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Peerless Martial God - Chapter 822


Chapter 822

Chapter 822: Killing Duan Wu Ya

After two days of running, Duan Wu Ya had already turned deathly pale. No matter what, he wasn't able to escape from Lin Feng.

Lin Feng wanted to kill him no matter what. They were both aware that only one of the two would survive after this ended.

Duan Wu Ya continued slapping his gourd with his hands to increase his speed. The holy marks on the gourd were dazzling and Duan Wu Ya had reached the Gan Yu region but unfortunately, his pure Qi couldn't power the gourd to its fullest anymore. Otherwise, he would have managed to escape. Duan Wu Ya's pure Qi reserves were already almost empty after two days.

’’At that speed, I need two more hours to reach the East Sea Dragon Palace and my pure Qi reserves can only last long enough for two more hours.’’ thought Duan Wu Ya trying to control his pure Qi. Unfortunately, he was slower now and the roc was inching forward closer and closer. Duan Wu Ya had no choice but to struggle for his life.

Lin Feng was, as before, standing on the roc's back and his entire body looked like a sword. It seemed that his condition hadn't changed during those two days. He didn't move, he wouldn't even close his eyes. Duan Wu Ya was feeling desperate when he looked back at Lin Feng. Nobody was able to influence Lin Feng at this juncture, Duan Wu Ya had to die for what he did in the past.

They had already reached the East Sea Empire. Duan Wu Ya was flying downwards hoping to draw people's attention. There were many people on the ground watching the two silhouettes but after sensing the Tian level roc's Qi, nobody wanted to interfere. The wind created by the roc's wings felt like razor blades on their bodies.

Duan Wu Ya couldn't shout Lin Feng's secret chaotically either because he had to focus on his safety and be extremely prudent. Talking would only distract him. Duan Wu Ya had achieved so much in this life, how could he die now? Someday, he would take control of the East Sea Dragon Palace and would become the ruler of the East Sea Empire.

The buildings of the floating island appeared in Duan Wu Ya's field of vision. The island was extremely vast. Duan Wu Ya suddenly felt hope again. He breathed deeply. He had used so much energy that he could barely breathe. He wanted to shout but he didn't possess the strength to shout.

’’Bzzzzz.....’’ a terrifying storm had invaded the atmosphere because of the roc's wings. Many people on the island raised their heads when they sensed it and saw the pursuit.

’’Ahhhhh.....’’ Duan Wu Ya had used his last bit of pure Qi but couldn't make the holy marks shine anymore. A buzzing sound spread in the air as the gourd moved a little bit more forwards. Duan Wu Ya was soon going to arrive in the northern palace. There were extremely strong Tian level cultivators inside.

’’Bzzzz.... zzz....’’ the Tian level roc didn't flinch while it followed Duan Wu Ya. If Lin Feng made a mistake in the East Sea Dragon Palace's territory, he would die. No matter what, Lin Feng had to kill Duan Wu Ya.

’’Eh? Duan Wu Ya?’’ Finally, when they arrived in the northern palace, some people recognized Duan Wu Ya. Some people in the sky asked Duan Wu Ya, ’’What's going on?’’

Duan Wu Ya looked deathly pale. He didn't say anything and just passed out in front of them. Duan Wu Ya knew that those few people were doomed.

As expected, those people died in the roc's claws two seconds later.

’’Save me!’’ Duan Wu Ya used all of his pure Qi to shout loudly, begging for help. He then immediately fell down in the gourd. However, people heard him from very far away.


’’Eh? What's going on?’’ A few Tian level cultivators heard his voice and stood up in the blink of an eye and rose up in the air. They were astonished when they saw Duan Wu Ya for he had come back from the mysterious world and on top of that, alone and chased by someone.

’’Stop!’’ A few silhouettes appeared in front of the roc. Its Qi invaded the entire atmosphere, it was extremely sharp, it wings were extremely sharp as well. Rumbling sounds spread in the air, one of the Tian level cultivators got slapped by the roc and was propelled far away.

Besides, Lin Feng jumped off the roc's back at that moment. The Qi of a million swords appeared in the atmosphere and it seemed like his entire body had turned into a sword.

’’Who dares to come cause trouble in my palace?’’ In the distance, a terrifying voice spread in the air piercing through Lin Feng's eardrums, so much so that it hurt. However, Lin Feng's sword energy was as vigorous as before and just as dazzling.

Sword formula, man and sword fusion, Lin Feng's body turned into a sword. It seemed like he and his sword had become one.

’’Lin Feng obtained the jade....’’

’’Slash!’’ The terrifying sword Qi struck his back. Duan Wu Ya shook from head to foot and couldn't speak anymore. He was dead.

’’You want to die!’’ shouted the voice in the distance furiously. Surprisingly, someone dared to enter the East Sea Dragon Palace and kill their people. What a humiliation for their group!

’’Boom!’’ The roc bombarded a few Tian level cultivators and flew back to Lin Feng. It then grabbed him and left again at full speed.

’’Where are you going?’’ A silhouette arrived just as quickly. The person shook their hand and in a flash, green coffins appeared. They launched out at Lin Feng, if they caught him, he'd probably die.

The roc turned around and broke the coffins with its claws. Even though it wasn't Lin Feng's pet, it perfectly understood that its little sister and Lin Feng's relationship was incredible. If Lin Feng died, their mother would be furious.

The coffins turned into vines which surrounded the roc's wings and tried to prevent it from flying.

’’Moron! Break!’’ shouted the cultivator with the coffins. Their voice sounded like that of a dragon. They wanted to kill the Tian level roc.

’’Crrrr.... crrrr...’’ blood appeared as the roc began losing feathers, which slowly fell from the sky.

’’Eeeee!’’ The roc emitted a furious sound. A terrifying light appeared around it as it flapped its wings again. It could still fly at an incredible speed.

’’Eh?’’ The one wearing the dragon robe wasn't ready for that. That Tian level beast was too strong. Its wings had been injured severely but it could still fly, on top of that at its full speed. The dragon-robe wearing cultivator couldn't catch up with him anymore. However, he was convinced that the roc wouldn't be able to fly for long.

He jumped towards the roc and then heard a voice behind him, ’’Qing Mu, what's going on?’’

’’The roc has been injured, it won't be able to fly much longer. It has the green coffin dragon Qi on its body now so it should be chased and killed.’’ shouted the Qing Mu dragon king furiously. In a flash, many people started chasing the roc.

After that, Qing Mu grabbed the gloomy gourd in the sky and yelled at the cultivators playing chess, ’’Someone invaded our palace and killed one of the purple-golden dragon king's disciples.’’

’’How audacious.’’ Those people were stupefied. The purple-golden dragon king was one of the rulers of the islands, how audacious!

Qing Mu put the gloomy gourd in front of him and looked inside. He was stupefied.

The others were astonished too, what an incredible treasure!

’’That is...’’ whispered Qing Mu. He then raised his head, glanced at the others and said, ’’A precious treasure from the mysterious world.’’

The one who had just been killed came from the mysterious world, they had finally left the mysterious world!

However, why had he been chased to death? What happened?

’’Lin Feng obtained the jade....’’ recalled Qing Mu. His heart started pounding.

The one who had chased him was called Lin Feng, he had also entered the mysterious world and had obtained the jade......

’’Jade emperor!’’ said all those people at the same time. Their hearts were pounding. Indeed, Duan Wu Ya's words definitely meant that Lin Feng had obtained one of the jade emperor's treasures, either a monstrously powerful weapon or an incredible skill.

They didn't know that Duan Wu Ya had meant to say that Lin Feng had obtained the jade emperor's palace!


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