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Peerless Martial God - Chapter 73


Suddenly, everybody gazed into the distance and tried to make out the figures of the people who were approaching.

The beautiful Liu Fei was approaching. But who was that young man that she was following?

What shocked everybody at that moment is that Liu Fei together with this young disciple and they had been alone together. This young man was actually Lin Feng. Many people had seen Lin Feng in the Life and Death Arena as he killed an elite disciple in cold blood and they made sure to remember his face. Many had made a mental note to not offend this young disciple in the future.

The voice which had interrupted them was actually Lin Feng's voice.

’’Could it be that it was true and Lin Feng is actually Liu Fei's boyfriend?’’

Everybody was thinking about the words of Han Man and they were paying close attention to Wen Ren Yan.

But Wen Ren Yan still had a calm look on his face as if he was not affected. His blues however were revealing his evil intentions. It was clear he would not let this matter rest.

’’So, you are the new little elite disciple, Lin Feng?’’ said Wen Ren Yan with a hint of disdain in his voice. He was talking down to Lin Feng and attempting to humiliate him.

What surprised him is that it seemed like Lin Feng had completely ignored his presence. He just glanced at him for a second and continued over to Han Man who was still in a bad condition.

’’Are you alright?’’

’’I just have a small injury. Don't worry about it.’’ said Han Man while smiling and now he was also ignoring Wen Ren Yan.

’’Don't start so many fights. I do not want to see you die.’’ said Lin Feng glaring at Han Man. This simple minded disciple was a trouble maker, he could not stop himself from causing trouble. A moment before, he had said that Liu Fei was Lin Feng's girlfriend. Liu Fei would be furious after hearing such a thing.

’’That guy is insane. He's saying to everyone that Liu Fei belongs to him.’’ said Han Man sounding angry. Liu Fei was furious and quickly glanced at Wen Ren Yan.

At that moment, Wen Ren Yan was frowning. He could not believe that a disciple who had just broken through to the Ling Qi Layer could be as insane as to ignore him. Within the Yun Hai Sect nobody had ever dared to provoke him, not even the elders of the sect would ignore him when he spoke.

’’Let me ask, have you been listening to what I have said?’’ Said Wen Ren Yan.

It suddenly seemed like the entire area was growing colder. Everybody was looking at Lin Feng. That guy was an incredible genius who was able to control sword force but he was far from being able to challenge Wen Ren Yan. It looked like Wen Ren Yan was going to have to teach him how large the world truly is.

’’Let him continue to talk with himself. He has a big mouth so it is easy to ignore him when he speaks. It's unfortunate that you can only ignore him, it would be better if he would stop talking.’’ said Lin Feng to the others while ignoring Wen Ren Yan. He continued talking to Han Man: ’’When he says that Liu Fei is his? So what? That is none of my business.’’


Han Man was staring at Lin Feng and was shocked speechless. Han Man was doing this out of loyalty for Lin Feng. He knew that they were secretly a couple and he was still trying to hide it.

’’I... want... to.... ask.... you... something...’’

Wen Ren Yan had said this sentence very slowly emphasizing each word with a voice filled with anger. A strong Qi was spreading through the air. In front of the whole crowd, Lin Feng was still ignoring him and causing him to lose face in front of such a large crowd.

’’I heard you.’’ said Lin Feng turning around his head. He then looked at Wen Ren Yan and said: ’’You're asking me if I'm Lin Feng, is that right?’’

’’Hmph, so you're not deaf.’’ said Wen Ren Yan while smiling coldly.

’’Since you ask me who I am, it means you don't know me, right?’’

Wen Ren Yan was staring at Lin Feng confused, he was asking such an obvious question. Did Lin Feng have a defect in his brain?

’’Such nonsense.’’ Said Wen Ren Yan.

’’Nonsense? Maybe. Since we do not know each other. Why should I waste my time speaking with you?’’
Said Lin Feng as he looked at Wen Ren Yan and added ’’What are you going to do about it?’’

When he finished talking an immense Qi emerged and filled the atmosphere.


Everybody was stunned. Lin Feng was actually insane enough to fight with Wen Ren Yan. That guy was really crazy! He was courting death!

Wen Ren Yan looked deathly pale. It was the first time that someone had dared to talk with him like that.

’’Lin Feng, You are dreaming if you think you can fight against Wen Ren, you will die for sure. You shouldn't have provoked Wen Ren.’’ said Chen Xing while staring at Lin Feng.

’’Chen Xing, do you think you are a top ranked disciple? You obviously think that you're a genius but not so long ago you were defeated by Lin Qian when she had just broken through to the Ling Qi Layer. Everybody watched how you lost so pitifully and yet you call yourself a genius? You are far from a genius in my eyes.’’

Lin Feng said with a calm face as if he was talking normally but it had made Chen Xing furious. He had been badly humiliated by a nobody disciple.

’’That guy really has a big mouth.’’ thought Liu Fei while looking at Lin Feng who had made both Wen Ren Yan and Chen Xing furious with his words. She was wondering why Lin Feng acted in the ways that he did.

’’You are insulting me and attempting to bully me because I only recently reached the Ling Qi layer. Well let's solve this problem in the Stormy Gorge in the Life And Death Arena. Do you dare?’’

Stormy Gorge, Life and Death Arena, did he dare?!

Lin Feng was challenging Chen Xing to a battle in the Life and Death Arena where the rules were more relaxed. In the Arena they would forfeit the protection granted by the sect and could really lose their life.

A strong Qi was constantly emerging from Lin Feng's body and he sounded extremely confident. Chen Xing was stunned at such actions. Chen Xing was at the second Ling Qi layer and was so strong that he would soon have his name engraved onto the ranking list. But Lin Feng' words had stunned him. How could Lin Feng be so self confident and arrogant?

In the Life and Death Arena, did he dare?

He was trying to relax but his heart was pounding.

’’How can you be so confident in challenging me? Is it because of your Sword force?’’ asked Chen Xing.

’’Sword force is indeed extremely powerful. Yu Hao wasn't weak but he had been killed from a single strike. Even if Yu Hao had been stronger, the result would have still been the same.’’

’’I cannot be sure that he used all of his strength during that fight. If he is much stronger than what he has already shown during the fight against Yu Hao, will I be able to fight against him?’’

Chen Xing's thought were racing and he was considering every possible situation. He had a weird expression on his face, he was straining his face and he looked like an idiot. He had already lost against Lin Qian in front of a large crowd. He could not afford to lose face again.

’’So ridiculous... and you used to be the top ranked ordinary disciple? You think you're important because you became an elite disciple with such little strength? You haven't made any progress and you are still weak in cultivation and willpower. A strong cultivator is firm and persistent. A strong cultivator takes the path of cultivation seriously. On the path of cultivation, relying on other people's success will never allow you to reach the top.’’

Lin Feng saw how ugly Chen Xing's face looked. The Qi surrounding Lin Feng's body shot towards Chen Xing and started to apply pressure on his body. Lin Feng started walking slowly towards him. He was walking very slowly, one step after the other. Chen Xing was scared to death. He could barely breathe under the pressure of Lin Feng's Qi and he could feel a deathly chill running down his spine.

’’A strong cultivator is firm and persistent... is strong... and takes the path of Cultivation seriously.’’ these words were resonating in Chen Xing's head. He used to work harder than anyone else to cultivate and everybody used to think he was a genius because of that. Then when he started to associate with Wen Ren Yan, his speed had dropped and he was slacking. He felt inferior to Wen Ren Yan and had lost his motivation to grow stronger.

Was he able to regain his former glory and self confidence that he used to hold so dear?

Chen Xing wasn't the only who felt affected by Lin Feng's words. Other disciples in the crowd who had heard his words were feeling bad about their own choices.

’’He is speaking very wise words and his words are having a profound impact on everyone who hears him.’’ Liu Fei was also affected by Lin Feng's words. He really was a genius in so many ways. He was so unconventional and unrestrained, he really had nothing servile in his personality.

’’Chen Xing, come on. Are you not ashamed of yourself? Provoking others while being rude and then not daring to fight? If you refuse then not only will you prove that you are not a genius but you will also prove that you are a coward.’’ Lin Feng said while he continued walking towards Chen Xing. An incredible force was oppressing Chen Xing's body and soul.

’’Coward.... Coward.....’’ that word was resonating in Chen Xing's brain and it was like torture for him. His face was completely distorted in pain.

’’Aahhhh.....’’ Suddenly, Chen Xing shouted loudly. Some disciples had to cover their ears.

Everybody was staring blankly at the scene that was occurring in astonishment.

How powerful was Lin Feng!

Lin Feng didn't even need to fight. Chen Xing had only said a few words and was already about to collapse because of the pressure that Lin Feng was applying. How could he fight when he could not even speak under the pressure.

At that moment, the entire crowd was looking at Lin Feng and only saw that he had a cold smile on his face. He looked like a dangerous ferocious beast. His eyes looked so dark that it gave the impression that he was no longer human.

Lin Feng had abilities similar to that of the Imaginary Demon. He had a mystical power. He had used that power on Chen Xing.

’’Piece of trash.’’ said Wen Ren Yan. His azure blue eyes were staring angrily at Lin Feng.

’’Even though you're a little bit stronger than Chen Xing, you're still extremely weak in comparison with me. You are nothing but a bug which I can crush at any time. Now, kneel down and beg me for mercy or I will crush you here and now.’’

Wen Ren Yan said in an ice cold tone filled with killing intent. Lin Feng had said that it was useless to rely on somebody else's power. He was going to teach Lin Feng a lesson and make him kneel down before him.


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