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Peerless Martial God - Chapter 372


’’Telling me to get lost was giving me face? Act recklessly?’’ Lin Feng looked at the middle aged man while narrowing his eyes. Immediately after, Lin Feng smiled coldly.

’’Is that so?’’ He slightly stepped forwards, as a sword energy emerged from Lin Feng's body.

’’Huh?’’ Mister Li looked at Lin Feng walking forward and sensed the cold energy which made him frown. He then said coldly: ’’Could it be that you want to battle?’’

Lin Feng didn't say anything, he started walking forwards and in a flash, a rumbling noise spread through the atmosphere. The ground under their feet caved in. Lin Feng swiftly jumped through the air and released a colossal amount of sword energy.

Then, dazzling flames started to unceasingly burn around his body.

’’It's pure Qi.’’ the crowd was astonished, Xuan Qi layer. Lin Feng was also a cultivator of the Xuan Qi layer like them, a moment before, he had tried to leave without taking a share in the vein of the earth, but surprisingly, some people foolishly tried to stop him and force him to abandon his items and told him to get lost.

Feng Ting's pupils shrank, her heart started pounding, Lin Feng was a cultivator of the Xuan Qi layer, she had surprisingly refused his request, besides, she had incited people to fight against him.

Mister Li frowned, he looked like he was going to explode, Lin Feng remained silent and immediately attacked him.

Mister Li released some pure Qi and said coldly: ’’You don't know how to distinguish good from bad, therefore I will teach you a lesson.’’ When he finished talking, he immediately jumped into the air and threw himself at Lin Feng. The man's hand zigzagged and a hook illusion appeared as it released a black light.

’’Sword.’’ Shouted Lin Feng in a deep voice. Pure Qi started revolving in the air and a pure Qi sword appeared in Lin Feng's hand, it was releasing a terrifying sword energy.

’’Sword of the Rising Sun!’’

Lin Feng hadn't arrived at his opponent's side, but he was slowly starting his sword of the rising sun, it wasn't quick, that sword could even be described as slow but it was filled with vitality. Just like the morning rising sun, it wasn't dazzling and extremely beautiful which caught people's eyes.

Mister Li smiled as if he found it amusing, what a ridiculous sword attack! It looks so slow, how could such a sword ever reach him, he just had to unleash a weak attack and the sword attack would disperse.

People in the crowd were also shaking their heads. Both fighters had broken through to the Xuan Qi layer but Lin Feng must have only just broken through, his fighting power was still too weak, he probably wouldn't even be a match for Mister Li.

However, Lin Feng was still moving forwards.

That slow sword, just like the sun, was slowly rising into the air, it was becoming more and more resplendent, it was also growing brighter and brighter.

’’Die!’’ Shouted Mister Li furiously. His hook-like hand moved forwards, it contained a deadly energy and it looked amazing.

However, that amazing hook, when it collided with Lin Feng's slow sword was completely swallowed and disappeared. The only thing left was the splendour of the sword which was magnificent. It looked so captivating, as if nothing else existed other than that dazzling magnificence.

’’Huh?’’ The crowd was a bit surprised. That sword was slow and calm, giving them a beautiful and serene impression but it was as if their eyes couldn't escape from it.

Mister Li frowned as well. Immediately after, he moved backwards, however, he found out that even though he was moving back, the sword was still moving towards him and the distance separating him from the sword wasn't increasing at all.

That sword was still moving slowly and looked like an illusion, but it was closely following him and growing brighter and brighter.

That sword, was it a real sword or was it a sword skill? It seemed like it was constantly changing, it was also growing more and more powerful. The crowd was dumbstruck and immediately after, they realized that the dazzling sword was crashing into Mister Li's body, on his forehead there was a blood mark, and immediately after, he fell from the sky and his corpse crashed into the ground.

A cultivator of the Xuan Qi layer was just killed.

Lin Feng needed only one sword attack to kill him. He had demanded that Lin Feng give him his ring and to get lost, but in the end, Lin Feng killed him using only one sword attack. Mister Li's eyes were still filled with remorse for starting the conflict. He was a majestic cultivator of the Xuan Qi layer, being killed because of this, wasn't worth it.

’’You acted recklessly.’’ Said Lin Feng using the sentence which the opponent said to him. Unfortunately, Mister Li couldn't hear these words.

Lin Feng turned around and looked at the five other people. He then said coldly: ’’I will leave, it's not because I'm scared of you, it's because I know that I will not be able to seize that vein of the earth. It will most likely be seized by an influential group of the Imperial City. One person alone is nothing, one of us seizing that vein of the earth is impossible.’’

’’You are all just like me, you cannot seize it. The best thing you can do is, like me, steal a few purity stones and then leave. That guy was ridiculous to think that he could take my ring, he was an arrogant fool, and he had even believed that he would be able to seize that vein of the earth with his power.’’

The others were a bit surprised, when they had arrived, they wanted to seize the treasure and were blinded by their own greed, a moment before, they had been just like Mister Li, they thought that they would be able to seize the well of pure Qi, especially at the moment when Lin Feng had said that he would let them share it together without joining, it had made them feel even more excited, but Lin Feng's words were like a cold shower.

They wouldn't be able to seize the well of pure Qi with their power.

’’What if we all act together and seize part of it? If people come, we join together against them, how does that sound?’’ Said one of them who didn't want to give up. Even if it meant only having a small section, it would be enough to constantly improve their cultivation levels, they would never have problems with purity stones again. After all, cultivators of the Xuan Qi layer required a terrifying amount of pure Qi which could be gained from purity stones. Relying on the pure Qi that was in the air, it would be too slow.

’’Impossible, we are only six people, we are barely even a small power in the Imperial City. Steal some purity stones, take as many as you can, otherwise, the most influential groups of the Imperial City will come and you will not be able to obtain anything.’’ Said Lin Feng sounding indifferent. The news that a vein of the earth had appeared would spread very quickly, they wouldn't be able to hide it and the most influential powers of the city would soon learn about it.

The Yu Clan, the Yue Clan and even the Imperial Clan would try to seize it for themselves, six people together would never be able to keep it.

The other five looked unrelenting to give up but what Lin Feng was saying was true, they wouldn't be able to cope with the influential groups of the Imperial City, they could only rush, grab as much as they could and leave.

They weren't resigned to give up but they had to admit that Lin Feng was right.

Someone's silhouette flickered and he immediately dived into the well of pure Qi, then he started picking up purity stones, very quickly, the others did the same and started extracting purity stones as well.

’’Aahhhhh......’’ A horrible shriek spread in the air. A guard of the Feng Clan was killed. A cultivator of the Xuan Qi layer who was wearing the black chang pao then said in a cold and detached way: ’’That piece of trash also wanted to take away some purity stones.’’

After that, the air was filled with shrieks as people started to die. Many of the Feng Clan's guards were killed while trying to grab some purity stones. If they had the bad luck to come across any of the cultivators of the Xuan Qi layer, they would end up dead.

They had no strength but wanted to grab purity stones, that was reckless. Cultivators of the Xuan Qi layer were merciless, would they allow the weak cultivators to take purity stones that they wanted?

Very quickly, each and every single Feng Clan guard stopped picking up purity stones, they moved back to the ground and all pulled long faces.

Feng Ting also wanted to pick up some purity stones but Lin Feng prevented her from moving forwards, he glanced at her and said coldly: ’’You have ten seconds, if I still see your face, I will kill you.’’ Lin Feng said the word ’’kill’’ in a particularly emphasized way which made Feng Ting's face go rigid and turn deathly pale.

A moment before, she had told Mister Li that Lin Feng was carrying the Nine Sun Grass, Lin Feng had a good reason to kill her, in Lin Feng's eyes, her beautiful face was hideous to look at.

’’Xiu, let's go.’’ Said the old man next to Feng Ting. Lin Feng was too strong, they couldn't afford to provoke him any further. If they didn't leave, Lin Feng would kill Feng Ting... The old man was full of remorse, why did he refuse Lin Feng's proposition in the beginning?

After they left, the guards also left with them, their silhouettes were disappearing one after the other.

Lin Feng didn't pay attention to them, with his acute senses, Lin Feng opened the space of his ring and started sorting his purity stones of medium and higher quality.

However, at that moment, ferocious beasts roared and the ground started to shake, many ferocious beasts were charging towards the vein of the earth.

At the same time, many troops from the Imperial City were rushing through the air emitting whistling sounds, they were rushing towards Mount Sword.


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