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Peerless Martial God - Chapter 384


’’How comfortable.’’ Sighed Lin Feng. After the celestial fangs spirit devoured the beasts, it restored all of his pure Qi.

Lin Feng tried to recall the previous times when the celestial fangs spirit had appeared. He had absorbed Qi from the evil illusion, then the ice energy, then the purple lake, and each time he had penetrated into a strange dimension, each time his spirit would change, it was extremely strange.

Each time the celestial fangs spirit devoured a beast, it would also absorb its Qi. The celestial fangs spirit would also grow larger, at the same time it also created a new spirit for Lin Feng. The surplus amount of pure Qi could help him break through to the next layer.

’’Now, my spirit has grown even bigger.’’

Lin Feng was fixedly staring at Wu Zhen with unadulterated killing intent. Since he had led Wu Zhen all the way here, Lin Feng had already decided that he was going to kill him.

’’Lin Feng, you really want to fight?’’ Said Wu Zhen while staring at Lin Feng. Lin Feng's battle energy was growing more and more powerful, but Wu Zhen was becoming more reluctant to fight.

Lin Feng nodded indifferently. Of course he wanted to fight, he had brought Wu Zhen here to kill him.

Wu Zhen remained silent for a moment and then released an ice-cold and evil Qi. Since Lin Feng really wanted to fight, Wu Zhen wouldn't refuse, the problem was that he already didn't feel like killing Lin Feng anymore. If he killed Lin Feng, he would make her furious, it wasn't worth it.

Defeating Lin Feng and beating him into submission would be enough.

The two of them were facing each other in a stare down. One was emotionless and cold, the other looked bestial and cold.

These two both had eyes that looked dangerous, neither of them looked human.

’’Die.’’ Shouted Lin Feng in a deep voice. The purple lake started to roar once again and rushed straight towards Wu Zhen. At the same time, the six-headed dragon moved through the air above Lin Feng, it looked terrifying.

Wu Zhen looked like a ghost, he retreated backwards, he really didn't look human anymore, it was as if he had transformed into an evil spirit.

Lin Feng flew through the air, his purple lake rushed towards Wu Zhen, it suddenly increased its speed in an attempt to surprise Wu Zhen.

Wu Zhen started to retreat, he couldn't understand what Lin Feng was planning.

’’You said that I was running away from you, what are you doing now?’’ Said Lin Feng in a mocking tone while moving forwards. Wu Zhen was moving through the air using his shaman spirit, he was extremely fast as if he had become a spirit in the wind.

Lin Feng couldn't compete with Wu Zhen in terms of speed, after all, the difference of their cultivation played a huge factor.

Wu Zhen looked cold. The dangerous bestial eyes of the shaman were staring at Lin Feng. However, at that moment, Lin Feng was looking in front of him and didn't seem to be scared at all, he wasn't affected by the shaman's eyes at all. His two dark eyes were like monoliths that were impossible to move. His eyes were like black holes. The shaman couldn't influence his soul.

Wu Zhen was becoming frustrated. His shaman could attack the soul of his opponent but it was useless against Lin Feng.

Wu Zhen could also control ferocious beasts, but against Lin Feng it was useless.

Lin Feng seemed like he had become the shaman's worst nightmare.

Wu Zhen raised his hand and an ice-cold white light condensed in the palm of his hand. On the shaman spirit, some threads of light were also condensing and the light was growing colder.

’’Cold. How shockingly cold.’’ Wu Zhen had managed to make Lin Feng shiver. Lin Feng looked at Wu Zhen's hand, however, Wu Zhen wasn't trying to hide the fact he was gathering power for an attack, he wanted Lin Feng to witness his power.

’’Lin Feng, since you definitely want to fight, I'll show you my Dark Devil Strike.’’ Shouted Wu Zhen while moving through the air like a ghost, not only did he stop running away, but he was charging in Lin Feng's direction again. That ice-cold energy made a few of the purple snakes freeze and shatter into small pieces.

’’Roaaarrrrr......’’ The six-headed dragon roared and then the six heads rushed towards Wu Zhen. However, the eyes of Wu Zhen's shaman were still releasing a dazzling light which enveloped his body, then the six-headed dragon attacked the ball of energy and the dragon was actually immediately frozen.

’’Wu Zhen is more monstrously powerful than I thought.’’ When Lin Feng sensed that piercingly-cold ice energy, he moved back, Wu Zhen merged with his spirit and rushed forward with his ball of cold energy to attack.

The dragon broke free from its prison of ice and roared while moving towards Wu Zhen joined by the purple spirit.

Wu Zhen ignored everything around him, his ghostly body was still moving forwards, in his eyes, there was only Lin Feng.

’’Huh?’’ Lin Feng frowned. Wu Zhen was ruthless, he was forgetting about defending and focusing on his attack. He was using his spirit to increase his speed to attack first.

’’I offered you peace but you didn't listen to me and insisted on fighting, since it's that way, Lin Feng, you will have to suffer my fury.’’ Wu Zhen was glaring at Lin Feng. He raised his hand filled with ice-cold Qi and it seemed like it was moving closer to Lin Feng. Inside that ball of ice-cold energy, there were many threads of white Qi, which looked like writhing snakes.

’’You want to risk your life, I will play with you then.’’ Said Lin Feng whose eyes were still emotionless. Suddenly, an explosion burst out, flames violently burst from Lin Feng's body, and pure sun Qi bombarded the atmosphere.

The lower sun skill and the lower moon skill were both being used in close proximity with the other.

The burning sun Qi started to condense. Lin Feng and Wu Zhen both raised their hands, in Lin Feng's hand, there was a ball of pure sun Qi. The flames then gradually turned black.

In Lin Feng's pitch black eyes, it seemed like a black fire was suddenly ignited in his eyes. What a terrifying fire!

This time, it was Wu Zhen's turn to make a move, he started to condense more of his pure Qi into his Dark Evil Strike. That strike had the power to completely destroy Lin Feng, that strike could kill him instantly if it landed with its full power.

But he hadn't thought that Lin Feng would do the same, he was also condensing all of his pure Qi into a ball of black flames in his hand.

Those flames gradually turned into a lotus flower, a black lotus in blossom.

’’That must be how Du Yan died.’’ Said Wu Zhen while frowning. He couldn't sense the power contained within the black lotus, however, he still felt the danger when looking at it. That black lotus was definitely extremely powerful.

’’I have the strength of the third Xuan Qi layer, my Dark Evil Strike uses the full power of a lower moon skill, Lin Feng has broken through to the first Xuan Qi layer and can use a lower sun skill and can condense its power into that black lotus. It can't be stronger than my Dark Evil Strike which has the power of the third Xuan Qi layer.’’ Thought Wu Zhen. He wanted to see how strong the black lotus that killed Du Yan really was.

’’Dark Evil Strike, Destruction!’’ After spitting out these words, Wu Zhen raised his hand and it slammed it down, bombarding the atmosphere towards Lin Feng.

Lin Feng also punched through the air and the black lotus shot forward to meet Wu Zhen's attack.

’’Crrr.... Crrrrr......’’

The dark evil strike and the black lotus collided and a cracking sound filled the air. An incredible quantity of deadly energy burst out and rose into the sky. The deadly energy burst out in each direction and the atmosphere started to shake.

The black lotus had penetrated into the dark evil strike and was burning it which made Wu Zhen frown. He had broken through to the third Xuan Qi layer while Lin Feng had broken through to the first Xuan Qi layer, how could Lin Feng's pure sun Qi be stronger than his pure moon Qi?

However, was the black lotus really just pure sun Qi?

The grim fire of Lin Feng's celestial spirit had also merged with the sun Qi to create the black lotus, it had incredible destructive power.

A deadly energy invaded the skies. Lin Feng and Wu Zhen's facial expressions gradually changed. The deadly energy created from the collision of attacks was incredible, the trees beneath their feet were gradually disintegrating and turning to dust. Both of them looked unmoving and determined at that moment.

There was nothing to be said, only the sounds of destruction filled the air.

’’Back!’’ Lin Feng suddenly realised that the deadly energy was going to destroy everything, including him.

Wu Zhen had the same idea, he couldn't control that much deadly energy.

Lin Feng and Wu Zhen retreated backwards at the same time. Their souls were shaking from the near death experience.

However, Lin Feng hadn't given up, he still wanted to kill Wu Zhen. His celestial fangs spirit roared and descended from the sky behind Wu Zhen. The six-headed dragon and the purple spirit moved in synchronisation towards Wu Zhen.

’’Die!’’ Lin Feng's emotionless eyes were releasing a cold killing intent. Nothing could prevent him from killing Wu Zhen, and the desire to kill him was raging in his heart.

The shaman spirit released a white dazzling light, it wanted to stop the six-headed dragon as well as the purple snakes rushing towards Wu Zhen.

’’Roaaaarrr....’’ The shaman move into the bright light which seemed to make the dragon and the snakes furious. At the moment when Lin Feng was watching in the distance, the purple spirit and the dragon started to fuse together which made the sky tremble. Meanwhile, their roars were also merging into a single roar as they attacked towards the shaman spirit.

With a single bite the shaman spirit was gone.

With another bite, Wu Zhen was devoured by the dragon as well.


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