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Peerless Martial God - Chapter 386


The shaman spirit had become one of the dragon's heads.

Lin Feng remained silent for a while as a radiant smile appeared on his face. Before, he was relying on his celestial fangs spirit or his purple spirit to kill any ferocious beasts he encountered.

But at that moment, if he used the shaman spirit, he would also be able to control ferocious beasts.

’’What a coincidence. I am in need of a ferocious beast which can fly.’’ Said Lin Feng while smiling innocently. With his strength of the Xuan Qi layer, Lin Feng could also fly through the air but he had to consume pure Qi to do so, he couldn't continue to fly for long periods of time. His speed would also begin to slow over time as his pure Qi diminished. If he had a ferocious beast which could fly, he would be able to fly through the sky as much as he wished, and at a fast speed!

’’It seems like I should be grateful to Wu Zhen.’’ Lin Feng walked forwards and gazed into the distance. Immediately after that, his silhouette flickered and he rushed deeper into the Nine Dragon Mountain Chain. Wu Zhen hadn't returned yet, the Wan Shou Sect would probably come to see what had happened. He killed Wu Zhen so he should avoid encountering the Wan Shou Sect again, otherwise, they would try to kill him.

Therefore, Lin Feng couldn't head back to the vein of the earth, besides, he also had to remove all traces of his Qi before leaving. The Wan Shou Sect specialised in hunting and taming ferocious beasts so they probably had a way to track Qi!

In fact, Lin Feng's guess was correct. Teng Wu Yao and the others could track Wu Zhen's Qi to find the location of the fight. The members of the Wan Shou Sect and the other powers, all arrived at the scene of the battle.

When they saw the destruction and huge crater that was created, people frowned. Deadly energy, they could still feel traces of a monstrously powerful deadly energy. Everything in that area had been turned into ashes. It looked like some kind of natural disaster or huge battle had occurred.

’’It's Wu Zhen's Qi.’’ Said Teng Wu Yao while frowning. What an apocalyptic landscape! How could Lin Feng have the power to fight against Wu Zhen and create such destruction.

The members of the Wan Shou Sect all looked extremely tense. Was this really the result of Wu Zhen and Lin Feng's battle?

So many doubts fill their hearts, they just couldn't believe their eyes. They had all hurried to see the results of the battle but in the end, they could still only guess, because Wu Zhen and Lin Feng were nowhere to be found. No matter if it was Wu Zhen or Lin Feng, all traces of their Qi had been erased. It was extremely strange.

’’Patriarch, there's some sun Qi and some ice Qi which comes from Wu Zhen's lower moon skill.’’ Said Teng Wu Shan to Teng Wu Yao who nodded when he noticed. The sun Qi probably belonged to Lin Feng and the lower moon skill was definitely the one which belonged to Wu Zhen. They were sure that Lin Feng and Wu Zhen had fought here but it was possible for other people or ferocious beasts to have joined the battle.

’’Lin Feng isn't dead.’’ Thought the crowd. Wu Zhen hadn't been able to kill Lin Feng, otherwise, Wu Zhen's Qi wouldn't need to erase his Qi and he would have returned to the vein of the earth by now.

Since Lin Feng wasn't anywhere to be found and Wu Zhen's Qi was gone... It was very likely that Wu Zhen was dead!

The members of the crowd were all coming to the same conclusion. Immediately, their hearts started pounding, the members of the Wan Shou Sect were particularly shocked. They also came to the same conclusion as everyone else, but they didn't even dare to think about it, but why else would the Qi of both fighters disappear?

If Lin Feng killed Wu Zhen and then erased all traces of Qi before leaving, it would explain the situation, but they didn't dare believe that such a thing was possible, it would be too shocking. If Lin Feng hadn't been killed by Wu Zhen, it obviously meant that he had luck on his side, but did he have the strength to kill Wu Zhen?

’’Move forwards, let's keep searching!’’ Said Teng Wu Yao in an ice-cold tone while pulling a long face. Even though his voice didn't tremble, the crowd could still sense that he was feeling extremely anxious.

Maybe Wu Zhen had really been killed by Lin Feng. Otherwise, why would his Qi just disappear?

When the members of the Wan Shou Sect heard Teng Wu Yao, their hearts were racing. Immediately after, they nodded and their silhouettes started to flicker and they moved deeper into the depths of the Nine Dragon Mountain Chain.

The Members of the Yu Clan all looked perplexed. Lin Feng was surprisingly alive... The person they had deemed an insect, a nobody, did he really have the power to shock them?

Yue Qing Shan's white hair was fluttering in the wind. He was drowning deep into his memories, so many similar events had occurred in the past. Back then, Lin Feng's father, Lin Hai, was a tough young man just like Lin Feng. He had gone through many dangerous situations where his life was at stake, but in the end, he was sealed by the Duan clan.

Yue Qing Shan would see Lin Hai whenever he looked at Lin Feng, they looked very similar.


The following day, Lin Feng didn't even know how far he had travelled. He only knew that the place he was at, looked like the very depths of the Nine Dragon Mountain Chain, it was a very remote area.

Lin Feng was being extremely cautious while moving forwards. He was using his earth fusion so he kept his head clear and remained observant. He could perceive everything around him and sense every movement. He had already come across ferocious beasts as he travelled through the mountain chain. Besides, some of them had been incredibly horrifying. He didn't dare to approach it, he decided to take another way and remain as far away from the beast as he could.

A place filled with ferocious beasts could be a paradise for cultivators but it could also be hell. There were incredible opportunities but danger was lurking in every direction, nobody dared to come into such a place and act recklessly. If Lin Feng hadn't been able to use his earth fusion, he wouldn't have dared to come so close to such strong ferocious beasts.

’’Ferocious beast, three-eyed evil wolf.’’ At that moment, Lin Feng noticed three bloodthirsty eyes were glowing. The wolf had three evil looking eyes on its head.

The three-eyed evil wolf was an extremely rare ferocious beast and it was also extremely strong, his third eye was particularly sly, it could unleash an attack to confuse its opponents. However, Lin Feng, in the depths of the mountain chain, had already seen a lot of three eyed evil wolves.

’’Unfortunately, the three-eyed evil wolf doesn't have wings... Otherwise, I would have loved to tame him.’’ Thought Lin Feng. At that moment, the three-eyed evil wolf had stopped and glanced around as if it had noticed that something was observing it.

’’Its senses are very sharp.’’ Lin Feng's silhouette flickered and he was not looking at it anymore, after a while, the wolf finally walked away.

Lin Feng smiled and when he was about to move forwards, he came to an abrupt stop.

’’Impossible.’’ Thought Lin Feng while frowning. Someone was spying on Lin Feng. At that moment, Lin Feng had the sensation that he was being watched.

’’How could it be... How could my senses be wrong?’’ Lin Feng frowned. When he was in fusion with the earth, his senses were extremely acute, he then searched into the distance but he could only sense grass and the extremely thick and dense jungle.

’’Nothing?’’ Lin Feng was surprised. His senses were extremely well developed, when using his earth fusion, his feeling of being watched on couldn't be wrong, but when Lin Feng tried to search, he sensed every blade of grass and gust of wind, but found nothing. He hadn't discovered anyone watching him, besides, the feeling of being watched had also disappeared. It was extremely strange.

Lin Feng's facial expression returned to normal, he slightly shook his head and continued moving forwards as if nothing had happened but he was travelling with more vigilance than ever.

The feeling of being watched invaded Lin Feng's heart again. He frowned and stopped. He slowly looked around.

He had surprisingly forgotten to search deep into the ground, a moment before, he had the feeling that something deep in the earth was watching him.

’’Come out.’’ Said Lin Feng sounding cold and detached. Not far away from Lin Feng, the ground trembled and immediately after, a silhouette burst out. When Lin Feng saw the silhouette, he started to frown.

It was a ferocious beast, it looked extremely strong and majestic. It had a fire-red fur and its hair looked like sharp needles, on its back, there was a set of red wings which it then spread through the air. That beast looked extremely dangerous.

That ferocious beast looked similar to the daemonic fire lion but it looked much more majestic and more impressive than the daemonic fire lion.

Lin Feng searched his memories about ferocious beasts and frowned.

The people feared and worshipped the Daemonic Fire Lion for two reasons, apart from its monstrous strength, it also had the blood of an ancient ferocious beast. They were a subspecies of an ancient ferocious beast.

Rumors said that these ancient ferocious beasts were not extinct, but no one knew exactly how many were still in existence, it was extremely rare to see one.

Ancient ferocious beasts were priceless, its fur was like an armor of needles and its body was fire red and looked like the body of a muscular ox, its back possessed a pair of majestic fiery red wings that seemed to contain fire Qi, it looked incredible and dangerous.

...and it appeared in front of Lin Feng, what a rare occurrence!


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