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Peerless Martial God - Chapter 422


’’Inside of the fog, kill anyone as you please, the only rule is to kill. Spare no effort, the only way to become stronger is to constantly be surrounded by death. Only through such experiences, will you be able to become the most dazzling cultivator of Xue Yue. If you want to join the Great Competition of Xue Yu and leave Xue Yue, you must prove that you are strong and must achieve glorious accomplishments.’’

Those were the last words people heard before drowning in the black fog. The king rose both his hands and started making some hand movements, it looked strange, as if he was casting a strange type of magic. The black fog was unceasingly rolling through the atmosphere until it gradually became calm. Inside the black fog, a different scene was occurring.

’’What's that?’’ The spectators were shivering. The black fog started to turn into a clear grey bubble, they could clearly see through the fog. Inside the clear fog, they could see the young and outstanding cultivators.

However, what astonished the crowd was that the people inside. Even though they were all very close to each other, it seemed like they were unable to see the other person.

The people inside... Couldn't see through the clear fog?

’’What's going on?’’ The crowd looked stupefied. How strange! The people who were inside the fog looked like they had lost all sense of direction. Some people were separated by two or three meters but couldn't see the other person. They were clumsily moving around and many were moving very cautiously.

The people in the crowd raised their heads and looked at the king, he was still moving his hands. They couldn't understand what was happening.

It was an illusion. Indeed, the people inside were trapped inside an illusion created by the king.

’’Black fog!’’ Whispered people in the crowd. They understood what it really meant at that moment. Those inside the fog had become blind and their senses were restricted. They were prisoners inside an illusion.

The king had created an illusion for them.

Before being made a prisoner of that grey bubble, the competitors heard the king's last sentence, they could kill other people as they pleased. After having heard that sentence, it seemed like they had all been transported to a completely different world, a very strange one.

Lin Feng and Meng Qing were no longer together. They could no longer see the other person. A moment before, they entered the fog together but now, they had been completely separated from the other.

’’It's an illusion!’’ Lin Feng raised his head and looked in front of him. The full moon and the crowd of people had disappeared. The only thing left was a palace, an extremely large palace, it seemed like it had no end. Lin Feng had the impression that he was alone inside an extremely large room, and on top of that, it seemed like that palace had no end.

Anyone who could notice the drastic changes in that landscape could understand that it was an illusion created by the king, but then again, knowing that it was an illusion would not help them, they were still trapped inside the illusion and everything seemed real to them.

’’It seems like a bloodbath will be inevitable in here.’’ Thought Lin Feng. He then immediately started walking. He didn't stay where he was trying to find a solution to break the illusion, he first wanted to find Meng Qing and then he would think about the rest.

The people confined in the illusion weren't like the majority of those outside. They were outstanding cultivators, there wasn't a single weakling. Lin Feng was worried about Meng Qing, even if she was very strong.

’’It looks so real.’’ Lin Feng was calmly walking in that palace very slowly. The floor was made of bluestone. Suddenly, many voices started echoing in the air and then it became silent again. That vast area didn't look like an illusion, it looked very real.

Lin Feng arrived inside a room and suddenly a powerful Qi enveloped his body which surprised him. Immediately after, the sound of a chaotic wind rushed towards him.

Lin Feng smiled coldly and released a terrifying energy, it was the energy of his murderous sword. It rose into the air and it made the entire palace vibrate.

The facial expression of the person who had just attacked him changed drastically. It seemed like there were restrictions inside of that bubble, it seemed impossible to remove the effects of the illusion. One could only rely on one's intuition and hearing to determine if there was another person near them. That person had only been able to hear Lin Feng's steps as he waited to ambush him, so he couldn't possibly know that it was Lin Feng that he was attacking.

’’Wait, wait!’’ Shouted that person loudly but they didn't stop launching attacks. They were saying ’’wait’’ but they continued to attack the other person.

Would anyone stop and trust the opponent who just attacked them? Impossible. In that place, the sound of breathing was the only way to determine if the opponent was alive or not, who would trust the other person? The person had noticed that Lin Feng's energy had halted, but he still did not stop his attack on Lin Feng. Lin Feng had no other choice but to defend himself.

’’Die!’’ Shouted Lin Feng furiously. His sword Qi whistled through the air and pierced into the opponents fist. Blood burst forth into the air. The one who had attacked Lin Feng could no longer use his hand, but it did not stop there. At the moment when Lin Feng's hand and the other person's fist collided, that person gave a horrible shriek. Lin Feng's Qi sliced the opponent's hand in two, then their forearm, then their arm and ultimately removed their head.

The first cultivator of the Xuan Qi layer had died!

’’What a monstrous strength!’’ Under the light of the full moon, the crowd all lifted their heads and looked at the scene, it made them shiver.

They couldn't sense Lin Feng's energy but they could see the result of the battle. The grey bubble was even vibrating under the immense power.

Lin Feng had attacked once and instantly killed a cultivator of the Xuan Qi layer. The most surprising thing was that Lin Feng was attacked by surprise by his opponent.

A silhouette emerged from the black fog which astonished the crowd. It was a corpse. It was the person who had just been killed by Lin Feng.

After dying, the bodies were thrown out of the illusion. It was an illusion but people could still be killed inside.

That illusion was terrifying.

In the illusion, Lin Feng had killed someone and then the person vanished, that stupefied him.

’’He was thrown out of the illusion...?’’ He looked like he didn't understand. Had the person just been ejected from the illusion or were they actually dead?

He frowned and then concluded that person was dead. A moment before, the blood had been real. Besides, at the moment when the illusion had started, the king had said that they could kill as they pleased, even though the illusion was a fake world, the death inside it was completely real.

’’What a boring game.’’ Thought Lin Feng. This was a game created by the king, he was using the lives of young geniuses as toys. In order to choose the most outstanding cultivators, he could have set up a huge fighting arena and organized a tournament... But instead, he had chosen to put them in an illusionary world where they were blinded by blackness. In such circumstances, people would just randomly kill each other until only the strongest were left.

Even if all those people had incredibly high natural abilities, wasn't it useless? Their talent and lives didn't matter to the king. What he wanted was to see the final victory of his game. The others didn't matter, if they died, it just meant that they were worthless.

’’Ahhhhh....’’ A horrible shriek spread in the air on Lin Feng's right which surprised him. He started to think about the situation.

’’A moment before, the one who attacked me by surprise came from my left, and that shout came from my right.’’ Thought Lin Feng. It seemed like the palace was composed of endless rooms, there were people fighting on his left and on his right.

’’Oh, and in front of me as well!’’ Lin Feng was suddenly dumbstruck. There was a door in front of him, and there were doors on his left and right as well. Behind those doors, there were people.

’’Nine large square-shaped rooms constitute the palace!’’ Sharp lights twinkled in Lin Feng's eyes. He raised his head and moved forwards obliquely. There was also something above. Lin Feng suddenly frowned.

Doors, there were more doors.

All those who were competing were behind different doors.

’’It's a death game, this illusion is obviously a death game.’’ Thought Lin Feng whose heart was gradually being invaded by coldness. Lin Feng was surrounded by people. Lin Feng couldn't forget that detail. Behind each door, there was a terrifyingly strong cultivator.

’’Huh?’’ At that moment, Lin Feng frowned. He turned around and saw something not far in front of him. A pair of eyes furtively glanced at him from there.

’’As expected, there are people under me as well.’’ Thought Lin Feng as if he had suddenly understood something.

After furtively glancing at Lin Feng, that person slowly moved back into the floor, pretending that they didn't see anything. Lin Feng smiled as if he found the situation amusing.

’’Wait, wait!’’ Shouted Lin Feng in a deep voice which surprised the person. They couldn't just continue leaving. They could only see Lin Feng's smile in the darkness, he looked amused.

’’I didn't know that you were here, Your Excellency.’’

’’No problem, first come here and then we'll talk.’’ Said Lin Feng while smiling which surprised his interlocutor. That person suddenly looked extremely irresolute.

A subtle sound emerged in the atmosphere. That person smiled, their lips were shaking. Their face turned deathly pale, they were terrified.

The top of the person's head burst open and blood gushed out to create a blood fountain. It was terrifying.

Lin Feng was also surprised when he saw that. Under that person, there was somebody else that emerged through the door.

’’How cruel.’’ Thought Lin Feng feeling a chill run through his heart. Immediately after, he moved forwards and released a thick and dense deadly energy.


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