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Peerless Martial God - Chapter 435


Chapter 435: Looking Down On Everybody

Editor: Fluphy

’’What an incredible woman!’’ At first glance, the crowd was gasping with amazement when they saw her. They were all fixedly staring at her silhouette;their eyes couldn't move away. Many people wanted to see the under the veil;it was the same reaction as when people wanted to see Meng Qing's face.

That woman was able to cause such emotion to stir in the people's hearts;her aura was extraordinary.

Lin Feng was also stupefied. It was the first time he had encountered this woman. He didn't know her and felt it was very strange. However, after concentrating on her aura, Lin Feng felt like they had encountered each other before as if they had already met.

He had the feeling that they had never gotten to know each other, but they had crossed paths, the feeling was extremely strange. Lin Feng couldn't explain it.

Of course, the women didn't concern themselves with the thoughts of the crowd. They only noticed that many people were staring at them. Some people were even standing on the tips of their toes to try to see them, but it was already too late.

The colourful ribbons had already created a bridge across the sky, and the veiled woman was sliding up the ribbons into the heavens. Immediately after, the crowd saw the other women jump onto other ribbons and glide into the sky;it was like a fairy-tale.

At that moment, the beautiful woman had already passed Lin Feng who was still in the air.

’’Come, all of you.’’ Said the woman in an indifferent voice. However, there was a tinge of warmth in her voice. Her colourful ribbons were fluttering in the wind as all the women had finally caught up with her.

The entire group was composed of beautiful women. When they arrived near the mystical and mysterious woman, the ribbons suddenly surrounded the old man and completely restrained his movements.

’’Who are they?’’ When the crowd saw those mystical and mysterious women appear, everyone was asking themselves who they were. They were walking through the sky on flying ribbons as if they were walking on flat ground. The entire group was extremely strong, and they were all women, the crowd was intrigued and curious as to who this mysterious group was.

Within the members of the Yu Clan, many of them felt their hearts racing;it was them, or more precisely, it was her!

Teng Wu Yao, the patriarch of the Wan Shou Sect, also started to shake. Since the last time he was warned, he already understood that the person he could not offend was her!

The most astonished person was the head of the Yue Clan, Yue Qing Shan.

When he saw that woman, he abruptly stood up;he was shaking from head to toe;his eyes were filled with shock and anger.

That move astonished the people of the Yue Clan, why was the head acting so strangely? Why did he seem so shocked? How could a single person shock him to this extent?

’’It's her. She came.’’ Thought a few well-informed people when they saw the events unfolding.

A subtle sound spread through the air interrupting everyone's train of thought. They only saw the old man was suddenly pierced by the multiple ribbons surrounding his body. He tried to escape, but when he saw the faces of all the women, he was astonished.

’’Get him!’’ Said the mystical woman, her voice was extremely cold.

In a flash, an endless stream of colourful ribbons floated through the wind towards the old man.

At the same time, the other women shot into action. Six women were encircling the old man, in front of him, behind him, on his left, on his right, under him and above him. He had absolutely no escape from any direction.

A terrifying Qi then emerged in the atmosphere. The myriad of colourful ribbons started to flutter. At the same time, a pure condensed in the air and the atmosphere sounded like it was breaking. All those six women were releasing their pure Qi which caused the air to tremble.

The most astonishing thing was that the pure Qi seemed like it was connecting itself to the ribbons.

’’Break!’’ Shouted the old man furiously while pulling a long face. An incredible power was unleashed and bombarded the colourful ribbons, halting their advance. But each time the old man stopped one of the ribbons, the other ribbons would riddle the old man's body with attacks.


The six women shouted something inaudible at the same moment. Suddenly, In the air, six colourful ribbons fused together. These ribbons were formed of pure Qi which meant that the pure Qi of the six had combined.


The crowd was astonished. Those six women were combining their pure Qi;they were going to combine their power and use it to fight against the old man.

’’Die!’’ Shouted the old man furiously. He attacked towards the ribbons once again;his body rose into the air, but it seemed like no matter where he went, the women would follow.

’’Boom!’’ A terrifying punch suddenly bombarded the atmosphere, and the atmosphere felt like it was shaking.

An endless stream of Pure Qi filled the air, and it seemed like it could break through anything as it rushed against the old man's fist, knocking him back.

The old man started to shake. His punch was easily deflected which caused him to pull a long face.

’’Pure Qi Prison!’’ Shouted the six women in unison. Their pure Qi looked incredibly powerful;the crowd was dumbstruck.

The six women were in perfection harmony with each other, as their pure Qi formed a cage which imprisoned the old man.

The old man's face was a sight to be seen;his face grew glum, and he began to shake in terror. He could clearly sense the power of the pure Qi cage. How powerful!

When the old man noticed that the pure Qi was growing more violent over time, so he quickly shook his hand and formed a terrifying blade around his fist, it was made entirely from pure Qi.

’’Arrghhhh!!!’’ The old man roared with all his might. His body rose into the air and a powerful punch smashed against the Qi cage. The cage emitted a bright light on impact and the sound of cracking filled the air.

’’Bind!’’ Said another voice in an ice-cold tone which caused the atmosphere to shake. The pure Qi cage gave off a bright light and a terrifying pure Qi emerged. The Pure Qi rushed straight towards the old man.


A terrifying sound filled the air the two Qi's collided. The old man was starting to shake as his attack had been overcome and the threads of pure Qi immediately started to seal off his body. He was struggling like a madman to break free from the binding, but he was unable to stop the pure Qi from binding him.

’’Bind!’’ The colourful ribbons fluttered on the wind and imprisoned the old man. From head to toe, the old man wrapped up like a colourful mummy. His body was bound in the shape of a cross, and his face was deathly pale with blood was flowing from his mouth.


Millions of hearts were all violently pounding at the same time;they couldn't believe what they had witnessed. A short time before, the old man was controlling everything and acting in an insufferably overbearing manner. However, in the blink of an eye, he was tied and bound by multiple colourful ribbons.

Those women were all extremely strong, but why did they attack the old man?

The mysterious woman looked at the old man who was bound by the colourful ribbons and said indifferently: ’’You think that just because he has no influence and no power supporting him, you can strut around and kill him as you please?’’

Her words shocked the crowd.

She was obviously pointing towards Lin Feng.

That mysterious woman had come to the aid of Lin Feng.

The old man was astonished, his face had turned deathly pale, there wasn't a single drop of colour left in his body.

’’Today, I have had enough. No matter how many influential groups step forward, if you continue to act like you are the kings of this world, I will show you what fate awaits you.’’ Said the mysterious woman while glancing at the crowd. ’’Since you refuse to abide by the rules and choose to break them, I will also ignore the rules;this national competition is over.’’

When she finished talking, the mysterious woman turned to Lin Feng, a soft and tender expression appeared under her veil, her coldness and aloofness had vanished.

The twinkling of tears even started to appear in her eyes, but she quickly controlled herself.

’’He wanted to take your life;now his life is in your hands. As far as the other two are concerned, the battle can continue. We will see if anyone has the courage to interrupt!’’ Said the woman while pointing at the old man and then to She Qiong and Chu Zhan Peng. Lin Feng had the power to kill the old man and continue his battle against She Qiong and Chu Zhan Peng.

Nobody would be able to intervene.

That woman was extremely aggressive, she looked down on everybody as if they were ants.


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