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Peerless Martial God - Chapter 606


Chapter 606: Duo Tian Mountain Chain

Everybody in Mi Cheng knew that tomorrow they had to go to Duo Tian for the Great Competition of Xue Yu. It was finally starting!

’’It seems like the competition is organized by a third party because the other empires don't know the precise starting time either... No wonder.’’ thought Lin Feng. There were four empires at the Great Competition of Xue Yu, however, those few words didn't suffice to explain it all. That Shen Gong didn't allow anyone to ruin the competition in any way. Nobody could kill the participants, not even the Da Shu Clan. One sentence had them with their tails between their legs.

Even the cultivator of the Tian Qi layer of the Da Shu Clan hadn't said anything more. Nobody could disobey Shen Gong.

The leader of the group of people from the Da Shu Clan glanced at Lin Feng and the others and was wanting say something. He didn't want to disobey Shen Gong's orders.

’’After the Great Competition of Xue Yu, if you are still alive we will meet again.’’ he said coldly and then left.

Every members of the Da Shu Clan looked ice-cold. This time, Lin Feng and his friends had been lucky. Shen Gong had saved them this time, but after the competition the Da Shu Clan wouldn't let them off. They had killed Miss Da Shu and so many others from their Da Shu Clan.

This time they weren't able to get their revenge, and had lost so many strong cultivators trying. They wouldn't forget about this, they would get their revenge even it meant waiting.

Lin Feng watched as they all disappeared, one after the other. Lin Feng could finally take a breath and relax. There wouldn't be anymore problems until the competition now.

The first challenge was a huge free-for-all fight. People who were extremely cruel and dangerous would lurk on every side. Besides, there were even some from Dragon Mountain and countries under its jurisdiction who wanted try and kill him. Only after the death of a certain number of people, would he be able to move on to the second round.

Lin Feng looked at Jun Mo Xi, Tang You You, Qing Meng Xin and Jian Chen and nodded to them gratefully. They had been ready to fight for him. If Shen Gong hadn't appeared, the Da Shu Clan wouldn't have let him off and Lin Feng would have had no choice but to use his evil swords again....

’’Alright. Let's forget about what happened today and instead get ready for the competition. Let's go to Duo Tian!’’ said Jun Mo Xi as if nothing had happened and as if he hadn't helped Lin Feng at all.

Everybody nodded, the most important thing for them was the Great Competition of Xue Yu.

Tomorrow the Great Competition of Xue Yu would finally start, and they had been waiting for that moment for so long... Many were terribly excited and high-spirited thinking about it.

If they survived and seized all the opportunities, they would progress and become extremely strong cultivators.

Jun Mo Xi took out a memory jade and looked inside. A map of Mi Cheng then appeared in his head and he found the Duo Tian Mountain Chain on it.

He put the memory jade away and said, ’’Let's go.’’

Jun Mo Xi's silhouette then flickered and whistling sounds spread in the air.

The other people from Dragon Mountain then followed him closely. They had never been to Mi Cheng before so they didn't know where the mountain chain was. They had to follow Jun Mo Xi otherwise they would get lost.

Lin Feng grabbed Xiao Ya's hand, looked at Yun Fei Yang and said, ’’Let's go.’’

Yun Fei Yang nodded and they left together.

Dragon Mountain's large group of cultivators were flying towards Duo Tian.

On Lin Feng's left in the air, there were people from Dragon Mountain.

Some middle-aged man from Tian Feng looked at Lin Feng, smiled and said, ’’You haven't died, you're lucky but tomorrow the competition will start. I'm sure you won't have such luck then...’’

’’Too bad for you, you're so old that you can't even participate to the Great Competition of Xue Yu. Otherwise you could have seen killing me personally. Hahaha.’’ said Lin Feng mockingly, infuriating that person. Lin Feng was making fun of the man because he couldn't do anything to him.

Even though that person's cultivation level was higher than Lin Feng's, he was already too old. Lin Feng was still young and famous, handsome and strong. In the future, he would be even stronger. The middle-aged man was making fun of Lin Feng without thinking. At the same age as him, Lin Feng would be infinitely stronger than he was. Killing people as strong as the middle-aged man would probably be extremely easy for Lin Feng.

Lin Feng was humiliating him.

’’What? It does not matter because my seven envoys will kill you first at the Great Competition of Xue Yu. Get ready to die during the first round.’’ said the middle-aged man coldly. He then rolled up his sleeves and flew further.

’’You're always acting recklessly.’’ said someone else coldly. It was Di Long. He had stopped talking a lot since what happened with Duan Wu Dao.

However, he needed something to comfort him so he was using Lin Feng to humiliate and insult. Since he had lost his dignity when facing Duan Wu Dao he was trying to get it back by insulting others.

Lin Feng turned his head and smiled at Di Long in an indifferent way. He didn't say anything though, he just smiled for a second and then turned his head again.

Di Long was speechless and pulled a long face. He just remained silent again. Silence was even worse than insults! Lin Feng was humiliating him again by ignoring him.

’’Don't think that you are strong because your cultivation level increased. It means nothing. You didn't die because you're lucky, it could only have been because other people protected you. During the first round of the Great Competition of Xue Yu, you will die.’’ After saying that, Di Long also flew faster and passed in front of Lin Feng.

’’It seems like many people want to kill you.’’ said Yun Fei Yang while laughing and looking at Lin Feng.

Lin Feng frowned. Some of the people from Xue Yue wanted him to die... Then those people from Tian Feng had attacked him by surprise in the middle of the night. He didn't understand the situation very clearly but he knew that now, there were still some people who wanted him dead. Good, he precisely wanted to kill them too.

Apart from the people from Dragon Mountain, there were those from the three other empires and even people from Mi Cheng who were rushing over to Duo Tian. The Great Competition of Xue Yu was about to start, everybody from everywhere wanted to see it.

In the middle of the Duo Tian Mountain Chain, there were eight mountains. Those eight mountains were very strange because their peaks were larger than their base, as if they had been turned upside down by someone... Or some deities.

It was a most famous place in Duo Tian.

’’Duo Tian Mountain Chain...’’ In the air a silhouette descended from the sky like a god. That person's Qi was monstrously powerful. It was Di Ling, possessor of the firmament blood!

’’Come out!’’ shouted Di Ling. Immediately another silhouette appeared at the top of another of the eight mountains. It was Duan Wu Dao from Xue Yue.

’’You arrived early.’’ An evil Qi emerged in the sky as well as some black clouds. A black Qi was surrounding a gigantic coffin and had surrounded another of the mountains. A loud noise emerged in the air and a silhouette came out of the coffin. It was obviously Xue Sha from Black Wings.

On another mountain there was the Qi of a dead tree. Ku Yao Tong appeared.

The Qi of a sword then whistled in the air and seven lights appeared. The sound of a zither had also spread in the air. Qi Qing Jian Ling Xiao And Liu Yu Qin Yu Xiao Xiao also arrived.

On the seventh mountain, there was Yu Mo. The seven geniuses had arrived first!


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