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Peerless Martial God - Chapter 865


Chapter 865

Chapter 865: Death God

The master was delighted when he saw Lin Feng, he started releasing some deadly energies.

’’It seems like you fancy your master, well, you will be together forever, buried six feet under!’’ said Master Jie Jie while smiling. He then started condensing gloomy Qi in his fist to attack her.

’’Stop!’’ shouted Lin Feng furiously. His voice was so loud that it made Master Jie Jie's eardrums shake. At the same time, Lin Feng used his Xiao Yao agility technique to run towards Yi Xue.

’’Where are you going!’’ many people appeared in front of Lin Feng and released terrifying energies. But at that moment, a sword Qi dashed to the skies and cut through those people. Their bodies then fell from the sky.

’’Boom!’’ a terrifying punch crashed onto Yi Xue's body and gloomy Qi penetrated her body. Yi Xue obviously couldn't stand it. The Qi flowed into her veins, her vital organs were hurt and her vitality was being drained away.

She was still looking at Lin Feng and smiling. Initially, she was a slave and she had never enjoyed the beauty of life. Later on, Lin Feng saved her from the auction market and people finally started respecting her.

Unfortunately, she would never be on Lin Feng's side again and she would never be able to take care of him ever again.

While her smile was still on her face, her body slowly fell down. She had turned into a limp body and didn't know what was happening anymore.

Lin Feng grabbed Yi Xue and condensed pure Qi around her body to protect her. A the same time, he took out a pill and shoved it into her mouth. He then tapped on her body to stimulate her body and hasten the pill's effect.

His silhouette flickered as he put Yi Xue on the back of the snow eagle. Then he turned around and looked at the two silhouettes on the gate.

’’Lin Feng, finally, you came to die.’’ said the people from Lie Yun and Tian Feng.

’’My son!’’ said Yue Meng He and Lin Hai while looking at Lin Feng. They looked proud of their son. ’’You didn't need to come... ’’

’’Dad, mom, those who tortured you are all going to die.’’ said Lin Feng looking furious. He then jumped forwards and released a monumental amount of deadly energies. The crowd felt oppressed as people from both countries were astonished as well. How could Lin Feng's energies be so powerful?

’’Slash!’’ an invisible sword appeared and pierced through someone's forehead, instantly killing them.

’’Eh?’’ the others were astonished and they looked terrified.

’’Slash, slash, slash!’’ terrifying swords were appearing and whistling. All those who were in front of Lin Feng were being stabbed in the forehead. They didn't even have time to see those swords.

The crowd who was outside of the imperial city felt oppressed by those energies. Lin Feng had become so strong. Lin Feng could easily kill those people in the blink of an eye and nobody could stop him.

Unfortunately, there were cultivators of the Tian Qi layer who had come from the two countries. Lin Feng was a genius but against them, his talent was useless.

’’Oh no...’’ People who were behind saw how strong Lin Feng was, so they grabbed his parents and put a blade on their throat. Initially, they wanted to save that if Lin Feng turned into a demon, they wouldn't have thought that they would need to do so, so early.

’’Lin Feng, stop!’’ shouted those two people furiously. Lin Feng stopped killing those in front of him and looked at those two coldly. However, he didn't continue attacking.

’’Die’’ Lin Feng knew one of them. It was the imperial tutor from Tian Feng who had to gone to Mi Cheng City.

’’I didn't think that you would get stronger again. You came here to die and I will help you achieve your goal.’’ said the imperial tutor, glancing at the corpses. He was surprised at how Lin Feng had killed more than a dozen cultivators of the eighth Xuan Qi layer. Those people were core disciples of the country of Tian Feng, but Lin Feng had easily slaughtered them.

’’I didn't kill you back then but now your people from Tian Feng will regret it, you will pay the price for your actions.’’ said Lin Feng coldly. His interlocutor just laughed, ’’Ridiculous, you can barely protect yourself and you're threatening us? Wait until the cultivators of the Tian Qi layer from Tian Feng arrive and you'll see.’’

’’Is that so?’’ said Lin Feng coldly. He then took a few more steps forward and got closer to the man.

’’Stop.’’ shouted someone. ’’One more step and your parents will die.’’ Master Jie Jie was surprised by Lin Feng's strength. He was much stronger than what he had believed him to be.

’’Who are you?’’ said Lin Feng while glancing at him.

’’Tian Sha Sect, the Gloomy Master.’’ said the young man. Lin Feng was a bit surprised, ’’Tian Sha Sect... is also participating... Seems like the situation is complex.’’

’’Lin Feng, you finished first at the Great Competition of Xue Yu, as expected, you are an extraordinary cultivator... but today you will die.’’ said the master while releasing ice-cold gloomy Qi.

’’I hate that kind of Qi the most, so you will have to die first.’’ said Lin Feng while running towards him using the Xiao Yao agility technique. He arrived in front of the gloomy master who wanted to escape but it was too late. Lin Feng immediately grabbed him by the throat.

’’Do you want your parents to die?’’ said the gloomy master when he saw that Lin Feng wanted to kill him. His heart was pounding, what a cold energy...

’’If I kill you, will they actually kill my parents?’’ said Lin Feng. Those two were relying on Lin Feng's parents to protect themselves.

’’I am a master of the Tian Sha Sect, try if you dare!’’ said the gloomy master when he sensed that Lin Feng's murderous intentions were quickly escalating. He was scared, he actually feared for his life.

’’The Tian Sha Sect is nothing before me. I killed people from East Sea Dragon Palace so if you want me to try, I will. I will not only kill you, everybody who came to Xue Yue will die!’’ said Lin Feng menacingly. He then raised the young master in the air and released an infinite amount of sword Qi towards the young master.

’’Don't! If you kill me, you will all die here too!’’ said the gloomy master. However, Lin Feng couldn't control himself anymore and his Qi continued on.

’’No!’’ shouted the gloomy master. He was terrified, petrified... However, he wouldn't be able to think any more after that because the sword Qi had already surrounded him and had started to pierce his skin. His entire body was being shredded, piece by piece.

Besides, the two who had taken Lin Feng's parents as hostages were shaking from head to foot, they looked desperate. Lin Feng said he would kill him and he did. Lin Feng was insane, like a death god, he didn't care about the consequences of killing other people.

The whole crowd was shaking in the distance, their hearts were pounding and they couldn't take their eyes off of what was happening. Looking at Lin Feng made them feel excited and full of vitality, their blood was almost boiling.

Lin Feng had turned into a death god that nobody could stop.

Those people had invaded Xue Yue and had humiliated his parents, he had to get his revenge and kill them!


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