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Peerless Martial God - Chapter 50


’’What do you intend to do? Who exactly do you think you are by ordering me to come down like that?’’ said Lin Feng in a tone filled with disdain.

The crowd started to think that everyone was becoming even more crazier than the last person. They were so crazy, they suited each other perfectly. Lin Feng wasn't important in these people's eyes and after all, they still despised him.

He wanted to see who despised him and who he could really count on in the end. It would make things much easier for him in the future to know who his real allies and enemies are.

’’What do I intend to do?’’ said Bai Yuan Hao with an evil smile on his face. He sneered at Lin Feng and said: ’’I am using you. You are my pet dog, nothing more... and you dare ask me what I intend to do?’’

’’Qiu Lan, there's nothing great about the people you chose to come. Even though their strength is so-so, they dare to disobey orders.’’ 
Qiu Lan made a wry smile and shook her head, then she said: ’’Duo Ming, you cannot fight against my bro. You should never fight against him. Get down now, ok?’’

’’Bro??’’ the crowd was stupefied. Qiu Lan suddenly called that wild and arrogant young man ’’bro’’.

’’I just came here to participate in the annual tournament, that's all. I am under nobody's control.’’ said Lin Feng as cold and detached before adding: ’’Whether I am his opponent or not, you are drawing final conclusions too early.’’

’’Hehe, I wouldn't have thought that in such a small place as Yangzhou City, there would surprisingly be someone who would dare talk to me, Qiu Yuan Hao, that way. really audacious to the extreme.’’

’’Qiu Lan, Qiu Yuan Hao, your family name is also Qiu?!’’ asked Na Lan Xiong standing and looking extremely surprised. 
’’You guessed right, my family name is also Qiu. Qiu Lan and I were once members of the Qiu Clan in Yangzhou City. One night, you made our clan, the Qiu Clan, disappear, vanish like a fire under water.’’ Qiu Yuan Hao's expression was ice cold and was looking at Na Lan Xiong with fury. 
’’That year, every member of the Qiu Clan was extremely powerful, we had a great many geniuses... All had extremely strong spirits. It even became the strongest clan of Yangzhou City. Nobody would have ever thought that you, head of the Na Lan Clan, would be so scared just because the Qiu Clan had become so strong. One night, you carried out a surprise attack on the Qiu Clan, slaughtering its members and their families. You almost killed everyone and exterminated our bloodline. That debt of blood, you can't have forgotten it, right?’’

The crowd was shaking in fear. Qiu Yuan Hao and Qiu Lan had belonged to the Qiu Clan in the past. 
In the crowd, everybody had heard about the Qiu Clan who was extremely powerful and relied on Vital Golden spirits... The Qiu Clan was like an unstoppable comet, nobody was able to defeat them and they were extremely famous. But one night, it completely disappeared from Yangzhou City without trace. Some people thought that the entire clan had moved to another place. Some other people thought that they had been killed by an unknown enemy. 
But the crowd would have never thought that the Qiu Clan had been annihilated by the Na Lan Clan. They had not only slaughtered them but also destroyed the evidence extremely well.

Na Lan Xiong's heart was pounding. He was filled with rage and fury. Killing intent was making his eyes glow, He had never thought that there were survivors of the Qiu Clan.

’’What? You want to silence witnesses by killing them?’’ said Qiu Yuan Hao with an evil smile on his face before adding: ’’Na Lan Xiong, I advise you not to get too excited. Your clan, the Na Lan Clan, will not continue to exist for a long time. Wait for me to come and get my revenge. Wait for me to annihilate your clan. Tomorrow or maybe the day after tomorrow, the name of your clan will not exist anymore in Yangzhou City.’’

’’Is that so? I would like to see how you are going to make us, the Na Lan Clan, disappear.’’ said Na Lan Xiong while smiling coldly.

’’Father!’’ At that moment, Na Lan Feng said again. She was looking at her father while shaking her head which made everyone stupefied. It seemed like Qiu Yuan Hao's words were not lies. He probably had a huge force behind him to back him up. Otherwise, Na Lan Feng would not over cautious like that. She seemed to be scared of them.

’’Bai Yuan Hao, I don't believe that you would ever touch me.’’ said Na Lan Feng in a cold tone.

’’I wouldn't dare kill you, but I definitely will dare humiliate you. Today, I came to Yangzhou in order to make my clan, the Qiu Clan, shine again, and to make people understand how filthy and evil your clan is. Your clan is disgusting. Wait and see, someday, I will come back to Yangzhou City, that will be the day when your clan disappears. 
Qiu Yuan sounded proud of himself and said: ’’Alright, you three continue your childish thing... the geniuses of Yangzhou City, haha, how ridiculous, how amusing!’’

’’If you have enemies, then you should get your revenge. But you shouldn't use me as a stepping stone.’’ Lin Feng said while looking at Qiu Yuan Hao and then added: ’’Once the tournament finishes, your problems will have nothing to do with me.’’

’’How stupid and foolish. Who do you think you are? If I, Qiu Yuan Hao, want to kill you, then I will kill you. An insignificant doggy like you still dares to show off. Since you don't want to close your big mouth, you should stay here forever and make this your grave.’’ said Qiu Yuan Hao while smiling evilly.

’’An insignificant dog? You can kill me if you want to? Truly ignorant’’ said Lin Feng in an evil tone while shaking his head. Qiu Lan and Qiu Yuan Hao were filled with an intense and deep hatred. He could understand why and where that hatred came from. Therefore, he had showed respect to them but Qiu Yuan Hao thought he was better than everybody else and he continued to insult and trying to humiliate Lin Feng. Since it was this way, Lin Feng had no reason to try and understand him and his hatred or show compassion to him.

’’Yangzhou City geniuses? Today, I want to show to everyone that you are just a bunch of trash.’’ said Qiu Yuan Hao in an impudent way. He then released his spirit, immediately, his entire body was covered with a magnificent golden light looking like rays of sun light. As the top of the arena was not covered, sunlight was refracting on his spirit which made it look even more majestic. The eyes of the people in the crowd were stunned by this magnificent view. His spirit was even more dazzling than Na Lan Feng's golden divine Arm Spirit.

’’That's a real golden spirit, how awesome!’’ said the crowd amazed. At that moment, Qiu Yuan Hao's body looked like a gigantic and invulnerable mountain of gold.

’’Na Lan Feng, you proclaimed yourself as genius, you are extremely arrogant because you possess a golden divine Arm Spirit, try and have a fight against me.’’ 
Qiu Yuan Hao's long hair was fluttering in the air. His entire body looked was majestic, coupled with the golden aura which had surrounded his body... The crowd had the feeling the feeling that he was invincible.

He stamped heavily on the main stage which made everyone shake. The entire crowd could already see how powerful he looked but being affected by his attack from such a distance had confirmed how powerful he was.

’’Invincible Golden Body’’ 
Qiu Yuan Hao's Qi was extremely powerful and made an incredibly loud noise. He then punched in the direction of Na Lan Feng and it looked like that punch was going to be fatal. 
Invincible Golden Body was a skill which Qiu Yuan Hao had accidentally discovered. It was one of the lowest skills of the Xuan category. Besides, coupled with his Golden Body Spirit, it was even more powerful. The power of the attack was truly amazing. Relying on that combination of spirit and technique, Qiu Yuan Hao could kill many cultivators of a similar strength.

’’divine Punch.’’ When Na Lan Feng saw that Qiu Yuan Hao was about to attack, she did the same and started an attack with a loud shout. She didn't think that her divine Arm Spirit was going to be much weaker than the spirit of her opponent.

’’BOOM, BOOM....’’

Power versus power. The entire atmosphere was shaking. Between the two golden punches, a splendid Qi appeared and made a whistling sound as it cut through the air. It then turned into a violent hurricane which shot into the atmosphere.

’’Let me crush you.’’ 
The brilliant golden light on Qiu Yuan Hao's body became even more radiant. An incredible strength emerged all around his fist. Na Lan Feng groaned and was knocked back ten steps. She was now breathing heavily. 
She was still looking at Qiu Yuan Hao. He still had his cold and arrogant smile on his face. He was breathing normally and there wasn't a single sign of exhaustion at all. 
The arrogant and prestigious girl of Yangzhou City couldn't even withstand a single attack when facing that opponent. She was already exhausted and about to collapse.

’’That divine Punch is strong.’’
divine Punch was an extremely powerful attack but Qiu Yuan Hao's Golden Body spirit hadn't been defeated yet. It was much stronger and incomparably more powerful. 
’’You dare call yourself a genius. That kind of foolishness is only possible in a small city like Yangzhou City. Only in such a miserable place, can you play that little game and make a show of authority, that's all.’’ Then he turned and looked at Lin Feng and Lin Qian ’’It should be the two of you on this stage, I don't mind teaching you a lesson once, I want you to understand that you have an exaggerated opinion about yourselves. I also wanted to show all these people, these good-for-nothings what kind of people you are and yet dare call yourselves geniuses.’’

Qiu Yuan Hao was extremely arrogant and confident in his power. He thought that every single person in Yangzhou City was a piece of trash, a good-for-nothing. However, he had defeated Na Lan Qiu a single attack so he actually had the right to be that presumptuous and arrogant. 
’’That young man is really an outstanding talent. He is an authentic genius and extremely powerful.’’ The crowd was looking at Qiu Yuan Hao as if he was a deity. They thought that his strength was incredible. The person in whom the crowd had faith, miserably lost against Qiu Yuan Hao, what kind of person had such power?

In the Continent of the Nine Clouds, everybody only supported strong Cultivators. 
’’Well, what about you? Are you not making a show of authority in Yangzhou City?’’ 
At that moment, Lin Feng had said those words as if he had spat them directly into Qiu Yuan Hao's face, which stupefied everybody in the crowd. He was really audacious, suddenly daring to humiliate Qiu Yuan Hao.

Qiu Yuan Hao looked indifferent and even had a teasing expression in his eyes. He then said: ’’Look at that, how brave. Once again, you've been playing the role of my little doggy. This time, I will have mercy on you, I will not kill you. However, as a punishment for your insolence, I will make your life a living hell and destroy that rotten mouth of yours.’’

’’Little doggy, rotten mouth... I noticed how rich your vocabulary is. However, I think that you are the one who spends his life being a little doggy.’’ said Lin Feng while grinning and sneering at Qiu Yuan Hao. Even though Qiu Yuan Hao's spirit was powerful, his strength was equivalent to that normally reached when at the first Ling Qi layer, otherwise, his punch a moment before wouldn't have just made Na Lan Feng step back of a few steps.

’’I'll kill you!’’ yelled Qiu Yuan Hao. He liked to call other people names but what he hated the most was being called names by other people. His body started glowing in a golden light and he threw himself towards Lin Feng...


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