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Peerless Martial God - Chapter 78


The four other disciples had survived the Eight Strikes of Desolation attack. Standing side by side, they were looking at the dead body lying on the fighting stage yet they all were still calm.

Yue Yang was ranked seventy first. He was the strongest of the five disciples but Lin Feng had killed him with a single strike. If it had been any of the other four, they would have been unable to withstand that strike.

Lin Feng, who was stronger than Yue Yang had the potential to kill each of them.

When thinking about what had just happened, they were paying more attention while staring deeply at Lin Feng. A slight murderous chill had filled the air and as it was carried by a small breeze, on contact it would make the disciples shiver.

’’When I take your life, don't forget to remember that you cruelly took the life of others before. You will equally be killed by someone stronger than you. This was the fate chosen by you. You will now have to deal with the consequences of your actions.’’

Lin Feng finished speaking and started to walk forwards.

Sword energy had started to fill the atmosphere and condense on the tip of his sword.

A cold sweat ran down the backs of the four elite disciples. They could feel exactly how powerful the sword force contained within the sword was. Was Lin Feng already a sword master? How could he master sword force to such a high level?

A strong Qi filled the air within the arena and with each step it was growing stronger. The four disciples could feel that the terrifying sword force and Qi were growing stronger with each step made by Lin Feng. It seemed like this force was absorbing the Qi from the atmosphere.

’’We cannot delay this for even a second longer, my Qi is getting weaker while the sword force and the Qi contained within his sword continue to grow stronger. If we wait too long, we are doomed.’’

The four of them were looking at Lin Feng vigilantly and understood that the situation was getting incredibly dangerous. At the same time they had all started rushing towards Lin Feng from different directions.


An incredibly violent sword force started to press down against the four other disciples. His hand slightly moved and suddenly a radiant light shot through the atmosphere.

Suddenly two sprays of blood shot into the air like bloody arrows and turned into an endless stream. His sword was so deadly that with each move another life was taken.

Two bodies fell heavily onto the ground making a soft thud. When rushing towards Lin Feng, the remaining two disciples had chosen to move slightly slower than the others who had just died. They had betrayed them and used them as a shield.

But did they think that they were going to survive?

Everybody in the crowd was shaking in fear, especially some of the elite disciples. How? How had Lin Feng become so strong? Not only was the Qi he was using of the first Ling Qi layer but he had also managed to kill ranked elite disciples with a single strike. He was fighting five elite disciples and rather than being at a disadvantage, he had already killed three of them.

’’Sword of Nirvana... It's an average skill of the Xuan level. That skill enhances the power of each sword strike and also enabled the cultivator to greatly increase his power when using sword force.’’

Many people were looking at Lin Feng and his swordplay. It seemed like he had chosen skills which are usually ignored by other disciples. Many people thought that the Sword of Nirvana was a useless skill. However they didn't know that the Sword of Nirvana was actually an extremely powerful attack which had the potential to match that of a high Xuan level skill. However it required an advanced understanding of the world and elemental forces. It was a very hard skill to practice. This was the reason why so many people had not considered this skill.

But Lin Feng could already master that skill to perfection and fully benefit from the enhanced power contained within his sword.


The remaining two thought to themselves. Escape was the only thing which remained within their minds. They couldn't fight against Lin Feng anymore. They both turned and attempted to retreat into different directions.


Lin Feng' eyes were very sharp. His sword started to glow and an extremely powerful sword Qi spread throughout the atmosphere and then pierced down through the atmosphere. It was aiming directly at each of the remaining two disciples. When the Qi pierced through their bodies, they both heavily collapsed onto the floor.

The names of these five Disciples had now disappeared from the stone on which the ranking list was engraved.

’’Sword of Nirvana... how powerful. What a terrifying sword force! how strong!’’

Many of the ordinary disciples and even elite disciples were looking at Lin Feng with adoration filling their eyes. No wonder that he had dared to provoke Wen Ren Yan. Lin Feng abilities and natural talent was much higher than that of Wen Ren but his cultivation was lower due to less time practicing. With enough time he would definitely be stronger than Wen Ren Yan.

Liu Fei's pretty eyes were wide open. She was shaking at what he had just witnessed. That bastard had killed five ranked elite disciples?

’’It seems like I'll never be able to get my revenge and defeat him.’’

Liu Fei was thinking. Her main goal was to get stronger and defeat Lin Feng. But she wouldn't have thought that the lowly bastard was even stronger and more talented than she had initially thought. It seemed like it would be impossible for her to take her revenge in this lifetime. But Liu Fei refused to stop working hard as one day she might have the chance to gain the advantage again.

Nan Gong Ling was making a wry smile while looking at the fighting stage.

’’That guy... killing five extremely talented ranked elite disciples without any hesitation...’’

’’Patriarch, even though they were fairly strong disciples, they were exterminating their fellow disciples so ruthlessly. Maybe they would be a calamity for the sect in the end.’’

Mo Xie moved and whispered something to Nan Gong Ling.

Nan Gong Ling looked at Mo Xie and seemed to be really disappointed. He then said: ’’When these five disciples slaughtered their fellow disciples and when Wen Ren Yan approved it, why didn't you say anything at that moment?’’

’’Patriarch, how could Lin Feng....?’’ started to ask Mo Xie.

’’Alright, I have a pretty clear idea of everything that is going on at the moment.’’ Nan Gong Ling was annoyed for being interrupted Mo Xie. Mo Xie had no choice but to step back. He couldn't help but look at Lin Feng as he still hoped in his heart that he would get the chance to kill him. Mo Xie wanted to kill Lin Feng more with each passing day. He couldn't bear being in the Yun Hai Sect while Lin Feng was still breathing.

’’Lin Feng.’’

Nan Gong Ling was looking at Lin Feng who was standing on the fighting stage with a smile on his face.


Lin Feng turned around and looked at Nan Gong Ling who was standing up.

’’It was already clear to you that your strength would enable you to win these ranked battles. But before joining, wasn't there something you needed to do?’’ asked Nan Gong Ling with a smile on the corner of his mouth. Lin Feng made him feel even more gratified each day. Not only was Lin Feng extremely strong, powerful and naturally gifted, but he was also polite. He wasn't arrogant at all. Lin Feng was stubborn but he fought for his convictions. Considering how talented and strong he was, he still acted as if he was an ordinary person.

On the other hand, he could understand things and draw conclusions, like when he had said that Cultivators who had reached the Ling Qi layer were actually weak when considering the whole Continent of the Nine Clouds.

Lin Feng was also thinking about his future and thought that he could climb up within the hierarchy at some point and occupy a high position in the country or even in the continent.

’’What?’’ asked Lin Feng.

’’Put on your elite disciples robes.’’

Nan Gong Ling laughed. Lin Feng was really an unconventional genius... wearing his old ordinary disciple robes in the presence of extremely important people such as Duan Tian Lang wasn't appropriate.

’’Hehe.’’ Lin Feng had a smile filled with a hidden meaning on his face. He shook his head and said: ’’I will not put on the elite disciple robes and I will also not become a ranked elite disciple. If I fought on the fighting stage of the Life and Death Arena, it was just to show these few people how ignorant they were.’’

’’Huh?’’ Nan Gong Ling frowned. He was puzzled and thus asked: ’’What is that supposed to mean? Can you please explain?’’

’’Patriarch, ordinary disciples don't count as genuine disciples of the Yun Hai Sect and they are able to leave the Sect as they wish, correct?’’

Lin Feng's words made Nan Gong Ling's heart pound like mad. He was very confused but didn't show anything and just said: ’’Correct.’’

’’Patriarch, I hope that you can forgive me for this but from this point forwards I am no longer a member of the Yun Hai Sect.’’


Lin Feng's words stunned a great multitude of people. Lin Feng wanted to leave the Yun Hai Sect?!

What kind of joke was that? Lin Feng was standing on the fighting stage within the Life and Death Arena like a warlord adored and respected by everyone... but then he suddenly said he would leave the sect. How were people supposed to feel after hearing these words? How could they not be stunned?

Everybody wanted to understand why Lin Feng would act in such a way. They needed explanations.

’’Hahahaha........’’ an insane laughter emerged. Duan Tian Lang was laughing and laughing. He then looked at Nan Gong Ling and said: ’’The Yun Hai Sect has to go through some hardship I see. How horrible for you to have to say goodbye to such an amazing disciple. How amusing! It's really funny.’’

’’Lin Feng, right? You can come to the Holy Courtyard of Xue Yue where you will receive everything that you need to become an even stronger cultivator.’’

’’Lin Feng, my sect, the Ice and Snow Mountain Village usually only accepts cultivators who possess an ice or snow spirit. Today, I can make an exception and accept you. If you are willing to join us, I will make you a core disciple right away.’’

’’Same for our Hao Yue Sect, if you want to join us then I can arrange that you will be a core disciple.’’

A few of the powers were trying to make Lin Feng join their sects in the presence of the entire Yun Hai Sect which made them furious. The cheeks of the Yun Hai Sect members were burning. They found themselves feeling incredibly humiliated at such actions.

’’I will think about it.’’ said Lin Feng in a detached tone while smiling.

’’What a little bastard! If he doesn't die now then the entire Yun Hai Sect will be humiliated as well as its dead disciples!’’ shouted Mo Xie furiously. He was smiling coldly in his heart though. Lin Feng was going to get in trouble because of his own actions.

’’Shut the hell up!’’ shouted Nan Gong Ling furiously which stupefied Mo Xie. Mo Xie was stunned when he saw that Nan Gong had a cold smile on his face.

’’Lin Feng, three days ago, I personally made you an elite disciple. You used to be eager to become an elite disciple. What has happened? Why would you want to leave the Yun Hai Sect and rebel against it?’’

Nan Gong Ling was struggling to remain calm. It wasn't easy to see a genius who wanted to leave the Sect. Could it be that other members of the sect had threatened him that if he didn't leave, they would kill him?

’’Rebel against it and leave? Patriarch, the word ’’rebel’’ is not really appropriate. In fact, it is the Yun Hai Sect which has already abandoned me. In the sect, it seems impossible for me to earn my place.’’

’’Explain.’’ said Nan Gong Ling who was full of doubts.

’’First, I would like to ask the Patriarch a few questions, is it possible?’’

’’Of course, you can.’’

’’Patriarch, as an ordinary disciple, one has nobody to learn from. One can only rely on one's self. Is that right?’’ asked Lin Feng.

’’That's right.’’ said Nan Gong Ling while nodding. In fact, this was the way it had always been. Even elite disciples who received cultivation teachings from elders were extremely small in number.

’’Patriarch, as an ordinary disciple, one can only access the first floor of the Xing Chen Pavilion if one wants to learn new skills and agility techniques. All of these skills and agility skills are of the yellow level. One can access these skills and agility techniques anywhere else. Many places provide these skills and techniques. Is that right?’’

’’That' right.’’ said Nan Gong Ling nodding again.

’’Since it's that way, everything that I've been learning until now, all the progress that I've made on the path of Cultivation, would it be wrong to say that it is all only due to my hard work and that I learnt everything alone? Therefore, since there are no strong ties between the Yun Hai Sect and me, would it be wrong to assert that the Yun Hai Sect means almost nothing to me? That it is almost useless for me to be a Yun Hai Sect member?’’

When Nan Gong Ling heard Lin Feng's words, his face changed and he went pale. The entire crowd also found themselves pale at the thought, but nobody could deny what Lin Feng had said.

At that moment, Nan Gong Ling nodded again and said: ’’You are right, the Yun Hai Sect means almost nothing to you but you are a Yun Hai Sect member after all. Leaving because the Yun Hai Sect has given you nothing is the wrong reason. It's illogical. However, if you want to leave for other reasons, because of your own personal interests, then it would definitely be ungrateful.’’

’’Patriarch, please wait until I finish talking.’’

’’Go ahead.’’ said Nan Gong Ling.

’’The first time that you and I met was here in the Life and Death Arena. I was unpopular and nobody knew me. I was a nobody. Chu Zhan Peng came with Lin Qian. They wanted to take me away and because I was only an ordinary disciple, Elder Mo Xie wanted to hand me over to them very quickly. At that moment, you didn't know that I wasn't as weak as everyone thought. If I hadn't been able to stop you from expelling me from the sect then I would most likely no longer be a sect member. Is that right?’’

’’I made a huge mistake on that day.’’ said Nan Gong Ling admitting his fault. Everyone was touched and moved.

Nan Gong Ling was an open minded individual.

’’Patriarch, when the flood of ferocious beasts happened, while I was there hunting and not bothering anyone, Mo Xie, who profoundly hates me, attacked me again because I was a mere ordinary disciple. He tried to hand me over to the extremely dangerous ferocious beasts. He tried to kill me. When people saw that I hadn't died, they started to believe in my strength... but Mo Xie, as before, didn't get punished at all because I was a simple ordinary disciple. I am a bit weak. I'm not worth it. Is that right?’’

Nan Gong Ling was speechless. That was indeed the second time that he had made a big mistake. If Lin Feng hadn't been strong enough, he may have died because of Mo Xie.

At that moment, Nan Gong Ling was staring at Mo Xie. Lin Feng wanted to leave the Yun Hai Sect and Mo Xie looked like he was refuting any responsibility.

’’That was my second big mistake.’’ admitted Nan Gong Ling for the second time. ’’Lin Feng, I want you to know that Protector Bei was furious because of that issue. He even injured Mo Xie because of that. He almost killed Mo Xie at that moment. You have a privileged place in Protector Bei's heart. I think that he would be devastated if you left the Yun Hai Sect.’’


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