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Peerless Martial God - Chapter 54


Absolute control. Lin Feng was in absolute control.

Lin Feng was using his Celestial Spirit and that moment he was able to see everything extremely clearly as if he was looking down on the world frozen in time..

The moment when he had released his Celestial Spirit, his brain had started operating at an incredible speed and could solve even the most challenging problems. Everything that was happening around him was instantly processed by his brain and nothing was escaping his attention.

Every single word Lin Feng had said fascinated the crowd and drew their attention. Na Lan Xiong and Lin Ba Dao were furious at this turn of events. At the moment when Lin Feng had threatened to kill Lin Qian, he hadn't killed her and instead had taken Na Lan Feng as a hostage.

The most fascinating thing was that even though Lin Feng's brain was operating at an incredibly terrifying speed, he remained calm and level headed.

Lin Feng sighed, his Celestial Spirit had completely changed him as if he had transformed into something no longer human. His spirit enhanced all of his skills and abilities. Besides, that was also only the first layer of the Celestial Spirit. There was also the second layer which could be released used at any time, his Book Spirit.

’’Let her go.’’ Na Lan Xiong said with a voice filled with killing intent.

’’Let her go? Is that even possible?’’ said Lin Feng while smiling evilly in his heart. As before, his face was expressionless which made him look exceptionally ruthless.

’’I can guarantee that if anyone tries to get near me or tries to attack me, I swear to you all that the first one to die will not be me.’’

Lin Feng had said these ruthless words with almost no change in his expression, showing no fear. His words felt like a slap in the face. Na Lan Xiong could not help but twist his face in anger.

’’Let's go.’’ Lin Feng's soft sword slightly moved. In a flash, a thread of blood appeared on Na Lan Feng's throat even though the soft sword had only slightly pressed on her throat. Na Lan Feng was terrified when she felt a sharp burst of pain. Lin Feng's pitch black eyes made her especially terrified. She didn't believe that Lin Feng would let her go easily once they escaped. His eyes look inhumane and heartless, there were not the eyes of a man but that of a demon. She may truly die at his hands.

Na Lan Feng obeyed Lin Feng and started walking towards the exit.

’’Remember my words.’’ said Lin Feng while looking at Lin Ba Dao who was very close to him at this moment. Lin Feng once again pressed his sword against Na Lan Feng's throat and another trace of blood appeared.

’’Step back.’’ shouted Na Lan Xiong at Lin Ba Dao who was standing at a strategic point. He could see that Lin Ba Dao was still planning to attack Lin Feng.

Na Lan Xiong's tone made Lin Ba Dao shiver. He hated Na Lan Xiong for standing in his way. He would have never thought that Lin Feng would be so sly and take Na Lan Feng as a hostage. Nobody would dare to confront him, for fear of angering Na Lan Xiong.

’’Lin Feng, if I let you off, will you let my daughter go?’’ asked Na Lan Xiong with a stern tone.

’’Are you trying to have me kill her right here and now?’’ Lin Feng's black eyes just stared at Na Lan Xiong showing no emotion. Na Lan Xiong felt powerless against facing Lin Feng. He didn't dare do anything because in Lin Feng's eyes was pure darkness which made him look incredibly evil. He was scared that Lin Feng would be angered and kill Na Lan Feng.

They didn't talk much longer. Lin Feng and Na Lan Feng gradually disappeared into the horizon. Even if Na Lan Xiong couldn't do anything, he was still praying that nothing tragic would happen to Na Lan Feng.

Finally, the crowd saw Lin Feng's silhouette disappear into the distance. They could not help but sigh a breath of relief at seeing him leave. They had felt like this was all a chaotic dream. They were all exhausted at the events which had come to pass. Lin Feng had done so many astonishing things. Everyone had more than enough excitement for one day.

’’Lin Feng.’’

’’Lin Feng.’’

’’Lin Feng.’’

In every corner of the city, only one name could be heard. The Na Lan Clan, the Gu Clan, even Qiu Yuan Hao and Qiu Lan, all had just one name in their mind and on their tongue: ’’Lin Feng.’’

Lin Clan members all seemed to carry a look of regret and deep thought on their faces. Lin Feng was a prodigy who had once belonged to the Lin Clan but when he had revealed his power and become known as a great talent, the glory wasn't attributed to the Lin Clan. Actually, it was the opposite, they were going to suffer from harsh criticism. A talented young man who was once a member of the Lin Clan had been expelled from the Clan for being weak. How could they have been so stupid?

No matter what, after the battles of that day, Lin Feng had already gained an incredible reputation within Yangzhou City.

Very quickly, people in Yangzhou City would all hear the name, Lin Feng. The former piece of trash of the Lin Clan had become a genius who had received the blessing of heaven and earth, however he was stupidly thrown away by the Lin Clan.

Lin Feng obviously didn't think about that and didn't really care. All he wanted was to leave Yangzhou City. He didn't know when he would go back to Yangzhou City. He only knew that when he would go back there, people would respect him and acknowledge his power. There would be nobody who would dare disrespect or despise him. He wouldn't need to rely on a hostage next time. He would come and go freely as he pleased.


Ten days later, Lin Feng had arrived at the Yun Hai Sect on Qian Li Xue. gazing at the mountains where the Precipice of the Abyss was situated. He could not help but remember fond memories.

The path of cultivation was like a mountain which you continue climb and then one day, you can look down at creation from the top of the world.

Even though Lin Feng had shown outstanding talent in Yangzhou City, he wasn't the least bit conceited. He only knew that he had made some progress on the path of cultivation, but the world was big and the path was long.

He didn't know exactly how vast the Continent of the Nine Clouds was or how powerful the people were. There was no reason to be arrogant when he truly knew so little. There were many geniuses in the continent, for example, that man who accompanied Lin Qian who had a legendary roc spirit. He was so young and much stronger than Lin Feng. He already had the power to confront Yun Hai Sect Elder. He dared come to the Yun Hai Sect and demand respect.

’’When I get back to the pavilion, the first thing I should is choose new techniques of higher difficulty and take the exam to become an elite disciple. Joining the Elite Disciples will enable me to be a real Yun Hai Sect disciple and I'll be able to participate in the internal affairs of the sect. At the moment, I can't do anything as an Ordinary Disciple.’’

Lin Feng was thinking about what he was going to do and it was already clear to him what he had to do next.

At that moment, he could hear the thunderous hooves of horses in the distance, the ground was shaking.

Lin Feng was surprised. He immediately turned around and saw a cloud of dust rise into the air. Armored horses were galloping at full speed.

’’Chi Xue!’’ Lin Feng was stupefied. Those armored horses were the color of blood. Everyone knew of these horses, it was an extremely valuable horse. It was three times faster than his Qian Li Xue and it was extremely expensive.

It was said that a Chi Xue cost a thousand gold coins. It was also said that some special troops had Chi Xue horses. These troops would most likely be battle hardened soldiers.

But what were these troops doing in a territory which was under the domination of the Yun Hai Sect.

The precious armored horses were approaching at full speed. The people riding them were all soldiers who looked extremely well trained. They were all ferocious and looked extremely dangerous.

’’These people can go wherever they want, whenever they want. They are not like the self proclaimed masters and geniuses of Yangzhou City.’’ thought Lin Feng while slightly trembling at the sight of them. These people were extremely strong, deadly warriors. They were real masters to the extent that the weakest ones of the group would have at least reached the ninth Qi layer but the great majority would have broken into the Ling Qi layer long ago.

They are really elite troops... The smell of blood fills the air even miles away.

There were about thirty of them and when they got close to Lin Feng they suddenly slowed down. They raised their heads and looked at the mountain where the Yun Hai Sect was located, this was their destination.

Lin Feng had a strange feeling and his expression changed. He could see a figure which looked familiar, when his eyes focuses he could recognize the person.

’’It's her!’’

On one of these Chi Xue, there was a girl wearing a red armor, she looked grandiose and heroic. Besides, she was extremely beautiful. Lin Feng would never forget her face.

’’Shit.’’ Lin Feng thought while remaining vigilant. He hadn't thought he would meet her there. She was obviously with this group of deadly warriors. That incredibly beautiful girl was a respected and illustrious disciple of the Yun Hai Sect: Liu Fei.

’’Is that you?’’ said Liu Fei coldly. She looked angry while looking at Lin Feng. He had dared to disrespect her before. She hadn't taken her revenge yet, but had not forgotten about it.

Lin Feng was cursing in his mind. The group that was with her, they were all much stronger than the group he killed in Yangzhou City. They looked like battle hardened warriors. If they wanted to fight, Lin Feng would be unable to compete with them. That group was so much stronger than him. He was in a desperate situation as they were both faster and stronger than him, he did not want to fight.

’’Fei Fei, you have a problem with that guy?’’ said a young man next to Liu Fei while looking at Lin Feng. Because Liu Fei looked angry, that guy had also started to show anger.

’’No problem, he's one of my fellow disciples of the Yun Hai Sect. We recognized each other.’’

That was unexpected. Liu Fei had shook her head and said that indifferently. Then, she didn't look at him again and continued.

’’Shall we go inside.’’ said Liu Fei and then they left while heading towards the Yun Hai Sect. The young man next to Liu Fei glanced at Lin Feng with slight killing intent in his eyes.

Lin Feng frowned. He didn't understand what was going on. As far as he could remember, Liu Fei was rude and cruel, why would she let him go?


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