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Peerless Martial God - Chapter 500


Chapter 500: The Mysterious Encounter!

’’Kacha.....!’’ Another attack landed on the door. Lin Feng continuously bombarded the door. There were more and more cracks appearing on the door, it looked like it was on the verge of collapsing.

’’One more attack should be enough.’’ Thought Lin Feng with a smirk on the corner of his mouth. He gathered speed again and a strong whistling wind emerged from his hand again as he rushed through the air.

’’Break!’’ Shouted Lin Feng extremely loud and bombarded the door with his fist again. At that moment, there was no rumble or buzzing, only a cracking sound, the door was broken and crumbled into powder. The door was finally broken.

Lin Feng would finally be able to explore what was behind the door.

There was an ancient path, a passageway. It was so narrow that it could only accommodate two or three people. The air was filled with a mysterious and mystical Qi.

It wasn't exactly what Lin Feng had imagined. He had thought that when the door collapsed, he would see a mountain of incredible treasures and skills but instead, there was nothing more than just a long narrow passageway which seemed endless. Nobody knew where that passageway led to. Nobody knew how deep it was either.

Lin Feng was irresolute. He was still in the temple and had finally broken the door, but after seeing that it was just a passageway, he thought, was there any point in continuing?

’’I can't, I made such great efforts to break that door, I have to see what's inside.’’ Thought Lin Feng with a sharp light in his eyes.

’’That passageway seems so deep and mysterious, but since I took great efforts to break the door, if I just leave, it would be such a pity. I would have done all of this for nothing.’’ Thought Lin Feng while taking a step forwards. He immediately entered the passageway. It could be dangerous but it could also provide him with incredible opportunities. He just had to be vigilant.

Lin Feng entered the passage and suddenly felt a marvellous yet strange sensation. He was all alone in the passageway, there was no one else in sight and the surroundings had changed.

Lin Feng turned his head, but couldn't see the temple where he entered from. It was as if he had stepped into a completely different world, he was all alone.

’’It's an illusion!’’ Lin Feng was stupefied. That was an illusion. Besides, the illusion was extremely mysterious, in a flash, his surroundings had changed.

’’Sssssss!’’ A sharp whistling sound emerged in the air. Lin Feng was shocked. He then moved aside and a light passed by his body. He could feel that his cheeks were burning.

’’Apart from an illusion, there is also a killing formation?’’ Lin Feng was stunned. How dangerous. He couldn't believe his eyes. The passage contained an illusion and a killing formation, was he going to be killed?

Lin Feng didn't dare underestimate the killing potential of being trapped in an illusion. Last time, in the Nine Palace Dragon Formation, even though it was only an illusion, the people inside were killed and their bodies were thrown out of the illusion. They had died while being trapped inside.

The killing potential of an illusion wasn't to be taken lightly.

He could die.

’’Sssss.... Ssss.......’’ Two whistling sounds filled the air and were clearly detected by Lin Feng.

Lin Feng was calmly standing still. He could sense the wind around his body. Immediately after, he moved his hand and pierced through the atmosphere, destroying the two incoming attacks. He was being attacked with arrows. Lin Feng had broken those two arrows with his hand and they immediately fell to the ground for him to see.

’’Whoosh....’’ Other sounds emerged, Lin Feng moved like the wind and dodged. A blade shot past which illuminated the entire atmosphere.

’’What a terrifying place.’’ Thought Lin Feng. He was astonished, on that road, the attacks were unceasing. He could die at any moment. Lin Feng was wondering what was the purpose of the passageway? Was it made to kill people?

If it had only been made to kill people, why did they have to make it seem so mysterious?

Lin Feng didn't believe that the ancient temple was made as a joke to lure people in. His eyes twinkled and he kept walking forwards. He was more and more determined to find the mystery that was being so harshly protected, he wasn't hesitant anymore.

’’Whoosh..... Sssssss..!’’ Whistling sounds continued to fill the air. Arrows and blades appeared from every direction and attacked in Lin Feng's direction. They were even more terrifying than those from the previous attacks.

’’Piss off!’’ Shouted Lin Feng furiously. He then released his pure Qi in every direction which was as sharp as a sword, the arrows immediately broke under the Qi and they could no longer reach Lin Feng.

’’Phewww.....’’ Lin Feng took a deep breath and glanced at the path. He was stupefied, suddenly, something appeared in his mind.

What a mysterious illusion! Something as towering and lofty as a mountain appeared in his mind, it was a black statue which was the size of a mountain, it seemed like nothing could attack that powerful statue.

’’What's going on?’’

Lin Feng's heart was pounding violently. That statue flickered, it appeared in his mind for a brief moment and then disappeared again straight after. But in that statue, Lin Feng had detected a trace of intent. Lin Feng was trying to see the statue in his mind, he was not giving up.

’’Intent!’’ Whispered Lin Feng. After the earth fusion, there was intent. That intangible statue from before seemed like it had its own intent.

Lin Feng closed his eyes and used his heart to sense his surroundings, to sense the mysteries of that ancient passageway.

The whistling wind was caressing his body, Lin Feng started moving like the wind and suddenly felt an incredible sensation. He was trying his best to understand the mysteries.

The statue appeared again and a mysterious yet mystical pattern appeared on his body.

The statue looked like a statue of a wrathful Buddha, which had been there since ancient times, as if it was immortal and indestructible.

Besides, Lin Feng had another sensation, he could clearly sense the veins of the statue. They were incredible, he could sense all the veins connecting each molecule of the statue together.

’’What's that? Is it a skill?’’ Thought Lin Feng whose heart was palpitating. Could that statue use a skill? Did that statue want him to understand a skill?

But the skill wasn't in a book, it was written nowhere, nobody was telling him how it was performed. Lin Feng was only able to sense the veins within the statue. It was extremely mysterious. It was unimaginable, Lin Feng was shocked beyond words. But with his intuition, he could sense the mysteries flowing in those veins, he could tell that it was an extremely powerful skill.


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