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Peerless Martial God - Chapter 383


’’Useless? How audacious!’’ Groaned Wu Zhen while looking angry. What Lin Feng had just said was the harsh reality. He had pointed out the weak spot in Wu Zhen's spirit.

All the shaman's power resided in its ability to entice an opponents' soul and absorb it. This was how Wu Zhen could control ferocious beasts. Even though the level system of ferocious beasts was similar to that of human's cultivation layer system, an ordinary ferocious beast's soul, even if it was very strong, still couldn't match with that of a human soul. Ferocious beasts could easily be controlled. The shaman spirit could control ferocious beasts and absorb their souls but it could only entice people's souls, it didn't have the power to control human cultivators.

Of course, just to be able to control ferocious beasts was already incredible.

’’I really what to see what kind of spirit you plan on showing me.’’ Said Wu Zhen while staring at Lin Feng. At that moment, the shaman spirit moved back to Wu Zhen and the two ferocious beasts under its control also rose into the air, There was a winged tiger beast and a condor-lion.

The two ferocious beasts' eyes looked bloodthirsty, they were fixedly staring at Lin Feng while looking extremely ferocious.

’’Ferocious beasts? If you're not scared of them, why would I be?’’ Said Lin Feng indifferently. An endless stream of purple lights emerged and turned into an endless stream of purple snakes which instantly constricted the two ferocious beasts' bodies.

The winged tiger and the condor-lion started to shake, the purple snakes continued to add more and more pressure, the two ferocious beasts were being crushed.

’’Is that the spirit that you want to show me? I've already seen it.’’ Said Wu Zhen sounding indifferent.

Lin Feng's pupils were still pitch black.

’’Didn't you say that I could die happy because I saw your shaman spirit? I will show you my spirit, it is the first time that I will release it while using the purple spirit.’’

When Lin Feng finished talking, a dragon roar filled the atmosphere. Behind Lin Feng there was a dragon with six heads. It's gigantic body with six heads then steeply rose into the air behind Lin Feng, while looking up at the sky, it let out a powerful roar.

Lin Feng had another spirit and it was the first time that he was releasing them both at the same time.

’’Dual Spirit...’’

When Wu Zhen heard the dragon roar, he started shaking in fear. Lin Feng had been hiding his strength the entire time. He was surprisingly the host of a dual spirit.

Besides, at the moment when the sixth dragon raised its head and roared into the sky, Wu Zhen had started to panic, he was fixedly staring at the six dragon heads, his face drastically changed and his heart started brutally pounding in his chest.

’’How's that possible... How is that even possible......’’ Wu Zhen couldn't believe his eyes, Lin Feng couldn't have that spirit... It was the Celestial Fangs Spirit, the blood spirit of the Yue Clan, only direct descendants of the Yue Clan bloodline would inherit that spirit.

Lin Feng's family name was Lin, how could he have the spirit of the Yue Clan?

When Lin Feng saw Wu Zhen's facial expression drastically change, he was very surprised, even if he had a dual spirit, Wu Zhen was also a monstrously strong cultivator, why would he be so shocked to see a dual spirit, he probably had already encountered a dual spirit user before.

’’Is your family name Yue? Or is it Lin?’’ Asked Wu Zhen while fixedly staring at Lin Feng.

’’Yue?’’ Lin Feng frowned. Like the Yue Clan? He didn't understand what Wu Zhen meant.

’’It seems like you don't know.’’ Said Wu Zhen when he saw Lin Feng's facial expression. His eyes were twinkling. He suddenly remembered that a moment before Yue Qing Shan was helping Lin Feng, besides he had persuaded the seniors of the Yu Clan and the Wan Shou Sect not to attack Lin Feng.

Also, why were the Yu Clan constantly avoiding killing Lin Feng directly and instead shifted the responsibility to the Wan Shou Sect?

At that moment, Wu Zhen suddenly had countless questions. What was going on? He had also heard that the third elder of the Yu Clan, Yu Qiu, had had his cultivation crippled by the owner of the Lovesick Forest. After that, one of Duan Wu Ya's faction killed him.

Why did Duan Wu Ya choose to offend the Yu Clan because of Lin Feng?

Immediately after, Wu Zhen had the feeling that he was understanding the situation much better, besides, he was growing more surprised as he thought about it.

Eighteen years old, at that moment, Lin Feng was eighteen years old.

Could it be a coincidence?

Wu Zhen had the feeling that he had been tricked and was just a pawn for the Yu Clan who had persuaded the Wan Shou Sect to kill Lin Feng.

If his conjectures were right, Lin Feng was her son. Under such circumstances, could he kill Lin Feng? If he did, wouldn't she come and kill him?

It had been eighteen years already and nobody knew what cultivation level the four most dazzling geniuses had. Wu Zhen had heard that the one from the Imperial Clan had already reached the peak of cultivation and that nobody could rival him in Xue Yue. As far as she was concerned, she had always been considered as the second strongest cultivator of Xue Yue, eighteen years had passed, nobody knew how terrifying her cultivation had grown.

On the path of cultivation, age didn't matter, the stronger a cultivator became, the older they would live.

Natural abilities weren't always enough to progress, after reaching a certain cultivation level, there was a bottleneck, it became more and more difficult to move higher. Sometimes, a few years or even a few dozen years were necessary to break through to the next layer, step by step. However, those who had extremely high natural abilities had a higher chance of breaking through those layers than others.

Therefore, the biggest spheres of influences attached a great deal of importance to juniors. Even if they were much weaker than the elders of the clans and sects, the disparity in strength between them and the elders was growing smaller and smaller with each day, at some point, the juniors would surpass the elders, that moment meant the beginning of a new era for the clan or sect.

The more gifted the juniors were, the faster the differences between the juniors and seniors disappeared. For example, in the Wan Shou Sect, there was one disciple who was one of the eight high-officials, three years previously, he was much weaker than the seniors of the sect, but after three years passed, he was much stronger than some of the elders, because some of the seniors had already stagnated on their path of cultivation.

Therefore, nobody dared to look down on those four outstanding disciples who had disappeared from sight eighteen years ago, the fact that they almost never appeared, caused people to be scared, they were so mysterious.

At the moment when Lin Feng's dragon appeared, the two ferocious beasts, the winged tiger and the condor-lion suddenly looked terrified. The dragon roar seemed like it was attacking the hearts of the two ferocious beasts.

’’What is the real name for your spirit?’’ Asked Wu Zhen while staring at the six headed dragon.

’’It's called Celestial Fangs.’’ Said Lin Feng sounding indifferent which made Wu Zhen's heart twitch. His last hope had just been crushed.

Celestial Fangs, one of the nine dragons.

As expected, the blood of the Yue Clan was flowing in Lin Feng's veins. That spirit was a blood spirit.

’’We do not need to fight today. Let's put all of this behind us. What do you think?’’

Wu Zhen remained silent for a moment and then suddenly said these words. He no longer wanted to fight against Lin Feng, no matter who the stronger person was, he believed that his father would understand.

Killing Lin Feng for the prestige of the sect because of a few worthless disciples wasn't worth it.

If the Wan Shou Sect killed Lin Feng, they would have to deal with her.

’’Not fight? Put this behind us?’’ Lin Feng was astonished. He didn't understand why Wu Zhen would suddenly say such things. However, he had already released his two spirits and his battle energy was burning all around him. After being pushed into such a desperate state, was making peace an option?

Wu Zhen, no matter whether he wanted to fight or not, would have to fight.

’’Lin Feng, I have the strength of the third Xuan Qi layer and possess a shaman spirit, and I practice lower moon skill. Even though you have a dual spirit, if you fight you are doomed to lose. I am also giving you a way out.’’ Said Wu Zhen when he saw that Lin Feng didn't want to accept. Wu Zhen was speaking like he was giving Lin Feng an incredible opportunity.

’’Well, thank you very much for your opportunity.’’ Said Lin Feng whose eyes grew cold and emotionless. He then added: ’’However, I don't need it.’’

When he finished talking, his six-headed dragon rushed towards the two Xuan level ferocious beasts, the winged tiger and the condor-lion.

’’Roaaarrr.... Roaarrr.....’’ The two ferocious beasts were insanely struggling and managed to break free from the purple snakes, however, immediately after, more purple snakes wrapped around the bodies of the beasts, which had delayed them enough for the dragon to arrive and devour them.

’’The Celestial Fangs spirit, as I thought, it can swallow any sort of ferocious beast.’’ Thought Lin Feng. His eyes were glowing with a dangerous light. Then, his dragon spirit moved back to his side. Multiple threads of pure Qi started spinning around him and in a flash, Lin Feng could feel how powerful his pure Qi had become.

That was the Celestial Fangs Spirit... It could swallow ferocious beasts and absorb their pure Qi.

’’Celestial Fangs...’’ Wu Zhen's pupils shrank, even though he was a disciple of the Wan Shou Sect, it was also the first time that he had actually seen the power of the Celestial Fangs spirit, his shaman spirit could control beasts but the celestial fangs spirit could swallow them and absorb their Qi, therefore, was his beast control useful?


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