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Peerless Martial God - Chapter 83


Lin Feng turned around and looked at the elite disciples once again.

’’Does another one of Wen Ren Yan's delegates wish to come onto the fighting stage and die in his place?’’

Nobody dared to reply, not even those who were above Tong Shou in the ranking list.

Tong Shou's knife was extremely powerful. Even if they wanted to win, they thought it wasn't worth the risk as they may lose their life in doing so. Once again, Lin Feng had used his sword to strike only once and Tong Shou' blood had been spilled.

What had scared them even more is that they didn't know if Lin Feng had really shown all his strength. He had only required a single strike which was not enough to measure his power. Each time he would increase the power depending on his opponent.

Tong Shou had been killed in a single strike. Exactly how much of his strength was still remaining hidden? He was always stronger than his opponent, how was that possible?

Everybody was staring at Wen Ren Yan as if they thought that Wen Ren Yan was the only one who could defeat Lin Feng.

’’Today's Elite Disciple Exam could almost be entitled ’’The Rise of Lin Feng’’’’

Some people in the crowd were smiling wryly as someone made that comment. The Elite Disciple Exam had gone completely off track. The original purpose was completely forgotten. There was only a single person at the center of their attention. They were focusing on that genius who was named Lin Feng.

Almost everybody without exception was intensely staring at Wen Ren Yan. Wen Ren Yan frowned as his face twisted with anger and he looked like a demon with hatred filling his eyes.

Lin Feng had been demonstrating extraordinary talent every time he fought. Each time, Lin Feng was surprising everybody even more. Therefore, at that moment, Wen Ren Yan had the feeling that he was being slapped in the face by every single person who was staring at him because he had kept humiliating Lin Feng over and over again calling him a nobody and a piece of trash. His own words had come back to humiliate him in front of the entire sect.

At that moment, no other elite disciple would dare to fight against Lin Feng. Only Wen Ren Yan could fight against Lin Feng. However at this point many people were scared that Wen Ren Yan had talked to big and was not Lin Feng's match.

Lin Feng was extremely strong and had hidden his power to such a great degree. He hadn't talked big and he had not lost face yet. How could anyone call him a nobody or a piece of trash?

’’Wen Ren Yan, are you not supposed to prove to everybody that I am a piece of trash and a nobody now? I think that's what you should do.’’ Shouted Lin Feng which broke the silence and echoed throughout the arena.

Lin Feng was also staring at Wen Ren Yan and quickly glanced at Han Man who had been injured by Wen Ren Yan. Lin Feng really wanted to kill Wen Ren Yan when he had found out about him injuring Han Man. He had built up a great deal of killing intent just thinking about it.

Wen Ren Yan had lied and said to everybody that Liu Fei was his girlfriend. Lin Feng, because Liu Fei had now said that she was his girlfriend, wanted to kill Wen Ren Yan even more. Because of Wen Ren Yan he was once again stuck with Liu Fei.

Wen Ren Yan was more arrogant than strong.

’’Since you are stronger than me, come and kill me, otherwise it means that I am stronger than you and you are just courting death.’’

Lin Feng was secretly had a cold smile in his heart. Wen Ren Yan and Mo Xie were the same. They had to die because of what they had done to him and his friends.

If Lin Feng didn't kill them, whenever they would have an opportunity to kill Lin Feng, they would do so without hesitation.

’’How ridiculous. How pathetic.’’

said Wen Ren Yan as he started walking towards the highest central stage of the Life and Death Arena.

In the blink of an eye, everybody's expression changed. They could not hold back their excitement. They couldn't wait to watch the battle of these two geniuses.

Wen Ren Yan was the top ranked elite disciple who could even fight with core disciples. He was ranked first from all the powerful elite disciples. Before Lin Feng appeared, Wen Ren Yan was considered as the junior disciple with the greatest future potential. He was considered as a treasured genius within the sect. Of course, his strength hadn't reached that of Ling Hu He Shan or Tu Fu.

The rise of Lin Feng seemed like it had started. Lin Feng was killing all the arrogant disciples because they had humiliated him or threatened him. The ordinary Elder Lu Yuan's cultivation would be crippled and he would be expelled from the sect because of Lin Feng. Lin Feng also wanted Mo Xie to be expelled from the sect.

These two disciples were considered as outstanding geniuses in the Yun Hai Sect. Who could dare criticize them?

’’You think that just because you defeated Lei Bo and Tong Shou, you can compete with me?’’

Wen Ren Yan said with his usual arrogant and aggressive tone and then added: ’’If I want to, I can crush you like a bug. You're just a nobody, an insect, in my eyes. I don't think it's worth fighting against you but you are insisting so much that I have no choice but to prove you how ridiculous your provocations are. How pitiful for you that you are so over confident.’’

’’I will use your death to prove to everyone that my abilities are endless.’’

He was arrogant, aggressive and thought he was the best cultivator in the world. However he was indeed strong and respected within the sect.

’’The only thing which is endless is your ability to talk shit.’’ Shouted Wen Ren Yan as he grew even more angry.

The more Wen Ren Yan heard Lin Feng talk, the even more hideous his face looked.


When the two disciples were both on the fighting stage, Nan Gong Ling started talking.

’’You are the geniuses of my Sect. The Yun Hai Sect will need you both in the future. You are the successors of those in charge of Yun Hai Sect. Please let's make this battle an educational one for yourselves and everybody who is present. There will certainly be a lot to learn from your battle. So please, this time, do not fight until the death.’’

Nan Gong Ling thought that Wen Ren Yan and Lin Feng were outstanding geniuses within the Yun Hai Sect. The Yun Hai Sect could be proud to have such disciples. If any of them died then it would be too much of a loss for the Yun Hai Sect.

Nan Gong Ling hoped that none of them would die or get severely injured, or to be more precise, he hoped Lin Feng wouldn't die or be injured.

That was because Nan Gong Ling perfectly knew how powerful Wen Ren Yan was. His strength was way too monstrous. Besides, Wen Ren Yan had a very rare spirit which was more powerful than an average spirit.

’’Patriarch, that piece of trash has been provoking me over and over again. How could I not hate him bitterly for that? This will be his grave.’’ Said Wen Ren Yan.

Nan Gong Ling was unable to convince Wen Ren Yan. Nan Ren Yan definitely wanted to kill Lin Feng. If he didn't, he wouldn't be able to prove everyone that he was the true genius of the Yun Hai Sect.

Lin Feng was just a nobody and could not be compared with the mighty Wen Ren Yan. This was Wen Ren Yan's current though process.

’’Lin Feng, please refrain from this fight.’’

Nan Gong Ling couldn't help but beg Lin Feng to not fight.

Lin Feng was slightly smiling and said, while looking at Nan Gong Ling: ’’It seems like the Patriarch still isn't convinced of my abilities, could it be that I have not shown you enough yet?’’

Nan Gong Ling smiled wryly and said while shaking his head: ’’Lin Feng, Wen Ren Yan has broken through to the third Ling Qi layer and has a Blue Bamboo Beast Spirit. Even though you are very strong, you still need more time before you are able to catch up with him.’’

Blue Bamboo? Blue Bamboo Beast Spirit?

Lin Feng eyes shrunk. In his memories, the blue bamboo beast spirit was a sort of snake who was small yet very venomous. It had blue eyes and was as fast as lighting. Besides, it was capable of dodging attacks very efficiently. Its power was horrifying and just the mention of it made many people cower in fear.

’’That's why his eyes look so hideous when he was angry. Sometimes, they look like they're blue. That comes from his beast spirit.’’

Lin Feng was thinking about Wen Ren Yan's hideous blue eyes. They really looked like that of a snake and made people feel very uncomfortable when looking at them.

But would Lin Feng lose only because Wen Ren Yan had a Blue Bamboo Beast Spirit?

’’Patriarch, don't impose restrictions on them. That little brat keeps humiliating my disciple over and over again, he must die. If he doesn't die then it would make me lose face. Do not put them under any restrictions in this fight.’’

At that moment, a cold and high pitched voice spread through the atmosphere. A woman was on the top of the gorge. She had called out as she was slowly descending into the gorge. Her body looked lithe and graceful. In the blink of an eye, she landed onto the viewing platform.

’’Who is she? Wen Ren Yan is her disciple?’’

The crowd was staring at the woman who had just appeared. She looked haggard and the little hair she had on her head was hanging loosely which gave people a gloomy impression. She looked like she had come straight out of a horror story.

Besides, she dared to talk to the Patriarch in such a way which meant that she certainly had a high status.

There were also a certain number disciples who recognized her. They wouldn't have expected her to intervene. Things were not looking good for Lin Feng with the arrival of this woman.


Even though Wen Ren Yan was normally extremely haughty and arrogant, he was acting very courteously in front of this woman. He was even more polite to her than to Nan Gong Ling.

’’Hm.’’ the woman slightly nodded while looking cold and detached. She glanced at Duan Tian Lang and then said to Nan Gong Ling: ’’Patriarch, we should not get involved in this issue, otherwise, that would make these two disciples lose face.’’

Nan Gong Ling was making a wry smile. He hadn't thought that this woman would appear there. It seemed like things were getting worse and worse.

’’Old woman, you come here and tell the Patriarch that he shouldn't get involved, but what are you doing yourself?’’

A silhouette which was high the air said as its wings created small whirlpools in the atmosphere.

’’Protector Bei.’’

Nan Gong Ling was even more surprised with each passing minute. The conflict between Wen Ren Yan and Lin Feng made two of the protectors get involved.

’’Lin Feng, what do you think?’’ said Protector Bei

’’I agree to a battle to the death.’’

Lin Feng had obviously understood what Protector Bei meant. If he said he didn't agree, Protector Bei would protect him. He had to fight in order to settle his grievance.

If Wen Ren Yan knew what even one of Lin Feng's spirits were then he would immediately refuse this battle and escape. Even if he was entirely convinced by his own strength, Lin Feng also had powerful spirits which were much stronger than his own. Lin Feng would not back down from this fight.

Protector Bei said: ’’If you really want to fight in a battle to death, this is your own decision and I will not intervene but you have to remember that you might regret it later.’’

’’No need to think about useless things.’’ Said Lin Feng who shook his head. He was already determined to kill Wen Ren Yan.

’’Ok.’’ Protector Bei felt gratified and was nodding, he then said: ’’Once you have won, I will help you have Mo Xie expelled from the sect.’’

When they heard what Protector Bei had said, the entire crowd was stupefied. Protector Bei was planning to help him expel Mo Xie from the sect? It looked like the old man of the Xing Chen Pavilion was an incredible figure within the sect. Who else could make such a promise to Lin Feng? He was also incredibly sure of Lin Feng's victory.

Mo Xie' face looked hideous and evil intentions filled his mind. If Lin Feng won this fight then Protector Bei would expel him from the sect, what a bastard!

Mo Xie hated Protector Bei so much at that moment. The difference between their statuses within the hierarchy was like heaven and earth, Protector Bei was even higher in status than his Mo Cang Lan. Mo Xie could only hope that Lin Feng would die in the upcoming battle.

’’Old woman, if Lin Feng is defeated, I will not get involved however if Lin Feng wins, will you get involved?’’

Protector Bei was looking at the woman as he asked his question.

’’Why would I do that? Besides, my disciple will not lose.’’

The old woman was looking at Protector Bei with eyes full of confidence in her disciple. Protector Bei was also very proud of Lin Feng and believed that this would be his victory.

Protector Bei nodded looking indifferent.

’’Since it's like that, you may now fight.’’ Said the old woman.

Nan Gong Ling was smiling wryly. Now that the old woman and Protector Bei had appeared, nobody was listening to him anymore.

So, after this battle, there would be only one genius disciple left?

Nan Gong Ling was extremely reluctant but what choice did he have?

Lin Feng and Wen Ren Yan's battle was inevitable.

Both of them were standing on the fighting stage of the Life and Death Arena. Wen Ren Yan was looking at Lin Feng and said: ’’I really don't understand why Protector Bei has any confidence in you. He surprisingly believes that you can defeat me. He will soon find out that he has overestimated your abilities.’’

’’In front of me, you are just a miserable insect. In front of me, people will think that your abilities are pathetic and miserable. I will prove to everyone that I am the only genius within the Yun Hai Sect.’’

When Wen Ren Yan finished talking, an evil Qi emerged from his body. From his back, a small snake appeared and floated behind him. Even though the snake was only a shadow, people had the impression that it was a real venomous snake. This was Wen Ren Yan's Blue Bamboo Beast Spirit.


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