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Peerless Martial God - Chapter 364


’’Your Highness, who are those two people over there?’’ Asked Ling Tian to Duan Wu Ya. Duan Xin Ye was a graceful, elegant and gorgeous young woman, he wanted to know who she was. Also, Lin Feng was looking at him in an extremely cold way and was surprisingly releasing killing intent with his glare. Ling Tian also wanted to know who he was and why he recognised him.

’’The young woman is my sister, Duan Xin Ye.’’ Said Duan Wu Ya which surprised Ling Tian. Her Majesty the Princess... No wonder that she looked so elegant, graceful and beautiful.

’’I already heard that the princess was extremely beautiful but this exceeds my imagination. She's extraordinarily beautiful.’’ Said Ling Tian who revealed the thoughts in his mind. Duan Xin Ye's beauty profoundly affected him.

’’It's just.... Who's that person with her? I don't know him.’’ Said Ling Tian while looking at Duan Wu Ya. Lin Feng and Duan Xin Ye were walking hand in hand together and their silhouettes were becoming clearer as they moved closer. Ling Tian had the feeling that he knew Lin Feng and his intuition was growing stronger.

He had never seen Lin Feng but still had a very familiar impression.

’’Am I imagining things?’’ Thought Ling Tian but immediately after, he refuted this idea, as a cultivator, his senses were extremely acute, especially after he broke through to the Xuan Qi layer, he couldn't be wrong.

’’He is.....’’ Said Duan Wu Ya who initially wanted to speak.

’’We already encountered each other!’’ Said a voice suddenly interrupting Duan Wu Ya. Ling Tian saw that Lin Feng was fixedly staring at him. Lin Feng's eyes looked as cold, Lin Feng was able to hear what Duan Wu Ya and Ling Tian were saying from so far in the distance.

’’You seem extremely familiar...’’ Said Ling Tian while looking at Lin Feng and then added: ’’But please forgive me, I can't remember where I have met Your Excellency in the past?’’

’’As expected, he can't recognize me.’’ Thought Lin Feng. Ling Tian didn't remember him. In Yangzhou City, he had destroyed the statues, Lin Feng didn't care about that, what he cared about was the dozens of lives that had been lost because of Ling Tian's arrogance. These soldiers were all killed because someone wanted to pick a fight with Lin Feng.

’’You've never seen me face to face, it's also the first time that we have met in person, but I could never forget you.’’ Lin Feng's voice was ice-cold and he then said: ’’The place we encountered each other, it was in Yangzhou City.’’

’’Yangzhou City?’’ Ling Tian frowned, Yangzhou City was only a small city, he didn't remember much about it, he only knew one person that was associated with it.’’

’’It's you.’’ Ling Tian was stupefied and then looked at Lin Feng in a cold way. He remembered the name on the statue, Lin Feng.

’’It seems like you remember me now.’’ Said Lin Feng sounding cold and detached. In the Imperial Palace, he had seen Leng Yue and now he even encountered Ling Tian. However, he was within Duan Wu Ya's palace.

The Imperial Palace was a complex place.

’’Ling Tian, Lin Feng, it seems like you know each other. You don't need me to introduce you then.’’ Said Duan Wu Ya when he saw Lin Feng and Ling Tian were furiously glaring at each other. He couldn't help but speak in a gentle voice and smile. He wanted to soften the atmosphere.

But they were already enemies, could a few simple words possibly change the situation?

Of course, it was impossible, especially since Lin Feng and Ling Tian's conflict was based on blood. A few dozen soldiers had lost their lives, could Lin Feng just forget that?

The two of them were aggressively staring at each other, like predators.

The young girl on Ling Tian's side was looking at Lin Feng as well. It seemed like that Marquis of Yangzhou City wasn't as simple as she believed, surprisingly, he was with the princess. It also seemed like Duan Wu Ya was extremely friendly with him as well. Initially, she thought that Duan Wu Ya was just the person who granted Lin Feng with the title of marquis, she didn't think that they had a relationship.

But Lin Feng probably couldn't be compared to Ling Tian.

She knew how gifted and talented Ling Tian was. He was infinitely stronger than her, now that they came to the Imperial City, everybody would know them sooner or later, the entire city would admire them, they were destined to become the names on everyone's lips.

’’Xin Ye, what are you and Lin Feng doing here?’’ Asked Duan Wu Ya when he sensed that atmosphere was a bit strange. This time, he was talking to Duan Xin Ye.

Duan Xin Ye looked at Duan Wu Ya and said: ’’I'm sending Lin Feng off as it is his first time coming to the Imperial Palace.’’

’’Alright, you should leave.’’ Said Duan Wu Ya in a soft and gentle tone. He didn't want Lin Feng to stay there, apparently, there was a conflict between them so Duan Wu Ya didn't want them to end up fighting each other.

Duan Xin Ye pulled on Lin Feng's hand. Lin Feng obviously understood what Duan Wu Ya meant as well. He was looking at Ling Tian. Lin Feng had already used up a lot of energy at that moment, fighting right now wasn't an option. Besides, he couldn't afford to not give face to Duan Wu Ya. After all, Duan Wu Ya's strength and power were inconceivable for Lin Feng. Also, Duan Wu Ya was constantly helping Lin Feng and he appreciated their friendship.

Duan Wu Ya was extremely friendly to Lin Feng, Lin Feng didn't want to cause problems for him. Duan Wu Ya, as an enemy, would be terrifying. He was also Duan Xin Ye's brother, Lin Feng obviously didn't want to get into a conflict with him.

Therefore, Lin Feng wouldn't fight Ling Tian there.

’’I came to the Imperial City.’’ Said Lin Feng towards Ling Tian which made Ling Tian narrow his eyes. He, of course, knew what Lin Feng meant. Back in Yangzhou City when he left, he said that if Lin Feng wanted revenge, he could come and look for him in the Imperial City and Lin Feng had come.

’’So what?’’ Replied Ling Tian. He looked extremely proud and arrogant. Ling Tian had dared to destroy Lin Feng's statue and kill some of Lin Feng's army, he was fearless all the way, for him, Lin Feng was nothing, a simple marquis, nothing more. In front of him, these people he had killed weren't considered geniuses, so they were just insects, nobodies.

’’You will pay for shedding the blood of my brothers.’’ Said Lin Feng looking calm, but his insides were boiling.

’’A few insects are dead, so what? They were useless.’’ Said Ling Tian with disdain. He was humiliating the guards he killed.

A few insignificant insects, nothing more. How could Ling Tian care about them?

’’Concerning your revenge, I said already, if you want to get it, come and find me, we will fight. Of course, I hope you're strong because I will not show mercy to the weak.’’ Said Ling Tian in an extremely arrogant tone, looking down on Lin Feng.

When Lin Feng was starting to gain his reputation, Ling Tian decided to go to Yangzhou City and destroy Lin Feng's statue, what gave a nobody like him the right to have his own statue?

Besides, Lin Feng was with the elegant princess, Ling Tian hated Lin Feng even more from that moment, or more precisely, he was jealous.

’’Be patient.’’ Said Lin Feng and then started walking away. He was leaving with Duan Xin Ye.

Lin Feng and Duan Xin Ye soon disappeared into the distance.

Duan Wu Ya stayed behind with the two people. Duan Wu Ya was annoyed, how did he not have any information about Lin Feng and Ling Tian being enemies?

’’I will wait.’’ Thought Ling Tian. Lin Feng was threatening him? It had been a long time since somebody had dared to threaten him. Since Lin Feng was making him wait, he would look forward to seeing what would happen.

A trivial Chi Xie Marquis, nothing more. He just cared about not making Duan Wu Ya lose face, otherwise he would have immediately attacked Lin Feng.

’’Lin Feng, why are these people your enemies?’’ Asked Duan Xin Ye while walking slowly with him in the Imperial Palace. She couldn't help but ask, she was too curious.

’’Initially, there was no enmity between us, we didn't even know each other. They didn't know me, but they came to Yangzhou City, destroyed the statues of Liu Cang Lan and me, if it had just been that, it would have been alright, but they also killed some of my personal soldiers and shouted a message to the entire city, everybody was to tell me that if I wanted my revenge, I should come look for them in the Imperial City.’’ Explained Lin Feng slowly, he was still furious. Lin Feng would definitely avenge the Chi Xie soldiers that died.

’’Since I have encountered him here, Ling Tian will definitely meet his end in the Imperial City, no matter what, even if he is good friends with the second prince.’’ When he finished talking, a cold and ruthless light flashed in his eyes, he looked like a viscious murderer. In not even a year, Lin Feng had learnt many different skills and he understood a great deal more than in the past. In the Imperial City, the situation was becoming more turbulent, even though Lin Feng didn't despise outstanding geniuses, he also had to go against the current sometimes.


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