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Peerless Martial God - Chapter 396


The cat managed to escape, it disappeared in a flash.

The Tian level beast reigned over that territory as a king, then it suddenly found itself in a dangerous situation and in time, it would become an ordinary Xuan level beast. He had to find a place to hide.

’’Roaarrr...’’ After having remained silent for a while, the Winged Tiger started to roar while looking to the sky and running around in a frenzy. It also started releasing its Qi into the air.

Its roars echoed through the atmosphere and caused the air to vibrate. The Winged Tiger was venting all of its anger that it held inside all of this time. It had been suffering for ten years, the cat was humiliating it for ten years... And the tiger finally had its freedom.

However, at that moment, Lin Feng's eyes were still pitch black, just like two black holes. His eyes looked emotionless and ice-cold. Lin Feng knew that he couldn't control the power of four swords. At that moment, two of the swords were emitting whistling sounds in the atmosphere. They were chaotically rushing through the air and evil clouds had covered the sky. Lin Feng couldn't do anything to stop them, he could even feel that the swords were slowly gaining control over his body.

’’Return.’’ Shouted Lin Feng in a deep voice. The sword which was still emerging from Lin Feng's body was forced back inside and disappeared. It returned to Lin Feng's body. Lin Feng then quickly isolated it from his soul and stopped that sword from influencing him.

However, Lin Feng looked deathly pale.

’’Return!’’ Shouted Lin Feng furiously. Then the strength of his soul burst into the atmosphere enveloping two of the swords.

However, these two evil swords were shaking and emitting whistling sounds. They were refusing to return to Lin Feng's body, on the contrary, they wanted to consume Lin Feng's soul. At the same time, an evil Qi penetrated into Lin Feng's body which made his emotionless eyes suddenly look furious.

Those evil swords were polluting his body with evil Qi.

’’Return!’’ Roared Lin Feng while raising his head. The strength of his soul was divided into an endless number of small pieces which rushed towards the evil swords to restrict them. At the same time, it started to drag the swords towards his body. While being dragged through the air, the swords were shaking and struggling against the power of Lin Feng's soul.

Even though Lin Feng's body was now filled with evil Qi, he was still clear-headed. A light started to illuminate the atmosphere through the evil clouds as the two evil swords were slowly dragged back into Lin Feng's body, they soon disappeared as if nothing had ever happened.

’’You too.’’ Said Lin Feng to the sword that he was holding. He then easily returned it to his body. It was the sword with which Lin Feng was the most familiar, it was also the only sword he was able to control.

The four swords had disappeared as if nothing happened and the evil clouds also slowly dispersed.

A thread of black blood suddenly flowed from Lin Feng's mouth. Lin Feng's body had lost all of its power and his body was now falling powerlessly to the ground .

’’Whoosh!’’ A light flashed towards Lin Feng, it was the Winged Tiger, it immediately caught Lin Feng who was plummeting towards the ground. It then laid Lin Feng delicately on a huge rock next to a waterfall.

Lin Feng continued to lay there. He left the world of darkness created by his celestial spirit and gradually regained his consciousness. His brow was covered with sweat, he opened his mouth and took a deep breath.

Simply unleashing the evil swords was terrifying, when Lin Feng unleashed them, he had to resist the evil Qi and wrath which was constantly invading his heart.

With his strength, Lin Feng was only able to use the power of a single sword. He had the feeling that he had used all of his pure Qi reserves. The evil swords required more pure Qi than Lin Feng's body could provide. Besides, if he used the evil swords too often, he would have his body polluted by the evil Qi which tried to invade his heart. It would invade his heart and slowly take control of his soul, his body would become nothing but a tool. He would be transformed into a tool for the evil sword to use to unleash its wrath on the world.

The evil swords were filled with their own willpower and determination and seemed to have a life of their own. Lin Feng couldn't unleash the power of more than one sword at a time.

’’I wonder when I will be able to control more than a single sword, if I could, I would be able to slaughter Tian level beasts.’’ Whispered Lin Feng to himself. If, one day, he was able to control those swords, Lin Feng would be the unstoppable king of Xue Yue.

With a slight movement, a large amount of purity stones appeared beside Lin Feng. He closed his eyes and immediately started to absorb the pure Qi without holding back.

At that moment, Lin Feng was extremely greedy as he consumed the pure Qi, he needed lots of pure Qi to recover. He had used every ounce of his strength.

The Winged Tiger was standing next to Lin Feng and was staring at him with its large eyes. It seemed like he was lost in thought.

The cat had run away but now Lin Feng was his master. However, Lin Feng had said that he wanted the tiger to be his equal, not his pet.

During the battle against the cat, the Winged Tiger had seen that Lin Feng was a courageous and trustworthy person, he would never behave like the cat to trick and humiliate the tiger.

While thinking, the Winged Tiger slightly crouched down and looked towards the sky. It was an ancient ferocious beast and its destiny was in Lin Feng's hands. Lin Feng and the tiger were tied together by the threads of fate.

There was nobody around to bother Lin Feng and the Winged Tiger. They were in a very isolated location in the Nine Dragon Mountain Chain. Human cultivators never came this deep into the mountain chain. The ferocious beasts had all run away from the area when they saw the evil cloud and sensed the Qi of the Tian level beast. They didn't even dare to go near that territory any longer.

The ferocious beasts of that area were extremely wise and intelligent, they wouldn't foolishly go there out of curiosity.

But, the Winged Tiger and Lin Feng didn't know that fifty kilometers away from them, some people had arrived.

The evil cloud and the bestial Qi had invaded the entire atmosphere across a hundred kilometres into the distance, people could still sense the powerful Qi, they could even still see the Qi covering that area.

Those people were the members of the Wan Shou Sect. They were still looking for Lin Feng and Wu Zhen. Even though they had gradually lost hope and understood that Wu Zhen was probably dead, they still refused to give up.

Before sensing the bestial Qi and the evil clouds, they were about to give up and return.

’’Patriarch, that evil Qi must belong to one of the evil swords. Maybe an extremely strong cultivator found one and is hunting in the depths of the mountain chain.’’ Said the vice patriarch of the Wan Shou Sect, Teng Wu Shan in a low voice while approaching his elder brother Teng Wu Yao. Teng Wu Yao slightly nodded. That evil cloud also contained a terrifying sword energy, it indubitably belonged to one of the evil swords. Surprisingly, someone had managed to obtain it, moreover they even knew how to control it and were using it to fight.

What they didn't know was that the extremely strong cultivator who had obtained the evil swords was Lin Feng and that he actually couldn't control them properly and only revealed a fraction of their power.

Nobody would even think about that possibility. Even at the moment when the nine sword mountains were destroyed, Lin Feng was there, but nobody who knew about the legend of the evil swords had thought that Lin Feng was the one who had obtained the evil swords because he was far too weak, how could he attract the evil swords? How could he have the power to break the seal? Therefore, nobody would ever consider that possibility.

They obviously thought that an extremely strong sword cultivator had obtained the evil swords.

’’There is not only evil Qi, there is also the Qi of a Tian level beast.’’ Whispered Teng Wu Yao. If only they could obtain a Tian level beast, how terrifying would that be? Unfortunately, it was impossible, they could only dream about achieving something like that.

’’Patriarch, should we go and take a look or should we leave?’’ Asked Teng Wu Shan in a low voice.

Teng Wu Yao remained silent for a moment, he looked uncertain. Immediately after he said coldly: ’’Let's go back. Whether it's the extremely strong cultivator who obtained the evil swords or the Tian level beast, either one could kill us all very easily. Perhaps Lin Feng has already died in the depths of the mountain.’’

’’Of course, even if he is dead, I also want to kill all those who are close to him, his friends and family can accompany him to the afterlife.’’ Said Teng Wu Yao in a piercingly cold voice. In fact, he was sure that his son Wu Zhen had died. Many people were well aware that Wu Zhen was dead but nobody dared to mention it, it was too painful for the patriarch.

Nobody knew how Wu Zhen had died. They didn't believe that Lin Feng could kill Wu Zhen, the circumstances of his death were still a mystery.

’’Let's go back.’’ Shouted Teng Wu Yao in a deep voice. He turned around and informed all the members of the Wan Shou Sect that they were leaving the Nine Dragon Mountain Chain. They sighed and started to leave.

The extremely strong cultivators of the Wan Shou Sect were all moving together with their beasts, if a strong wild beast attacked them, they would be able to cope using their numbers.

The events hit Xue Yue like a storm, the Yue Clan obtained a vein of the earth, the Yu Clan obtained nothing at all but also lost nothing, the Wan Shou Sect was the one who had suffered the most, it had lost a number of core disciples and the patriarch's son was killed.

The person who was at the centre of all of this, was Lin Feng, he was the one who had actually obtained the greatest of treasures. He had obtained a fortune of purity stone, multiple nine sun grass, the evil swords and even an ancient ferocious beast.

Maybe that storm was simply the calm before an even larger storm... Which would leave the entire country of Xue Yue breathless.


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