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Peerless Martial God - Chapter 666


Chapter 666: The Day Before the Great War

There was still lots of blood on the fighting stage. Ling Xiao was staring at Lin Feng but Lin Feng wasn't facing him. Ling Xiao could only watch his back.

His eyes were bloodshot and cruel. He couldn't calm down, but he didn't look determined, proud or self-confident anymore though.

He had really made a bad decision.

Why had Lin Feng hidden his strength... His intent was level four... And his bloodthirsty sword was terrifying, it had cut off his arm. But this time, the bloodthirsty sword resisted drinking his blood.

’’Cure it well.’’ shouted Ling Xiao's teacher. Ling Xiao then moved back to his seat and sat down like Tang You You. He took out a pill and swallowed it. His arm had already been cut off so he would never get it back, so now he needed to heal the wound. If the wound healed he would be able to keep fighting.

’’Swords are powerful because they can move with the power of your brain. You can kill people from far away so an arm is not that useful. It can't stop you from moving forwards. Ling Xiao, your arm was cut off but you can still become a monstrously strong cultivator that reaches the clouds. You cannot give up.’’ said the old man. Ling Xiao opened his eyes and sharp lights twinkled in his pupils again. It seemed like he had regained his motivation to become a strong sword cultivator. Even if he had lost an arm, he could still become an extremely strong cultivator and reach the clouds.

His heart started beating faster again, he was filled with ardor. He wanted to become a hero.

Lin Feng raised his head and looked at the old man. No wonder his words sounded like prayers that could motivate people, he was a cultivator of the Tian Qi layer. They were filled with ardor and made people's souls shake.

’’Alright, it's Tang You You's turn.’’ said Xue Wu Chang while looking at Tang You You who was still sitting on the ground. Even though he knew that Tang You You was still recovering, the competition had to continue. Tang You You still needed to heal but she had to challenge someone.

Tang You You opened her eyes, she wanted to stand up but Lin Feng touched her shoulders and shook his head. She still needed to heal.

’’You can choose Di Ling or Duan Wu Dao and forfeit immediately. You cannot fight.’’ said Lin Feng gently.

When Tang You You heard him, she smiled. Then she said, ’’I choose Lin Feng, and I forfeit.’’

Lin Feng was speechless, he just saw Tang You You smiling childishly, she was so smart. Lin Feng smiled and shook his head. In any case, he would have never fought against Tang You You. She had chosen him so why not?

That was Lin Feng's eight victory, he had eight points already but there were a few more battles left.

’’With his strength, Lin Feng can definitely finish in the top five. Even if we don't know who the stronger one is between Lin Feng and Xue Sha. Duan Wu Dao and Di Ling will definitely defeat Lin Feng.’’ thought the crowd. Lin Feng couldn't finish in the top four. They still had to see Lin Feng's battle against Xue Sha though. Would Lin Feng choose Duan Wu Dao or Di Ling for his next battle?

There was also Jun Mo Xi, Lin Feng was his good friend so how would their battle end?

Di Ling, Duan Wu Dao, Jun Mo Xi and Xue Sha were winning but weren't fighting each other. Nobody could defeat them though. Initially, Ling Xiao with his seven swords and level three intent was as strong as Xue Sha. He could have even put some pressure on Duan Wu Dao or Di Ling, but now Ling Xiao's arm was crushed so he couldn't do much.

Amongst the other eight outstanding geniuses the Dead Tree, Yu Xiao Xiao and Ling Xiao couldn't defeat the four best ones. Yu Mo would have never been able to defeat them either.

Therefore, the crowd was guessing that Lin Feng couldn't finish in the top four. Di Ling, Duan Wu Dao, Jun Mo Xi and Xue Sha were, in their eyes, the four champions of the competition. Then came Lin Feng in fifth position.

But they were only guessing. Those five hadn't fought against each other yet. They hadn't deployed their full strength so nobody knew how strong they really were. In the top five, Lin Feng was the one who had revealed his strength the most.

But they were convinced that those battles would come soon.

The battles continued and they were sanguinary. Apart from those five people, there was the Dead Tree. It seemed very difficult to stop him, even Yun Fei Yang or Qing Meng Xin couldn't defeat him. Even though Yun Fei Yang had lost against Yu Mo, he was very strong. With his terrifying sword force, he could even defeat Yu Xiao Xiao. Everybody was astonished. The competition would show Xue Yu who its real geniuses were. (editor's note: Could anyone leave me a comment as to what chapter established Yun Fei Yang had sword force?)

The fights continued and Lin Feng was going to fight his tenth battle. The crowd sighed because Lin Feng had defeated Ling Xiao and hadn't battled since then. Qing Meng Xin and Yun Fei Yang also forfeited against Lin Feng. It seemed like they were trying to help him.

After the tenth battle Lin Feng still had four battles to fight... Di Ling, Duan Wu Dao, Jun Mo Xi and Xue Sha, the four strongest cultivators...

Tang You You still needed time to heal, she gave up against Di Ling. Then she forfeited against Di Ling so it was Di Ling's tenth victory, just like Lin Feng. Just like Lin Feng, he only had the three best cultivators left and Lin Feng. However, Lin Feng had to fight against four extremely strong cultivators, not three like Di Ling.

’’Four battles.... After that round, the best battles will start...’’ thought the crowd.

Duan Wu Dao still had to fight. Because Jun Mo Xi won when Yun Fei Yang forfeited against him, another battle arrived and it was Xue Sha's turn. The crowd looked at Xue Sha, he wasn't going to fight against Ling Xiao it seemed, Instead, he was looking at Jun Mo Xi. He could wait to fight against Ling Xiao because that battle wouldn't be difficult. With the next battles being terrifying, it was better to choose someone else.

Therefore, Xue Sha chose Jun Mo Xi. Jun Mo Xi and Xue Sha were facing each other and the crowd was shaking with excitement... Two of the five best cultivators were going to fight. Who would win?


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