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Peerless Martial God - Chapter 67


’’I am very impatient when it comes to living my life, I have such a long life to live after all.’’ said Lin Feng smiling coldly with a strangely evil look on his face.

’’Hehe, Have met many pieces of trash in the past but I've never met a piece of trash who was so impatient to die.’’ said Yu Hao with extreme arrogance. He then added: ’’Since you really want to die, I will help you achieve your goal. Wait until the end of the Elite Disciple Exam and then I will deal with you.’’

An ordinary disciple was worth nothing to most people within the sect. They could be killed at a whim and nobody would care, especially when in the Life and Death Arena of the Stormy Gorge.

’’I will give you an opportunity to kill me before the end of the Elite Disciple Exam.’’

Lin Feng said while nodding his head as if he had come to a decision. Yu Hao was lost and didn't know what Lin Feng meant. Immediately after, Lin Feng started walking towards the Life and Death Arena.

’’Lin Feng, what are you doing?’’ Jing Yun shouted as she could feel the fear gripping her heart.

’’Jing Yun, you have to trust Lin Feng. That guy is always full of surprises.’’ said Han Man to Jing Yun trying to reassure her. Even though they hadn't been friends for a very long time, Han Man really admired Lin Feng. He was beyond insane, but he was truly a genius. He would fight anyone at the drop of a hat when it came to his friends. Each time they met, Lin Feng did something unpredictable.

Jing Yun tried not to worry but she could only make her heart grow slightly calmer. She looked at Han Man and nodded. That's right, it looked like Lin Feng was going to do something dangerous and unpredictable again.

Jing Yun couldn't help but be worried about Lin Feng. Going into the Life and Death Arena and challenging an elite disciple wasn't something one could do easily. If you wanted to become an elite disciple within the sect then you first had to have an incredible strength, luck was of no use. To become an elite disciple, the only way was to be stronger than a former elite disciple.

’’Huh?’’ Yu Hao frowned. He hadn't replied yet. Han Man and Jing Yun understood what Lin Feng wanted to do because they were friends with him and could understand him... Besides, Yu Hao was extremely arrogant, how could he imagine what Lin Feng wanted to do?

Yu Hao smiled at Liu Fei who had already made her way out of the arena. He moved towards Liu Fei. Such a beautiful girl needed attention and who better than him to give it to her.

The Life and Death Arena was huge. Disciples could fight against other disciples on different rocky fighting stages. While the battles were randomly picked, they could also fight each other as they wished.

However, it seemed like there was an unwritten agreement between everybody to not step onto a fighting stage if there were already too many people fighting. This was also beneficial for the observers as they could only focus on a certain amount of action at once. If everyone started to fight then it would quickly become chaos.

Of course, no one had any plans to step onto the highest stage. Ordinary disciples didn't want to seem too self confident in their abilities. Overestimating their own powers would give the seniors of the Sect a bad impression. Only real geniuses, the most talented Disciples, would dare climb onto the highest stage and amaze the entire crowd.

At that moment, Wang Mang stepped onto a stage within the Life And Death Arena.

But at that moment, he saw that someone else wanted to get onto it as well.

’’Hey, friend.’’ shouted Wang Mang while smiling at Lin Feng to get his attention. He was the third ranked ordinary disciple. He was extremely strong and had the arrogance of a ranked disciple who had not seen the world. He assumed that Lin Feng would notice he wanted to get on the stage and would let him go first.

But what Wang Mang hadn't planned is that Lin Feng stared at him and nodded to return the greeting while looking indifferent, he then continued walking towards the fighting stage. It really did look like Lin Feng wasn't going to let him go first.

Wang Mang frowned. He was extremely famous amongst all the ordinary disciples. He wouldn't have thought that Lin Feng wouldn't give him face and let him go first. He wanted to open his mouth but he was speechless. He was too stupefied at what had happened. He opened his mouth to speak but no words could come out.

’’Crazy moron.’’ said Wang Mang in a low voice filled with anger. He immediately went back to where he was standing before. That other disciple was heading towards the central fighting stage. How insolent! This was the first time that someone dared to go onto it.

Wang Mang wasn't the only one who was surprised but the entire crowd was stupefied to see someone go on that particular fighting stage. Their eyes were wide open. The crowd burst into an uproar and was wondering who that guy was.

’’It's him. So he wasn't devoured by the Imaginary Demon...? He's surprisingly still living!’’ said someone who had seen Lin Feng at the moment when he had been consumed by the black fog of the Imaginary Demon. The person was stupefied to see Lin Feng living and breathing before him.

’’Oh my..... He is insane.....’’ Han Man, Jing Yun as well as Po Jun were all astounded. Lin Feng did not fail to surprise them.

However, Han Man had a big smile on his face. He had the feeling that Lin Feng was stronger than him, much stronger than him. He even had that feeling when he hadn't seen Lin Feng. He really admired Lin Feng and believed that he held an incredible strength.

In the Stormy Gorge, Mo Xie was stupefied. How was this possible? How could Lin Feng still be alive?

He was just an ordinary disciple and he had been eaten by an Imaginary Demon... how could he come back alive?

’’It's him.’’ Like everybody else, Nan Gong Ling was also astonished. His face showed how relieved he was. Now he would be able to tell Protector Bei and Protector Kong that Lin Feng was alright and the punishment of Mo Xie would not be so harsh.

’’Haha, that young man never dies!’’ said a voice coming from the pavilion where an old man was sitting. It almost sounded like he was cursing but he was actually very cheerful.

’’You continue to surprise me, young man.’’ thought Protector Bei smiling. The first time that he had met Lin Feng, he had already had a good impression. The second time, Lin Feng had made the drums of the Precipice of Zhangu beat which had stupefied Protector Kong and Protector Bei... and this time, he had been eaten by an Imaginary Demon and then returned without a single injury on his body. He really was the king of miracles.

At that moment, Yu Hao arrived next to Liu Fei. He looked at Lin Feng who had stepped on the fighting stage and said while laughing: ’’Fei Fei, that piece of trash surprisingly dares go onto the fighting stage. He really wants to die.’’

Liu Fei frowned. She didn't like Yu Hao calling her by a nickname. She was in a bad mood because of this. Then, she looked at the fighting stage and her expression immediately changed, her beautiful eyes were filled with delight.

’’He is not dead!!!’’

Liu Fei was astonished and then a beautiful and resplendent smile appeared on her face.

’’You're not dead... that's a good thing, I will beat you myself. I will humiliate you.’’

Yu Hao saw that Liu Fei was smiling and looked enchanted but he didn't seem to understand. Then thinking that he could be her hero, he said: ’’Fei Fei, just like last time, you just need to open your mouth and I'll go kill than piece of trash when he's done with his challenge. ’’

’’You'll kill him?’’ Liu Fei asked while looking at Yu Hao. Even though Yu Hao had a Sword Spirit and was quite strong, he hadn't progressed for a year because he hadn't been practicing. He was still at the first Ling Qi layer. If he fought against Lin Feng, did he even stand a chance?

Besides, what Liu Fei wanted the most was to defeat Lin Feng herself.

’’Yes, you only have to nod your head and I'll put an end to his life.’’ said Yu Hao while smiling.

’’Yu Hao..........’’

Yu Hao was still smiling when the sound of an annoyed voice went straight into his ears.

’’Yu Hao, Where have you run away? Come and fight me, damn you!’’

Lin Feng was standing on the highest fighting stage. He raised his head and looked at everyone who was observing from above on the cliffs of the Stormy Gorge. He wanted to go to the highest place, the most craziest of places and look down on the world.

Yu Hao was still smiling. He hadn't gone to the fighting stage. He hadn't understood what Lin Feng had meant a moment ago. He did not understand that Lin Feng was actually challenging him to a fight. However he really wanted to fight with Lin Feng.

During the Elite Disciple Exam, being challenged was a humiliation because it meant you were weak. If you were weak, people wanted to fight against you.

But at that moment, Yu Hao was being challenged. On top of that, he was being challenged by the one he wanted to kill to win the affection of Liu Fei.

However, he hadn't thought that Lin Feng would challenge him right after he finished talking. Obviously, he had just been humiliated in front of a countless number of people. He had the feeling he had just been slapped in the face.

Yu Hao's expression looked like that of a demon. He was staring at Lin Feng with a cruel expression.

’’Fei Fei, that guy wants to challenge me, that's great. I'm going to kill that shitty piece of trash.’’

As before, Yu Hao had no doubts about his own strength. He started walking towards the stage while still looking evil.

The entire crowd was amazed. Lin Feng was truly insane.

Not only had Lin Feng immediately stepped on the highest fighting stage but he was also challenging Yu Hao.

Yu Hao was far from being one of the weakest Elite Disciples. Before the Elite Disciple Exam, ordinary disciples had already checked the profiles of the different elite disciples. They had access to a list which contained detailed information on their strength levels. Yu Hao was far above the weak elite disciples. He had a Sword Spirit and he was very talented and strong. He was much stronger than most of the average elite disciples. Nobody would have thought of challenging him.

Yu Hao hadn't expected someone to challenge him either.

As he moved onto the fighting stage, Yu Hao while still looking like a demon, said: ’’I wanted to let you live a bit longer but you already want to die...So impatient’’

’’I'm in no hurry to deal with you, wait until I am done.’’ said Lin Feng while smiling. He stopped looking at Yu Hao and turned to the crowd.

’’Li Lin, get your ass onto the damn fighting stage as well.’’

Lin Feng continued to spit insults in the faces of elite disciples. Li Lin while in the Xing Chen Pavilion hadn't dared to confront Chen Chen, so he had decided to take it out on Lin Feng. Lin Feng still remembered and planned to settle his grudge.

Everybody in the crowd was astonished at his actions. Li Lin... That was the name of another elite disciple, what did he intend to do by challenging two elite disciples at the same time?


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