.

Lin Feng was progressively taking control over it. That Qi kept flowing and reaching all the corners of his body. His strength was coming back to normal. He didn't feel cold anymore, it was as if the ice had no effect on him anymore.

’’Bzzzzz. ’’

At that moment, a dazzling light surrounded Lin Feng's body. Some Qi emerged and turned into strength. Lin Feng was enveloped by a halo which contained some holy celestial Qi.

His long hair, his face, the lights around his body, everything about him seemed strange and perhaps a little bit bestial as well. Apart from human Qi, Lin Feng's Qi was also bestial. Was he turning into a beast?

Lin Feng took a step forwards and started running towards Meng Qing. At that moment, he was bathing in a bestial light. He used his Xiao Ya agility technique but the abstruse energy of the endless path still prevented him. It seems that speed wasn't necessary to get near Meng Qing.

Lin Feng looked at the middle-aged woman.

The middle-aged woman was observing Ling Long and noticed that Lin Feng's body was surrounded by Ling Long's holy celestial Qi. It was as if Lin Feng had changed and transformed into a handsome beast. With such an incredible Qi, any being looked beautiful, men, women... everyone. With such a Qi, a living creature would be surrounded by a beautiful light and looked like a deity.

Even human beings who possessed such a Qi looked beautiful, just like Lin Feng at that moment. As handsome as he was, many female animals would even be attracted by him.

’’Why are you still preventing me from approaching?’’ asked Lin Feng to the middle-aged woman. The road wasn't becoming normal so Lin Feng couldn't get near.

’’That Qi belongs to Xue Ling Long, it is the Qi of my snow fox ancestors. It can envelop anything and it contains abstruse energy. But the path is endless, it's not a normal space...’’ said the middle-aged woman slowly. Her voice resonated like drums in Lin Feng's brain.

Ling Long slowly closed his eyes and sensed the atmosphere. The holy celestial Qi was shining on the snow. Lin Feng was trying to fuze with the snow.

Meng Qing stopped running and looked at Lin Feng, then she looked at the middle-aged woman. There were no tears in her eyes anymore, she was even smiling.

’’Woo woo!’’ she groaned happily. She felt touched, even moved. She looked at her mother, she knew that her mother had transmitted a bestial skill to Lin Feng.

Her mother had initially never intended to make things difficult for Lin Feng, she just wanted Lin Feng to activate his bestial Qi. Of course, if Lin Feng's determination hadn't sufficed, it wouldn't have worked and he would have frozen to death.

Concerning the bestial skill, it was an extremely powerful skill which human beings couldn't practice, but because Lin Feng possessed bestial Qi, he could use it to practice such bestial skills. That Qi was going to help Lin Feng level up very quickly!

Finally, the middle-aged woman penetrated Lin Feng's brain and inspected his memories. She then looked at Ling Long and sighed. Since Lin Feng had learnt the skill, what else could she do to help Ling Long and Lin Feng? Lin Feng had already obtained Ling Long's Qi. Besides, Ling Long was ready to die out of love for Lin Feng. Her mother could only help them and help Lin Feng become stronger, that way he could protect her daughter.

Lin Feng was standing there. Everything seemed to look like an illusion. Surprisingly, everything turned into emptiness as the holy celestial Qi enveloped him. Snowflakes were floating around as Lin Feng suddenly disappeared as if he had never existed.

If other people had seen that, they would have been terrified. A living human had disappeared... and Lin Feng was only a Tian level cultivator.

’’That boy's power of understanding is not bad.’’ thought the middle-aged woman.

A short while after, Lin Feng slowly appeared again in that mysterious world. Then, he disappeared again. He could do that as he wished. After a few more times, Lin Feng stopped and studied the skill again.

He shook his hand and disappeared again, fusing with the void. Then, he appeared again all of a sudden, but this time somewhere else... next to Meng Qing. In a flash, he could go back and forth from the endless path.

’’Pfew...’’ Lin Feng took a deep breath and looked at the endless path. Around him was a vast and boundless snowy area, in front of him was... Meng Qing. He could stretch out his hand and touch her.

’’That snowy path was part of the void. I couldn't have walked inside no matter how much I tried.’’ thought Lin Feng. The endless path wasn't a physical location, it was emptiness made of abstruse energies. It was another world, a world of emptiness.

Such a strong abstruse energy made Lin Feng speechless. A moment before, the middle-aged woman had transmitted the bestial skill to him and it was related to that world of emptiness. Lin Feng had to use holy celestial Qi to control that space!


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