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Peerless Martial God - Chapter 409


The first time that the Wan Shou Sect had come to kill Lin Feng's friends, Lin Feng had rushed to stop them but the Celestial Academy didn't intervene.

However this time, the Wan Shou Sect had come in great numbers and barged into their territory, weren't they looking down on the academy too much?

Their behaviour proved that they did not put the academy in their eyes, they thought that the Celestial Academy didn't dare to stand in their way.

But Lin Feng obviously knew that was not the case, he knew who was at the roots of the academy, he also knew that, inside the academy, there was an extremely strong cultivator who was hidden in the background: Yan Yu Ping Sheng.

Besides, Lin Feng and Yan Yu Ping Sheng were extremely close. Yan Yu Ping Sheng was a teacher and his two students, Wen Ao Xue and Duan Xin Ye, were close to Lin Feng. Therefore, when Lin Feng heard that the Wan Shou Sect had brought a large group with murderous intentions, Lin Feng knew that Yan Yu Ping Sheng wouldn't stay hidden.

In fact, it was exactly like Lin Feng had anticipated. When he heard the sound of the zither, he knew that Yan Yu Ping Sheng had come.

’’Stop!’’ Suddenly shouted Teng Wu Shan. Instantly everybody stopped moving, they were wondering why they were interrupted.


Teng Wu Shan had shouted at them when he heard the zither, ordering them to stop. Who was the one playing the zither?

Everybody turned around and looked in the direction where the melody was coming from. In the distance, a silhouette appeared on the horizon and that person was moving towards them.

That person was surrounded by a calm and tranquil Qi, giving anyone who looked at him a feeling of calm and serenity.

’’Teacher!’’ Many people immediately recognized Yan Yu Ping Sheng when they saw him. He was sitting on a cushion as he flew through the sky which stupefied the crowd.

’’Teacher is so amazing!’’ Thought many people surprised. Yan Yu Ping Sheng usually gave people the feeling that he was a simple, indifferent and carefree man. They just knew that he loved playing the zither. People who knew how terrifyingly strong he was were very rare.

Teng Wu Shan looked at that carefree man and frowned. He looked at him and said: ’’Venerable Mister Yan Yu, this is between Lin Feng and the Wan Shou Sect, I hope that you will understand and will not get involved.’’ the crowd suddenly shivered. The vice-patriarch of the Wan Shou Sect was calling him ’’venerable mister’’ which made the crowd swallow their saliva, they were speechless.

Many members of the Wan Shou Sect didn't know who Yan Yu Ping Sheng was so they were surprised. The form of address Teng Wu Shan used to talk to Yan Yu Ping Sheng was surprising but it seemed natural.

At that moment, Yan Yu Ping Sheng glanced at Teng Wu Shan in an indifferent way, his fingers were still fluttering across the strings of the zither, the melody was gradually becoming more intense, the calmness of the melody contained murderous intentions which made Teng Wu Shan frown even more firmly.

’’Between Lin Feng and you? Teng Wu Shan, you ought to know my status.’’ Said Yan Yu Ping Sheng indifferently.

’’I know, you are the principal of the Celestial Academy!’’ Replied Teng Wu Shan which made the crowd frown.

Principal? Surprisingly, Yan Yu Ping Sheng was the principal of the Celestial Academy, the crowd was astonished, nobody had ever thought of that.

Lin Feng was also stupefied, the principal of the Celestial Academy was Yan Yu Ping Sheng?!

What about Duan Wu Ya then?

’’Since you know that I am the principal of the Celestial Academy, I would like to ask you something, you barged into the academy in such a domineering and aggressive way but... Have you ever thought about my opinion?’’ The melody of the zither was growing colder and colder. Yan Yu Ping Sheng's voice was also colder which made Teng Wu Shan's frown grow more intense.

’’Venerable Mister Yan Yu, Lin Feng has killed members of the Wan Shou Sect, the patriarch himself gave the order to kill Lin Feng.’’ Said Teng Wu Shan while narrowing his eyes.

’’Very good.’’ Said Yan Yu Ping Sheng sounding cold and detached.

’’The Wan Shou Sect thinks they can look down on everyone, I didn't condemn Teng Wu Yao. But against all expectations, you Teng Wu Shan, surprisingly came here and threatened me with the name of Teng Wu Yao. Go back and tell him to come in person.’’ Said Yan Yu Ping Sheng. At that moment, he was very calm but his calmness didn't seem auspicious.

Teng Wu Shan looked glum, he was silently staring at Yan Yu Ping Sheng.

After looking pensive for a while, Teng Wu Shan opened his mouth again: ’’Since it's that way, I will go and inform the patriarch.’’

When he finished talking, Teng Wu Shan turned and left with his group.

If they tried to attack Lin Feng and Yan Yu Ping Sheng got involved, they wouldn't have the ability to kill Lin Feng. The only option was for them was to leave.

’’Wait, wait.’’ Said a voice sounding indifferent which surprised Teng Wu Shan, he stopped but didn't turn around and said: ’’Venerable Mister Yan Yu, is there anything else you would like?’’

’’If you want to barge in, you barge in, if you want to leave, you just leave, what kind of place do you think my academy is?’’ When Yan Yu Ping Sheng finished talking, he continued playing the zither. An oppressive Qi emerged in the atmosphere, the music that started flowing in the atmosphere felt deadly as it invaded the ears.

’’Retreat quickly!’’

Teng Wu Shan's facial expression changed, he abruptly started to flee.

When the members of the Wan Shou Sect saw that, all their silhouettes flickered, they all closely followed Teng Wu Shan.

The deadly energy of the melody started revolving in the atmosphere. Threads of pure Qi were emerging from the zither in large quantities, they then turned into a rain of pure Qi, the threads were as sharp as swords as they flew through the air.


Many horrible shrieks spread through the air. Many people were struck with an acute and violent pain that spread through their entire body. Their beasts were the main target of that zither rain and they roared in agony.

’’What a terrifying strength.’’ Thought the crowd when they saw that sharp zither rain. They were dazzled, Yan Yu Ping Sheng's was extremely strong.

’’Next time you barge in here, you will suffer the same fate as your beasts.’’ Said Yan Yu Ping Sheng from the sky. Immediately after, the beasts of the Wan Shou Sect could be seen falling from the sky, they had died.

The Wan Shou Sect had lost again, so many strong cultivators had come with the intention to kill Lin Feng and were being humiliated again. Yan Yu Ping Sheng had humiliated them this time.

Teng Wu Shan's facial expression looked glum, ferocious and hideous, he looked hideously scary.

’’Yan Yu Ping Sheng!’’ Teng Wu Shan and the others' silhouettes flickered, they were releasing a terrifying deadly Qi. In such a short time, the Wan Shou Sect had been humiliated by Lin Feng, a junior, by the Yue Clan and then by Yan Yu Ping Sheng. On top of that, they had lost many cultivators of the Xuan Qi layer and a great deal of ferocious beasts. Even their bones felt the pain of this humiliation.

How could the Wan Shou Sect not be furious?

When the crowd sensed the terrifying energy coming from the Wan Shou Sect as they escaped into the distance, they moved farther away, the crowd didn't dare to provoke them.

The members of the Wan Shou Sect were like death gods at that moment, if anyone saw them, they instinctively moved out of the way.

However, at that moment, someone was standing in front of them, motionless.

’’Get lost!’’ Shouted Teng Wu Shan furiously and immediately tried to punch the person blocking their path, his fist was unleashing his rage.

That punch whistled through the air and was clearly aiming to kill the person. However, at the moment when that person was going to be struck by the punch, an incredibly sharp energy swept over the area. The energy of that punch was destroyed in an instant.

’’Huh?’’ Teng Wu Shan frowned and stopped. He raised his hand and waved indicating that he all of the group to stop as well.

’’Your Excellency, who are you?’’ Asked Teng Wu Shan in a cold and detached tone. A moment before, that extremely sharp Qi felt like sword energy, it had immediately crushed destroyed the force unleashed by his punch, that person was probably extremely strong.

’’It's been a long time since someone tried to attack me.’’ Said the person naturally. That person then slowly turned around and at that moment, Teng Wu Shan frowned and his facial expression drastically changed.

It was him, surprisingly, it was him!

Teng Wu Shan surprisingly dared to attack him!

’’I didn't know it was you, Your Excellency! I offended you, please forgive me!’’

Nobody replied to Teng Wu Shan. In the air, a deadly energy solidified itself into a sword, it then lacerated the air emitting whistling sounds.

That move made Teng Wu Shan's facial expression drastically fall, he shouted loudly: ’’Zhuge Wu Qing, I was ignorant, I didn't mean to offend you, is it necessary to act in such a way?’’

’’You didn't know that it was me but I came here precisely to wait for you.’’ Said Zhuge Wu Qing which astonished them. Zhuge Wu Qing had been waiting for them!

His incredible sword was lacerating everything, he moved and his entire body looked just like a sword. His silhouette flickered and he disappeared from sight.

A sword whistled and streaked across the sky and each time it appeared, blood splashed into the air.


Zhuge Wu Qing surprisingly attacked them, he was releasing a cruel and merciless deadly energy. Each time he moved, a cultivator of the Xuan Qi layer would die. Zhuge Wu Qing was slaughtering the entirety of the large group.

In the air, nothing else could exist, there was only Zhuge Wu Qing's sword energy, the members of the Wan Shou Sect didn't even know why they were being butchered.


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