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Peerless Martial God - Chapter 390


When the Winged Tiger, which was lying down on the ground, heard the Tian level beast, it raised its head, what it was thinking wasn't clear though.

It also knew that if the Tian level beast became an authentic human of the Tian Qi layer, he would kill the Winged Tiger. It knew that this was the case for a while.

But, what could it do?

Even though it was an ancient ferocious beast, its strength was still inferior when compared with the Tian level beast, so what could the tiger do?

Its gigantic eyes twinkled and it just continued lying on the ground, as if it hadn't heard the Tian level beast at all, its body curled into a ball.

Lin Feng didn't pay attention to the Winged Tiger, he was only silently looking at the Tian level beast.

The Tian level beast had immediately told him that once the transformation process finished, he would kill him.

’’Honoured guest, let's not talk about such useless things. You are here now, so you are my guest, you also have to stay within fifty kilometres. During this time, we can chat, you can also play with the little one, it can even show you around the mountain chain and show you all the ferocious beasts. Besides, you will personally witness the transformation of a Tian level beast into a human.’’ Said the Tian level beast not paying attention to Lin Feng and or the tigers emotions, otherwise he wouldn't have told them he was going to kill them.

’’Fifty kilometres...’’ Whispered Lin Feng.

’’Indeed, fifty kilometres, that's your new home. If you leave that area, honoured guest, I will be forced to kill you.’’ Said the beast in an evil voice.

Lin Feng nodded and immediately started walking, he walked past the Tian level beast, he wanted to leave the palace.

The Tian level beast was stupefied and then smiled evilly. He also didn't try to stop Lin Feng, Lin Feng had already followed them here, how could he escape?

If he tried to leave, he would just end up dead. The Winged Tiger was quicker than Lin Feng but the Tian level beast always managed to capture it when it tried to escape, and by acting dominant towards the tiger, it's nature had become more docile than in the past.

Lin Feng just walked around randomly, fifty kilometres was big area and small area at the same time, in that area, there was nobody apart from the Tian level beast and the Winged Tiger, as if it was a forbidden area.

Ferocious beasts had a much more developed senses than human beings and marked their territory, how could such a monstrously strong ferocious beast accept other beasts entering its territory?

These ferocious beasts didn't dare enter its territory anyway, in that mountain chain, the Tian level beast could really be considered as the king.

Lin Feng arrived next to a waterfall and then immediately sat down cross-legged. He calmly sat down next to the water and closed his eyes. He entered into a state of meditation and it was if the outside world had nothing to do with him any longer.

Lin Feng sat there for three days, apart from taking out purity stones and putting them around him, Lin Feng remained motionless for three days, absorbing the pure Qi of the purity stones.

At the top of the waterfall on the cliff, there was a beast and a man, the waterfall was under their feet, they were also standing there, motionless, looking at Lin Feng.

Obviously, it was the Tian level beast and the Winged Tiger.

’’Human beings can absorb the Qi of heaven and earth, and by relying on purity stones, they can increase their cultivation speed, increasing the reserves of pure Qi in their body. At the same time, they can use their heart and their power of understanding to increase their cultivation level.’’ Said the Tian level beast while looking at Lin Feng. Since he was going to become a human, he had to be familiar with their practices and habits.

He had to understand what drove humans and needed to be in constant contact with humans. This was the only way he would be able to increase the chances of success during his transformation. Also, being in contact with humans didn't necessarily mean that he had to be in close proximity to them. Observing their behaviour was enough.

For the Tian level beast, the most important was to understand what it meant to be a human.

’’They practice cultivation much quicker with their high natural abilities, they are indeed much quicker than ferocious beasts, for beasts to progress, it's much slower.’’

The Tian level beast turned around and started walking, slowly leaving Lin Feng to practice.

The Winged Tiger turned around and looked at the Tian level beast. It waited for the Tian level to leave and then suddenly jumped and landed in front of Lin Feng.

It then started walking around Lin Feng, slowly, while looking pensive.

’’What an idiot.’’ Thought the Winged Tiger while suddenly stopping and crouching in front of Lin Feng and crushing a purity stone with its paw.

’’Kacha!’’ The purity stone broke. It seemed like the Winged Tiger sensed something, he was just staring at Lin Feng.

’’You noticed it, didn't you?’’ Said Lin Feng and immediately after, he opened his eyes and looked at the Winged Tiger.

The Winged Tiger was staring at Lin Feng, and slightly nodded. It could indeed see that Lin Feng wasn't practicing his cultivation, it was just a facade, in fact, Lin Feng had already broken through to the next layer.

’’You noticed but you didn't tell him because you secretly despise him and want him dead, right?’’ Said Lin Feng while smiling. The ancient ferocious beast was cruel and proud but the Tian level beast had made him into a docile pet, it was going through hard times.

The Winged Tiger had to act docile, friendly and even hug the Tian level beast, how could it not be filled with wrath?

Lin Feng was almost sure that the Winged Tiger hated the Tian level beast.

The eyes of the Winged Tiger were filled with hatred. It was an ancient ferocious beast with a sacred bloodline, whereas the Tian level beast was an absolutely ordinary ferocious beast, it had just been alive for a much longer time. It was thus monstrously strong and was able to capture the Winged Tiger as a pet. Who could understand how monstrous the pressure in the tiger's heart was, who could understand how furious it was? However, it couldn't release that fury, even if it tried, it was useless.

’’You hate him but you don't dare to say it, you have to act as a loving and docile pet. You thirst for freedom but you are tied down, just like a house cat. You must be constantly looking for new opportunities to leave or kill him.’’ Said Lin Feng in a soft and gentle voice while trying to arouse the wrath of the tiger. The Winged Tiger looked more and more ferocious, cruel, and was fixedly staring at Lin Feng.

Lin Feng's words gave the beast the feeling that its heart was being pierced with needles.

’’You don't need to get enraged, you are an ancient ferocious beast, a Winged Tiger. However, you are doomed to be docile your entire life... Until the day you die. His transformation process will come to an end soon, maybe you will be lucky and it will fail but can you be sure that he will not kill you before seeing the result? Therefore, the day of his transformation will be your last, you will never be able to live like a real ferocious beast.’’ When the Winged Tiger heard Lin Feng, it slightly opened its mouth, its sharp teeth looked like they could tear Lin Feng into pieces.

’’What's the point of being furious? If you don't want to die, there is only one solution.’’ Said Lin Feng while looking at the Winged Tiger's expression, he then continued slowly: ’’You must kill him, it's your only chance to regain your freedom. Only then will you have the opportunity to regain your freedom.’’

’’Grrr.....’’ The Winged Tiger growled in a low voice. Of course, it knew all these things. It could understand everything that Lin Feng was saying but could it kill the Tian level beast?

If it had been able to kill the Tian level beast, it would have done so much earlier.

’’We need to act together.’’ Said Lin Feng. ’’You need to tell me how strong he is now, and how advanced is his transformation process?

Lin Feng's spirit emerged and one of the head of the dragon slowly moved from Lin Feng's back towards the Winged Tiger, it was the shaman spirit.

’’Grrrrr......’’ A bestially dangerous light spread over the tiger and in a flash, it moved back and growled while looking at Lin Feng. Its eyes were filled with hatred and seemed like they could swallow Lin Feng. Lin Feng's shaman spirit was trying to control the soul of the Winged Tiger.

’’You can't kill him, the only thing you can do is wait and die. We have hope only if we act together, therefore, I need to know everything you know, so you need to let me control you for the time being, if we don't act together, we will not be able to escape and we will both die.’’ Lin Feng was trying to convince the Winged Tiger, which looked ferocious and was coldly staring at Lin Feng.

’’I have a solution to deal with him, but I need to know everything about him. If you trust me, we can win, if you don't, we will lose everything. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity, otherwise, you will continue to be a pet for the rest of your short life, isn't that tragic for an ancient ferocious beast to die as a pet?’’

Die as a pet...

When these words pierced through the ears of the beast, its eyes grew even colder. Wasn't being a pet humiliating for an ancient ferocious beast?


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